Hey, My name is Taylor! I'm 20 years old
Concert junky and future director. I get most of my story ideas from real life/movies/other stories that I've read.
Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'll always reply.
That's all for now folks :)

Disclaimer! Please don't ask me to read your story. I'm sure it's amazing. Just keep on writing and Earn Your Fans! Also, please do not give me story plots and ask me to write you a story. I have plots of my own that I would rather write. Also I'm dyslexic so there will be errors but fix them in your head and move on. Please and thank you.
Nothing Personal.
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There's Nothing Left To Say

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Description: The Sequel to The Captain of the Football Team My life took a huge 180 after college. I was in Italy the summer after college. I had some money saved since I had a scholarship and I worked over the summer. Anyway, while I was there a modeling agent...

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The Jock and The Nerd

The Jock and The Nerd

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For All Readers! Updates

For All Readers! Updates

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So everyone is in the loop.

Broken Heart Chronicles

Broken Heart Chronicles

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When a boy hurts you... you gotta write it out till it all make sense.

I Guess You Can Call These Romantic One Shots

I Guess You Can Call These Romantic One Shots

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Short Romance stories that I felt like writing. I take request...just no fanfics...Thanks :D Enjoy!

Hey all! 
      I'm in college! So I'll still be updating but not as often. But I did post tonight! :)
      -Writergurl95 <3
Hey all,
      I'll be focusing on three stories to get me back into the swing of things. The two of my choice are There's Nothing Left To Stay, which will be coming to a close soon, and The Jock and The Nerd, which is just heating up! The third one is up to you or it could be an old one from my past that needs major editing. Let me know. 
      -Writergurl95 <3
Oh! Sidebar,
      I've gotten some requests for stories and I'm sorry to say that I won't be doing them any time soon. My apologies. 
      -Writergurl95 <3
Sup ladies ... and dudes, 
      I know I've been MIA for the last year and a half,  mostly because of work and my over all laziness. However, I'll be going to school in the fall for screen writing and directing so I should start getting those creative juices following. So starting today or tomorrow or Monday I will start writing and updating and posting again. I can't guaranty that my spelling and grammar will be perfect but we all have our challenges. Anyway, I apologize for my behavior and thank you for sticking with me. I'll see you guys real soon! 
      -Writergurl95 <3