Homra's Queen by FreestyleFujoshi
Homra's Queenby ✧Trash Chan✧
Who knew a small accident could bring you so much happiness in your life? You certainly didn't meet the Homra boys in the most graceful of ways but you still caught th...
  • suohmikoto
  • kproject
  • homra
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True Love (Izumo x OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
True Love (Izumo x OC)by asuka_lynnbrown
They say that true love awaits, That you will know who is your true love, That your true love will always love you know matter what, I say that's total bull crap, When I...
  • izumo
  • projectk
  • homra
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K Project x Reader by NyxieGoddess
K Project x Readerby Nyxie (Shin-Ah's Dragon :3)
Requests are accepted at any time in the comments or in my inbox! Highest ranking #45 in Random, #86 in FanFiction
  • kusanagi
  • project
  • kuroh
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I am NOT a monster! by Wolfphantom8
I am NOT a monster!by Wolfphantom8
Minato and Kushina are alive with 3 children; Menma, Mito and Naruto. The 3rd Hokage sealed the Nine Tail Fox in Naruto, and Kami sealed the 3rd Hokage in Naruto too. 4...
  • kushina
  • jiraya
  • tsunade
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The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh X OC) by asuka_lynnbrown
The Red King's Dragon (Mikoto Suoh...by asuka_lynnbrown
It only took one sentence from one little girl that change my whole life. One visit to a bar that became my new home. A group of gangsters that became my new family. One...
  • fanfiction
  • mikotoxoc
  • lemon
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K-project ships by Apikachucanwrite
K-project shipsby PIKACHU I CHOOSE U
A book where I write about my favorite ships!!
  • izuseri
  • yatamisaki
  • reisi
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The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic)  by LightWolf46
The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic) by LightWolf46
My name you ask? It's Umi, Umi Uchiha. Eldest Child of Fugaku and Mikoto, elder sister of Itachi and Sasuke. I don't own Naruto just Umi.
  • mikoto
  • kushina
  • fugaku
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Naruto's New Mom?! *Read Description* by ForbiddenHappiness
Naruto's New Mom?! *Read Descripti...by ForbiddenHappiness
NEW VERSION WILL BE OUT SOON! This version is DISCONTINUED!!!! The day my village was attacked by the Nine Tailed Fox changed everything. I lost many things that day, bu...
  • mikoto
  • mother
  • ninja
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el esfuerzo que vence al talento. by cassie1426
el esfuerzo que vence al talento.by black histories
el clan namikaze a sido conocido mundialmente en el continente elemental por siempre dar a luz a potenciales prodigios desde toda su existencia,como si se tratara de una...
  • bijuu
  • naruto
  • sasuten
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The Neglected Shinobi by Mystic_Nightmare
The Neglected Shinobiby Mystic_Nightmare
What if Naruto's parents were alive? What if he had a brother and sister? What if his parents neglected him for his siblings? What if Naruto wasn't the idiot, mistake, a...
  • badasshinata
  • goodorochimaru
  • kushina
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The Things She's Seen: Shinobi React by strawhat_pirate
The Things She's Seen: Shinobi Rea...by strawhat_pirate
You have to have read The Things She's Seen in order for this to make sense. Basically people from the past will be viewing Hollow's memories.
  • konoha
  • sakura
  • minato
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I was Reincarnated in Naruto.... As Rin!! {DISCONNECTION} by Anti-Coder
I was Reincarnated in Naruto.... A...by Anti-Coder
With the belief that reincarnation is a plausible thing to happen, I wasn't exactly surprised to find myself being reborn. However, surprise took place when I found myse...
  • team7
  • newlife
  • reincarnated
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Fold Back by strawhat_pirate
Fold Backby strawhat_pirate
With the war over, nobody is sure what to do with themselves. Sasuke and Naruto feel numb, and Orochimaru has pretty much gone insane. With nothing else to do, Kurama de...
  • uchiha
  • orochimaru
  • sasuke
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Just Like Kings There are Queens (Mikoto Suoh x Reader) by angel_kitcat23
Just Like Kings There are Queens (...by Elizabeth
(Y/n) has to move to Japan for her birthday. The only upside to this is she gets to reignite with her best friend Jasmine. She soon meets Jasmine's friends, Tatara, Izum...
  • mikoto
  • tataratotsuka
  • munakata
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The Sloth (Boku no Hero Academia x Male Reader) by Panilith
The Sloth (Boku no Hero Academia x...by Panilith
Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. This is something (Y/n) goes by every day. But there is one thing he'll be willing to do to not...
  • bokunoheroacadamia
  • touma
  • izuku
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Sasuko's Instagram. by -Miko_Uchiha-
Sasuko's Instagram.by Sasuko Miko Uchiha
I see a lot of people doing this so I might as well.
  • naruto
  • minato
  • mikoto
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The Promise  by Levi_Ackerman_Senpai
The Promise by Levi_Hiecho_Senpai
Naruto and Sasuke when they were younger, Sasuke made a promise to Naru to marry him when they get older. But Sasu was born as a prince, while Naru wasn't. (Uh... Nar...
  • sakurabashing
  • mpreg
  • kiba
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Reborn as an Uchiha? by Sakura_TimeTravel
Reborn as an Uchiha?by Sakura_TimeTravel
Sakura Haruno had only one strategy left to defeat the ten tailed beast and she didn't know what was going to happen to her but it was worth it if she saved everyone tha...
  • timetravel
  • sasuke
  • itachi
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En la otra dimensión by Luthien_jg
En la otra dimensiónby Hatake Aiko
2ª Temporada de: Viaje al Pasado. Desde la muerte del equipo Makoto-Takeshi-Satsuki, la vida de los shinobi del mundo cambia por completo. Aun así, tienen que superarlo...
  • naruto
  • kakashi
  • minato
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SasuNaru - One Shots by usuratonkachiXteme
SasuNaru - One Shotsby Naru & Sasu Admirer
This will be a collection of short SasuNaru stories.
  • minato
  • kakashi
  • shounenai
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