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Silver Dream | Misaki YataxReader by sugamew
Silver Dream | Misaki YataxReaderby Yoongi Stan Asf
She was a stray Strain, roaming the streets of Shizume until a certain chestnut haired boy with a skateboard at an outside cafe table. (Misaki Yata x Reader) +slow Asf...
  • readerinsert
  • fanfiction
  • kproject
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Breaking Point by sleepingxrainbows
Breaking Pointby (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
With having a king for a brother, living at a bar, being an outsider everywhere she went and not knowing where she's going in life, Naomi Suoh is just at the brink of he...
  • misaki
  • kproject
  • fushimi
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The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh X OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh...by asuka_lynnbrown
It only took one sentence from one little girl that change my whole life. One visit to a bar that became my new home. A group of gangsters that became my new family. One...
  • dragon
  • homra
  • yata
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House of cards[Mikoto suoh X Uke!male!reader] by Lazy-mad-hatter
House of cards[Mikoto suoh X Uke!m...by Cereza.A Campbell
"such a pretty girl but what a trouble maker!" it's something M/n hear's everyday and truth be told it's annoying.M/n gender is male but many see him as a fema...
  • yaoi
  • redclan
  • ukereader
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The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/Reborn) by Anvelite
The Uchiha Princess (Naruto/OC/Reb...by Anvelite
She replaced Sasuke and she didn't feel the slightest bit bad. He wasn't that great anyway. Now she has her own family to look after. All she wanted was to stop the...
  • anime
  • reborn
  • itachi
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Reborn as an Uchiha? by Sakura_TimeTravel
Reborn as an Uchiha?by Sakura_TimeTravel
Sakura Haruno had only one strategy left to defeat the ten tailed beast and she didn't know what was going to happen to her but it was worth it if she saved everyone tha...
  • sasuke
  • kakashi
  • fugaku
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Stand By Me by the-hidden-will
Stand By Meby Aya
What happens when two heirs of two noble clans clash? This story is a romantic journey between Aya Hyuga, and Itachi Uchiha.
  • naruto
  • shisui
  • fugaku
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Misaka Mikoto X Reader by Sabrina_The_Tigar
Misaka Mikoto X Readerby Sabrina_The_Tigar
THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING ONE-SHOTS, SPARE ME, PLEASE! This could contain one shots (long or short, or can have parts for that one shot) and the reader could be male o...
  • misaka
  • xreader
  • oneshot
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I was Reincarnated in Naruto.... As Rin!! {DISCONNECTION} by Anti-Coder
I was Reincarnated in Naruto.... A...by The Silent Soul
With the belief that reincarnation is a plausible thing to happen, I wasn't exactly surprised to find myself being reborn. However, surprise took place when I found myse...
  • changes
  • fantasy
  • war
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En la otra dimensión by Luthien_jg
En la otra dimensiónby Hatake Aiko
2ª Temporada de: Viaje al Pasado. Desde la muerte del equipo Makoto-Takeshi-Satsuki, la vida de los shinobi del mundo cambia por completo. Aun así, tienen que superarlo...
  • itachi
  • viaje
  • naruto
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