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Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom (SvtFoE) by SuperiorSenpai
Slightly Younger •Reader x Tom ( ♡~Artie~♡
(Y/n), the slightly younger sister of Star, moves to Earth to keep her sister in line while also unintentionally starting a romance with Star's Ex? COVER CREDS TO THE LO...
Tom x reader (lemon included)  by heishicho
Tom x reader (lemon included) by Tsukishima
Reader x Tom. Falling in love with the demon at first sight. Lemon included What is love? Are you in love? Are you and Tom in love? \\Gonna be honest, I didn't edit i...
Tom Lucitor x reader by dienwksixhdjwjsd
Tom Lucitor x readerby un wanted
IDK 🤷👉 👈 I'm kinda lazy bro....
Open Your Eyes (Tom Lucitor x reader) by Galaxy_Dreamer889
Open Your Eyes (Tom Lucitor x HaniMandy
Star and Y/n (Comet as you like to be called) grew up together and didn't see each other less than sisters. They were always their for each other no matter what. Even w...
Burning Hate/Love - Tomco Fanfic by ooWARNINGoo
Burning Hate/Love - Tomco Fanficby «SpongieOtaku»
Marco is forced to go to the blood moon ball because Star doesn't want to go. So Star changes Marco to look like her. And he has to do it for her. •Read the story to f...
Demon boy • Tom Lucitor x Reader by VioletMoon05
Demon boy • Tom Lucitor x Readerby ✧༺♡༻✧
Tom Lucitor from Svtfoe x Reader. I'm the year younger sister of Marco Diaz, i'm kinda average and my life is mostly boring, except when i'm hanging with Marco and Star...
A Sharp Melody * Tom x Reader by melodey06
A Sharp Melody * Tom x Readerby Adelayde
You are a smoll bab that falls in love with a demon that is also smoll and squishy like you! we are the worst when it comes to descriptions so just bare with us! in al...
Dating A Demon (Tom x Reader (Star vs. The forces of Evil)) by desireelynnjones2
Dating A Demon (Tom x Reader ( Desiree Jones
Seems like the days you expect nothing to happen usually have the biggest events, right? Well, for you, one of those days happened. On a casual day in school, a stra...
Head Over Heels|| Rigel x Reader || Star Vs The Forces Of Evil by _pamelita_
Head Over Heels|| Rigel x Reader | Pamela ✨
Rigel and some other characters were made by mstrzei on tumblr! He also makes amazing artwork :) Y/N was a total normal girl with a dad 'Marco' and a mother'Jackie', unl...
Hekapoo x Male Reader  by Mecha_Fenix
Hekapoo x Male Reader by Mecha_Fenix
The kingdom of Mewni is a place full of lies and betrayal, but it wasn't always like this. This is a story that tells how the kingdom of Mewni was covered more and more...
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x Reader』 by KimmiePines
Another Butterfly『Marco Diaz x kim
"y/n, it's okay if you don't like me back, I just want to tell you what I truly feel about you. will you stay by my side?" y/n butterfly is star's sister who...
Just Between Us- A Tomco Fanfiction by AceLevi1
Just Between Us- A Tomco Fanfictionby Tom
My first fanfic in months. like wow. so I decided to make my first fanfic in four months about my favourite demon: Tom (who shares the same name as me) and his boyfriend...
Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Ballad of Earth-Mewni by BlackSpiderman9
Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Andrew M Acuna
Takes places after "When Dimensions Cleave" and "Unforgettable Getaway," and before "Beautiful Christmas." The age of magic is finally over...
Eclipsas second daughter. Diana the War Queen 👑  (original) by starfrost219
Eclipsas second daughter. Diana starfrost219
I don't want to spoil. Just read the first chapter and see if you like it at least. Please.
Yandere! Various! Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Series x Princess! Oc Insert by CasonArtSweet
Yandere! Various! Star Vs. The CasonArtSweet
Meet Princess Lucy Butterfly, older twin sister of Star Butterfly (or so she thinks), as she goes on a magical adventure on Earth with her sister and learns how to contr...
SVTFOE: Family secrets by 21FishBitStar12
SVTFOE: Family secretsby 21FishBitStar12
My name is Lyra Butterfly and I'm star's twin, we don't look the same so we're fraternal twins. I love my sister and going on adventures with her, but as sister's go St...
I love you too//Starco Oneshots by chickenbing
I love you too//Starco Oneshotsby Multi fandom
As the title says :3 (Cover not drawn by me)
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED)) by _-WhereAreMyPANTS-_
Lost Love [~Toffee~] ((COMPLETED))by Halla Fortenberry
There was once another princess Butterfly, one lost to the current of time. Her name was Elara, the sister of Moon Butterfly. She was banished to be forgotten by everyo...
Bad Boy Marco AU| Star Vs the forces of evil by ItaShootingStar
Bad Boy Marco AU| Star Vs the Dira
Star Butterfly was a rebellious princess from another till she was sent to Saint O's. Now she is a polite and proper princess. Marco was once the saf...
Mystery Love Dipper Pines x reader x Marco Diaz by TheCanary01
Mystery Love Dipper Pines x Canary
You are Princess Y/N Sky Butterfly of Mewni and you to have choose between Dipper Pines and Marco Diaz