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The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters by Momo3625
The Girl Who Stutters and The LilChocolateDonut
Abby has always just been identified as stutter girl. Her high school life was a complete disaster, she lived in her sister's shadow the entire time and any chance sh...
Love, Emma by LeftyMcGee
Love, Emmaby LeftyMcGee
"E-Emma? It's okay y-you know. I-I'm used to i-i-it." "You shouldn't have to be, some people disgust me, the nerve of them." "I can't blame t-t...
♡MINE♡   Yandere-Kun x Innocent! Reader by Bright_Star45
♡MINE♡ Yandere-Kun x Innocent! 𝐒𝐥𝐨𝐭𝐡
Ah yes you Y/n yamada the girl who has a crush on Ayato or as Yandere-Kun instead you were his friend..but you knew that he had a crush on your older sister..but you wou...
The lonely boy (Boyxboy) by wildrosexx
The lonely boy (Boyxboy)by wildrosexx
Emery is a 16 and lives a tough life his parents have been abusing him for as long as he can remember and finally after years of torture he leaves. Jedi is 17 and the ol...
Tell Me About It by RobynEggs
Tell Me About Itby Kathy Robyns
"I was engulfed in his words. Listening to him speak was mesmerizing. His stutter taught me to listen closely." *Undergoing editing* Spin-Offs: Otters [Complet...
The Bad Boys Angel by luxuryhoney
The Bad Boys Angelby luxuryhoney
"You're my Angel." #1 in STUTTER #1 in HOT #1 in MENTAL HEALTH #1 in LONDON
Repeated Words by Mermaidviolenplayer
Repeated Wordsby Mer V. P
Meet the girl that doesn't speak. Angela Rizcoffe, age 17. It's not like she's a mute, but she keeps her voice hidden from everyone at school. And no, her voice isn't te...
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry Styles One Shots by zebrachickk
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry Harley
A collection of fluffy one shots centering around the ~fictional~ life of pop sensation, Harry Styles. "Baby, you don't just shine. You sparkle."
Rony, You're British?! [ONGOING #Wattys2019] by champ613
Rony, You're British?! [ONGOING champ613
Rony Pollack is the king of impersonations. Voice acting since he was 12 years old, Rony has has always been teased as the kid who is the voice of many corny cartoon ch...
Stutters by Ggukie_Tokki
Stuttersby ♡(˙८ ˙)♡ 𝕄ɪ𝔫𝔫ɪ𝕖⟬⟭ ⟭⟬ ⁷
Jungkook was born with stutters and something that he and people didn't know. He goes to a school where people also hate and bully him about it. That's when he met six...
Room Service (L.S) by TiaBeTrippin
Room Service (L.S)by ❤ H.O.P.E ❤
The one where Harry goes on a business trip and meets a cute boy in a hotel that brings him things he needs!! 🌸🌸 Warning this story is long for no reason with short an...
Colored Pencils by __Lonelywriter__
Colored Pencilsby Unknown
RANBOO X FEM! OC This will stay within the boundaries that Ranboo had but I am completely willing to take this down whenever for whatever reason! I had only met this k...
scp foundation x child scp y/n by twFanUWU
scp foundation x child scp y/nby :)
Y/n is a 11 year old kid who randomly got into the foundation find out how and why in this book I am trying to keep it gender nutural Also i am working on remaking the...
i like it when you bite your lip // drarry by aesttaethicc
i like it when you bite your hobiwater™
used to be @ drarryissogay Where Draco keeps biting his bottom lip unconsciously, and from that, Harry gets a hard time concentrating. DISCLAIMER: All the characters and...
Deserted | Markhyuck ✔️ by SunflowerBean04
Deserted | Markhyuck ✔️by SunflowerBean
{MarkHyuck} 『Started~ October 3rd 2019』 『Ended~ October 23rd 2019』 People say that when you fall in love, it's like you are the only two people in the world. But what i...
Shy- Namgi by yoongis_boop
Shy- Namgiby Yoongis_baby
Yoongi, a small omega that just has a big crush. A crush on Kim Namjoon. Namjoon, most popular alpha in the school. He can't stop thinking that Min Yoongi is cute. Nam...
Coupon collecting villain x reincarnated cannon fodder by Genguin
Coupon collecting villain x Genguin
"I've been saving this for myself, b-but if you're willing to come with me to my brother's wedding reception I can give it to you." He shakily held out a flims...
Forlorn | Markhyuck ✔️ by SunflowerBean04
Forlorn | Markhyuck ✔️by SunflowerBean
{Markhyuck} 【Sequel of Deserted】 After falling in love in a place with only them, things feel different when the world goes back to normal. Will their feelings feel diff...
Stutter Kink (Soonhoon Texting FF)✔ by Ujishua
Stutter Kink (Soonhoon Texting FF)✔by Poison 💚
Wherein Kwon Soonyoung has a kink for people that stutter over text and Lee Jihoon just happens to do so... HEYYYY I KNOW I MAKE TOO MANY BOOKS BUT ITS INSPIRED BY @jih...
Bully // Phan au by minyoongisgummysmile
Bully // Phan auby old account
Dan is bullied, Phil is a bully Finished October 31st 2016 All rights reserved @midnightphanfic 2016 {trigger warning! Don't read if you're triggered by physical + verb...