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Jaune 10 Alien force by theone799
Jaune 10 Alien forceby AniAuthor
Jaune Arc lost everything. Pyrrha his partner betrayed him, his family disowned him, most of his friends left him in the dust. Only after he disappears, do his former fr...
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The Elemental Enerithian (Ben 10) by Shaniqua_The_One
The Elemental Enerithian (Ben 10)by KaylaCharles
Join Aria, Ben, Gwen and Kevin on an adventure.
Ben 10 alien force/ultimate alien : helen wheels x male reader  by thedarklord86
Ben 10 alien force/ultimate Darklord86
Helen x male reader with my own story plot
Ben 10 The Rail in Galaxy  by LightDragon8
Ben 10 The Rail in Galaxy by Emerald Emerald
Ok everyone, this is a story I made from the game Honkai Star Rail, all of these stories will be the same as the game. But what happens if Ben Tennyson, the bearer of t...
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC) by RENessence
The Second Hero (Ben 10 x Male OC)by Angelo Zero
A Ben 10 Fanfic of what would happen to the tale of Ben Tennyson if he were to have a best friend who also acquires a watch similar to the Omnitrix. This is a story of h...
Universe's Failsafe by Moddie0475
Universe's Failsafeby Black Star
In every universe, there are always villains and heroes. But only one can be failsafe for every universe out there to be saved. P.S. it's a screen play. I was never been...
My Hero Omniverse - Vol 2 (2023 Reboot) by SuperScourge161
My Hero Omniverse - Vol 2 (2023 SuperScourge161
After defeating Vilgax the Conquerer, Izuku Midoriya continues on his journey to master the secrets of the Omnitrix and become the next No.1 hero in the world. He'll hav...
Loud House: Omni-Force by omegacrow-nexus
Loud House: Omni-Forceby omegacrow-nexus
(A Loud house x Ben 10 Ultimate Alien crossover) Ben fights an unknown being who then causes a DNA rupture in the Ultimatrix, Sending a massive wave to transform half of...
Gwen 10: Ultimate Alien Force by crystal_pro_2024
Gwen 10: Ultimate Alien Forceby crystalline productions 2024
set 4 years after Gwen 10 classic. since the ending of Gwen 10 classic gwen has taken off the omnitrix, and has returned to a normal life. However when her grandpa max f...
Omni-Piece  by Fusionfalll
Omni-Piece by Ben Tennyson
Ben Tennyson is giving a chance to explore a whole new world filled with pirates, treasure, monstrous creatures, and so much more. Watch as he puts together the stronges...
Eldritrix by Freakydog0292
Eldritrixby Freakydog0292
Bio of Eldritch versions of Ben 10 aliens, I own nothing except for the of eldritch/ lovecraftian abominations.
Fairy x10  by Fusionfalll
Fairy x10 by Ben Tennyson
After recreating a universe, Ben is sent to another universe filled with Magic, Dragons, and Demons. Watch as he battles various mages, draons and insane black mages in...
A Digimon Omnitrix  by plazma6
A Digimon Omnitrix by plazma6
This is not a story, This is just an idea that I had that I wanted to really get out there. I will use this in a future story, just so you guys know. But anyway this wil...
Ben 10 Ella's Secret (Ben x Ella) by LoohpJames
Ben 10 Ella's Secret (Ben x Ella)by LOOHP
It was just another "normal" day for Ben until his childhood best friend Ella came back to Bellwood. However, what they didn't know was Ella's return also boug...
Going Hero! by Cheetahx2
Going Hero!by Réohataka
Alright Gals and Dudes heres the reboot of Izuku 10 which takes know what I'm not doing this if you've watched the OG Ben 10 then I dont have to write this t...
Ben 10 the birth of Omni by humatrix-X-24
Ben 10 the birth of Omniby humatrix-X-24
Ben Tennyson, superhero and savior of the universe. After getting numerous updates to the Omnitrix an accident occurred. It deleted all the DNA in the omnitrix except on...
10 x Infinity | Ben Tennyson x Reader | Book 2 by OuTThere_Somewhere
10 x Infinity | Ben Tennyson x ✨Nova✨
NOTE: This is heavily based off "Two Halves, One Hero" (it's literally a continuation) It always sucks seeing old faces again...people who knew who you used to...