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Not Good Enough  by AnimeEagleScout
Not Good Enough by Joeseph Moore
"So long, and Thanks for the Smoothies." ends differently. Instead of recreation they tell him this is a good thing and Ben takes it as well as you'd expect. S...
Y/N 10 : Hero Of Heroes by anirud11
Y/N 10 : Hero Of Heroesby
I don't own ben 10 or the characters , it's owned by man of action , but the story and characters , or variations I make are mine Description: Our hero , y/n tennyson...
Ben 10 and Jen 11 by LebraeCande
Ben 10 and Jen 11by LebraeCande
It was supposed to be a normal summer vacation until Ben Tennyson discovered a device called the Omnitrix. This device gives him the power to transform into different al...
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC) by RENessence
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC)by Angelo Zero
A Ben 10 Fanfic of what would happen to the tale of Ben Tennyson if he were to have a best friend who also acquires a watch similar to the Omnitrix. This is a story of h...
My perfect sister (Anna) by GagaKareem10
My perfect sister (Anna)by GagaKareem10
Anna was standing beside ben protect him from the villains she is younger than Ben and Gwen for 5 minutes
The Chanquetrix: Alien Force by AnimeEagleScout
The Chanquetrix: Alien Forceby Joeseph Moore
Ok we all know the Chanquetrix: Summons Alien Girls. this story takes place in a similar way to Alien Force where Ben took off the Chanquetrix when he was 11 and needed...
Honkai Star Rail: A Ben Across Space  by StarDust5915
Honkai Star Rail: A Ben Across Spa...by StarDust
Ben wounds up in the Star Rail universe after some sort of collision between worlds. What will Ben do now? What adventures await him? Ben 10 belongs to Man of Action and...
Ben 10 and Star vs The Forces of evil  by MazeReads
Ben 10 and Star vs The Forces of e...by MazReads
When Star gets sent to earth she finds herself with the Tennyson family and makes friends with Ben Tennyson and share some wild adventures. Disclaimer: This is a fanfict...
The Omnitrix holder and the lighting theif by fantasydreamreader
The Omnitrix holder and the lighti...by ASH@DISNEY/HP/DC/MLB
in many multiverses, they have an omitrix holder in each. Amara Tennyson is one of them but as she fought against Vilgax. she lost her family and friends to death. One n...
Ben 10 in Equestria Girls by Gregorydean03
Ben 10 in Equestria Girlsby Gregorydean03
Ben Tennyson was send to the equestria girls world by accident.
Ben 10 x Little Nightmares (The Ultimate Nightmares) by GoodfanficloverTEN
Ben 10 x Little Nightmares (The Ul...by GoodfanficloverTEN
as the title said what if ben tennyson the wielder of the strongest weapon in the universe, the omnitrix find him self trapped in the world of little nightmares. will he...
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある パワ の Omnitrix) by MystoganSeven
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix. (とある...by Lucas
(A certain magical Index and Ben 10 fan fic) Misaka Mikoto is a level 5 esper living in Academy City. Despite the occasional thugs, life is relatively normal for this gi...
Ben 10 at the edge of berk ( a ben 10 & httyd crossover) by bookwormjohnny2
Ben 10 at the edge of berk ( a ben...by bookwormjohnny2
After a battle in outer space gone wrong Ben finds himself back on earth, or so he thought at first but this os a very different earth then the one he left behind, first...
ben 10 male Oc insert X Harem by CallanAdamDobbieFras
ben 10 male Oc insert X Haremby Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callan and his dog Murphy go on a trip with his best friend Ben tennyson and his cousin gwen and grandpa max while on there journey 3 asteroids to reveal pods crash down...
Omniversal System by KaitoSW
Omniversal Systemby Kaito
A young boy was saved by a God who apologize to him for his death. which was caused by the other Gods and explained why they have done it. So God is going to reincarnate...
B-10: a Ben 10 story by axlcgomes
B-10: a Ben 10 storyby A. C. Souza
Ben, Gwen and Kevin's life have been packed with action, fighting and world-saving since youth. Ten-years-old dealing with end-of-the-world/universe situations scream ch...
Ben 10/Superman: OG Series by Jp721jr
Ben 10/Superman: OG Seriesby Jp721jr
I do not own any media of this FanFiction. Superman is owned by DC Comics. Ben 10 is owned by Man of Action. I own none of this except my OC. Highest ranking: Tennyson:...
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 4: World War X by MystoganSeven
A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 4: Wor...by Lucas
(sequel to A Certain Powerful Omnitrix 3) Ben Tennyson has discovered his most powerful alien yet. And everyone wants it. Now, multiple factions from all the world gover...
(y/n)'s *Summer journal *📓 by Moon_Mightus
(y/n)'s *Summer journal *📓by Moon Mighty
*If you are not reading this on Wattpad, run!* kid! Ben Tennyson x kid!Fem!reader *Innocent crush* June 2006 Hi! I'm (y/n), and I am 10 years old at the moment. Mom le...
Sister (Ben 10) by souleaters98
Sister (Ben 10)by Andy-Dea
What if Ben had a sister? How would the story be like?