The Selection by Kdragin
The Selectionby Kdragin
Georgia Summons is a 17 year old girl who is trying to support her family with money, even if that means entering Prince Cole's selection. She has her eye on a cute boy...
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Keadlyn (after The Heir) by Anonellie
Keadlyn (after The Heir)by Anonymous_elle
After The Heir's devastating end
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Las joyas de la corona 2: Felices para siempre by fresita2326maxerica
Las joyas de la corona 2: fresita2326maxerica
En la primera temporada Clarkson murió tragicamente en un "accidente" aéreo, se descubrió que Kriss estaba detrás de tal muerte y fue presa y Kota fue enviado...
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Eadrik And Maxerica One-shots by AbbeyTheClownFish
Eadrik And Maxerica One-shotsby Abbey!
One-shots, written by yours truly
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Selection high by Anonellie
Selection highby Anonymous_elle
When you're the new girl at a school with famous parents, it's hard to be sure if your friends are true. And even harder to know if love is.
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Eadlyn's Selection by yessaloo
Eadlyn's Selectionby Alexa Renee
This is how Kile and Eadlyn get together, or do they? In this book you will see who eadlyn learns to love during her Selection. Will she love Kile or Henri. Or will she...
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Unattainable Prince Charming  ~ a Kaden Schreave fanfiction by fangirl_for_life67
Unattainable Prince Charming ~ fangirl_for_life67
"You may be a Prince, but you're my prince. You'll always be my Prince Charming." Melody Notes, disowned by the only family she has left, ends up in the castle...
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Happily Ever After... I guess. (Eadlyn and Eikko) (The selection FanFic) by -rageandlove
Happily Ever After... I guess. ( Connor.
Después de la boda de Eikko y Eadlyn todos creían que iban a tener su "Y vivieron felices por siempre" al fin, incluso ellos lo creían. Pero no fue así. Aunque...
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The Princess of Thalan by EmmieWinry
The Princess of Thalanby EmmieWinry
Do you ever wake up one morning and think, I'm going to make my family and friends think I'm dead. Well I didn't, but that's what happened. Updates every Monday and Frid...
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I Choose You by umbooks
I Choose Youby *bookshimmy*
PSA (to be taken down soon!)- This book is currently in editing! It will be back up soon ;) For those of you who have read it previously, the cover and description have...
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