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Carla Unbroken - Unbroken Series Book 2 by Dellywrites
Carla Unbroken - Unbroken Series S. L. Adams
Carla Cooper had everything she ever wanted within her reach. Married to the perfect man, a wealthy handsome surgeon, her dream of being a stay-at-home mom was about to...
Against All Odds by forever-evermore
Against All Oddsby Malena
After over a year of trying to get pregnant, Milo Katz is told that he is infertile and that the fertility treatments are not working. That fateful day sends the rest of...
Our Fake Marriage by MRayWrites
Our Fake Marriageby M.Ray
Hunter, a 27-year-old workaholic, believes she will never get married or have a family. After one failed relationships after another, her friend and boss, Jace, offers h...
Shadows in the Dark by pseudoannie
Shadows in the Darkby Annie
(Complete) Rumors aren't new to the beach community. When an unidentified couple is seen kissing in the shadows and a beautiful stranger arrives the speculation starts...
Making a Difference ~Book 2 of The Difference Series~ (BWWM) by Jae_HopelessRomantic
Making a Difference ~Book 2 of Jae Vixen
It was supposed to be nothing more than one night to give into temptation and forget everything. No emotions. No getting hurt. Just one night of passion. Once she snuck...
Keep Holding On by KeepOnSmiling
Keep Holding Onby shanetta
Jordana and Corbin Thatcher have had trouble conceiving a child. They were finally blessed three years later with their first baby
When Love Stands ☑️ Complete ☑️ by OloladeEsther9
When Love Stands ☑️ Complete ☑️by Ololade Esther
They have promised to stay Together Forever, but their families are on their neck. They are ready to destroy the marriage using all tricks; tribalism. And also the weak...
Sequoia Valley: Imperfect (Free Preview) by umm_hanoon
Sequoia Valley: Imperfect (Free أم حنون
A boy hides his cry for help behind jokes and defiance. A woman hides her pain and fear behind her independence. But one man will change everything...
Best For You by MRayWrites
Best For Youby M.Ray
Paisley Rose Gardner and Anderson Clarke are in a complicated relationship. He is content and oblivious to their problems and his personal issues. She is disappointed an...
Perfectly Unexpected [on hold until after NaNoWriMo 20] by MiniMoxx
Perfectly Unexpected [on hold Alex Orchard
Tabitha had only known love twice in her life. She was abandoned by one of them, and married the other. Now the lines between them have become blurred. After a turbulent...
The Surrogate  by Symonebranson
The Surrogate by Lulmo💫
Surrogate mother: a woman who bears a child for another woman; one who inspires hope, and changes another's life forever. And makes you fall... 𝑰𝑵 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬?
Kamel's Soul by SaraAouadHetzer
Kamel's Soulby Mother of dragons
He stared at their framed wedding picture on his bedside before his fingers traced her smile. It was a candid shot that spoke of their love and all its aspects. With h...
There's a Difference ~Book 1 of The Difference Series~ [BWWM] by Jae_HopelessRomantic
There's a Difference ~Book 1 of Jae Vixen
She lost her love for the guy she once knew and loved the day he raped her. She lost her heart the day she miscarried their baby. It took her a year to grieve, but Louis...
The Pregnant Bride (a bonus Scott Family story!!) by BellaOtter
The Pregnant Bride (a bonus Bella
(Scott family Spoiler Alert!!!!) Alice and Jeb have been married for years when they decide to start trying to have a baby. When nothing happens, Alice decides it's beca...
We Are Enough For Each Other-Shivika Version by -BlueberrySprinkles-
We Are Enough For Each ~BlueberrySprinkles~
A Shivika TS based on infertility. I've changed the title. It was confusing to have too many stories with the same title. All of the pictures used in this book are the p...
We Grow by Shannon_Demetria
We Growby Shannon
'Because we made time stand still, we had the chance to make it happen. Because we grow, and we hold and I'll be forever.'
I Am A Human Being-Manan by -BlueberrySprinkles-
I Am A Human Being-Mananby ~BlueberrySprinkles~
A Manan ff based on strong Nandini. All of the pictures used in this book are the property of their respective owners. I do not hold any copyright in regards to these pi...
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Two Worlds Apart by AlishaPJ
Two Worlds Apartby Alisha Poudel
"FAMILY", meant everything to Misha for them she can cross the river full of fire. Never in her life, she thought her family will come between her love. Meet...
We Are Enough For Each Other-Arshi Version by -BlueberrySprinkles-
We Are Enough For Each ~BlueberrySprinkles~
A new Arshi TS based on infertility. All of the pictures used in this book are the property of their respective owners. I do not hold any copyright in regards to these p...
PCOS - A Common Hormone Abnormality by InfertilityBlogs
PCOS - A Common Hormone Abnormalityby Indira IVF Hospital
Lack of ovulation is considered as one of the prominent cause for infertility in women suffering from PCOS.