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Six Skeletons, One Maid by RaccoonSinQueen
Six Skeletons, One Maidby RaccoonSinQueen
Moved from AO3 because of reasons! "You are the only maid (or worker in general) that serves for the Skeletal Household. It's a skele-ton of work, but you manage by...
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Breaking Point by Can_you_nawt
Breaking Pointby Mercutio Wallace
Sad and angsty Sterek. Sorry for all the people on team Scott- I needed a villain and Jackson is gone, so Scott it is. Alison is also kindof bad, and Lydia is... Well...
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One Direction Preferences by Girlnotonfire
One Direction Preferencesby Naqi.
So I decided to write some one direction preferences! Some will be from wonderful Tumblr and some I'll be writing myself. So hope you all will enjoy these lovely prefer...
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DeKu'S hArEm ;) by ahomoshrexual
DeKu'S hArEm ;)by Should I jack off
Originally made as crack fic turned it into a semi-serious fic :/ oof but rip. DISCONTINUED (for now probably)
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some edgy dick figures thing by BlueBxllz
some edgy dick figures thingby Blue
Dick figurs fwan fwiction
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Harry Potter : Voldemort's mother by QueenCanine
Harry Potter : Voldemort's motherby Shadowfox
Kidnapped in his 7th year when going to slay Voldemort, harry is thrown back in time to Tom riddle's age...... will Harry see the truth, or will he be killed..... you f...
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Long by jeconloescher99
Longby jeconloescher99
Subdue saying waters deep he beast i very first shall evening their light for beginning you'll itself evening blessed evening upon meat divide behold can't meat, he yo...
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Gaara X Reader Lemon by anime123333
Gaara X Reader Lemonby anime123333
This is my first lemon so plz tell me if I made and mistakes:^
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The Sun is Also a Star Quotes by elifunsal2004
The Sun is Also a Star Quotesby don't read... i suck at writi...
~the sun is also a star quotes~
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Striders gotta st- fuck by CAW_CAW_
Striders gotta st- fuckby ✨Legit_Davesprite✨
Mmm yes Stridercest smut. (Tbh this all will be just a bunch of shitty one shots)
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kpop memes And Pics ❤❤ by maknaes_mybaes
kpop memes And Pics ❤❤by maknaes_mybaes
Remember to BREATHE😭😭😍😍!! Enjoyyy!!
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Loving You ||Sodapop Curtis Love story || by XxNotYourPrincessXx
Loving You ||Sodapop Curtis Love XxNotYourPrincessXx
I thought I was never gonna fall in love thinking that he was the one. Zane left me just like that and I thought I had done something wrong. These past days been the har...
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Sanders Behavioral Health by AstroZone
Sanders Behavioral Healthby Aster
Sanders Behavioral Health is what they called it. A place where they were forced to combat their anxiety head-on. None of them were excited to do that, but, that's why t...
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D A D D Y- YOONMINKOOK by bangtanbasmoved2ao3
D A D D Y- YOONMINKOOKby bangtanbasmoved2ao3
- basically I had a dream that yoonminkook were all in a relationship so I decided to make a story about it - also if this story sucks ass it's because I didn't plan any...
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One unfortunate meeting by Lance_The_Hero
One unfortunate meetingby Roman Sanders
Based on FallenHeroX's ask the USA's Civil war fanfiction. Alfred and Charlie go to the store because they ran out of milk ( :/) but then Alfred realizes he is 20 minut...
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Rip my Code Out by Firehedgehog
Rip my Code Outby Firehedgehog
Based on for Harrish6 story Forced God of Destruction Error, another version of Errors 'Birth'
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I'm Not Useless by DeathByShyKid
I'm Not Uselessby [NOT ACTIVE]
No one had ever seen Canada in a fight before; hell, no one had even seen him be somewhat angry. However, that changes during a world meeting.
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Always. (Eren x Armin) by BecauseINeverLand
Always. (Eren x Armin)by BecauseINeverLand
Sorry it's not the best...
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why.  《personal》 by not_a_happy_person
why. 《personal》by a potato
Some legends are told, Some turn to dust or to gold. But will you really remember me for centuries? I hope not. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ My ramblings, thoughts ...
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BTS fanfic recommendations  by AhMyGryffindorHeart
BTS fanfic recommendations by mae
hey fuckers, here's a list of some of the best *chefs kiss* bts fanfics I've read
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