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Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Styles by whoooopdeedoo
Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Stylesby whoooopdeedoo
After Skylar Cowell's mother died, her father turned into the opposite of who he used to be. After some horrific events, Skylar is sent to live in London with her Uncle...
Sleeping GerIta one-shots by orangelife
Sleeping GerIta one-shotsby orangelife
Collection of one-shots centered around GerIta and sleeping/nighttime. Fluff. Pictures (inside and cover) and APH not mine :)
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyckMisfit
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy)by Nyck
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
Finally Me ~ by xXMade2LoveXx
Finally Me ~by Scarlett
Alex is the youngest in a family of fifteen. To make things worse, she's the only one who isn't a twin... Or a boy. Growing up in the muggle world, Alex didn't even know...
Weak by caesarhamato22
Weakby The Holy Chalupa
Wrote this story for my cousin :) ------------------------------------------------------------ "I didn't want to seem weak." Chase doesn't like to ask for hel...
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. (Sequel To A Nerds Romance) by shelbsters15
Ruining The Life Of A Jerk. ( Shelby :)
Sophie Green, used to be a nerd. Until Zack Daniel changed her life with one little bet. Zack Daniel didn't mean to make a bet, but thanks to his friends, Ian, Mike, and...
Eyes of the Fallen by forgetnames
Eyes of the Fallenby forgetnames!
Jasmine is a junior in high school, and is hated by nearly everybody she knows, including her own father, due to her rude personality, unattainable beauty, and terrifyin...
Beautiful Sorrows by picchic92
Beautiful Sorrowsby Haley
"Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary." -Khalil Gibran
Five paths to One Direction (boyxboy) by LunaMoon_28
Five paths to One Direction ( Anime Queen
The band used to be close. They were a family. That is, until one night where everything broke apart.When a chain of events leading to that one night almost breaks up th...
Risk {WIP} by YokoKitsune
Risk {WIP}by Yoko
》 Ranked #3 in Ajin 》Sequel to "What I Must Protect" Kai...he risked the only life he had...his only one, for me. And I can't repay him, I can never repay him ...
Losing A Friend  by Lena_May
Losing A Friend by Lena
Sequel to: We Were Friends In which he deals with losing her once again and this time permanently. #rest - #5🏅
On My Mind by onlylovefictionalmen
On My Mindby #1KeefeFan
Something starts to take up space in Hinata Shouyou's mind that isn't volleyball. aka Hinata falls in love
Pie and Berry by primphilae
Pie and Berryby primphilae
Sort of things. Kind of lame. Yep, yeah, yes.
Hero by angieboo0902
Heroby Sway stories
You are 18yrs old you have a toxic relationship with ur bf Jacob he touches and hits you but you cover it up with makeup. Your best friend Mads Lewis works with you at D...
You're the one I .... adore??..... by vickyv
You're the one I .... adore?? Vicky
THAT MOMENT IN TIME......... a moment in life can change your life for ever..... it changed mine....] you decide if it was for better or for worse.....
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway! by LoveLover
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway!by Kelsie
Heaven is a 16 year old teenage girl. She runs away from home because of her parents who treat her like she is nothing. But when she runs away, she gets kidnapped. There...
Going away for a while by typicalgamerlove
Going away for a whileby Maïa_wannabee
Ada and jean became friends the first day of high school. Jean was stuck in her ways unwilling to change whilst ada was hell-bent on making her see life's true colours...
Handcuffs Are So Juvenile by DarkestNight
Handcuffs Are So Juvenileby Night
Tracy Marcus was a delinquent. And a really good criminal. Every night, she'd be chased by annoyed police, dodging flying bullets, or sneaking into buildings. However...
Wattpad HTML for the Rest of Us by Watty_Aid
Wattpad HTML for the Rest of Usby Watty Aid
Wattpad HTML for the Rest of Us is a guide to all things HTML... Well, at least on Wattpad. First, we'll guide you through the basics, then we'll help you understand HTM...
spilled ink by ofmisfits
spilled inkby dana
a collection of all the poetry i can't take back.