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The Book Of HotWings by BloodyCradles
The Book Of HotWingsby Cannibalistic Ramen
Uh-it's a DabiHawks porn book that you can reread over and over again- RANKINGS: #1 in LIMITED (February 19, 2021) #1 in ALSO (March 7, 2021 - May 8, 2021) #1 in SPOOF...
Six Skeletons, One Maid by RaccoonSinQueen
Six Skeletons, One Maidby RaccoonSinQueen
Moved from AO3 because of reasons! "You are the only maid (or worker in general) that serves for the Skeletal Household. It's a skele-ton of work, but you manage by...
Im in love with an e-girl by wilburhttps
Im in love with an e-girlby <3
Hi everyone! This is just theyre online personalities. Because im writting smut, And they may be uncomfortable with it if its theyre real selves, I will immediately take...
One Direction Preferences by Girlnotonfire
One Direction Preferencesby Naqi.
So I decided to write some one direction preferences! Some will be from wonderful Tumblr and some I'll be writing myself. So hope you all will enjoy these lovely prefer...
Roses are Rosé || Detective Conan x OC shorts by queencelamoon
Roses are Rosé || Detective Crescent
Oh? So the main fic isn't updating? No worries! Have some fun with my deleted scenes and probably unrelated one-shots! Oh, and are you looking for my ocs profiles? Then...
Random stories by Official_Colorado
Random storiesby Revan
So basically this is a book for random stories of mine and story parts for other stories that ain't mine but I'm just helping with
Sorry. I've stolen your Kids. by kuropheonix
Sorry. I've stolen your kuro. pheonix
Dream is tired of watching Tubbo and Tommy- the only two in the server that can make him care enough anymore- crumble under the weight of their jobs. Sorry not sorry Wil...
my little pogchamp- dreamwastaken by damid0mi
my little pogchamp- dreamwastakenby damian
"poggers- how was that, little white man?" "that was, it was- amazing." "i can hear you making the lightskin face through the screen." &quo...
Spiders and Seas by amtgurly
Spiders and Seasby Desdemona+Alpaca Roc
TW: Allusions to Abuse, Gore, Canon-Typical Violence, Alcoholism (I'm not rating this mature as it shouldn't get to explicit. If it does - I will change that!) Peter Par...
My sister Fiancé by MysteryAnakay
My sister Fiancéby Sweety
Amara got engaged to Anthony Blake the billionaire she was happy, they were happy until a few hours later there world came crashing down. Years later she found out he'...
Viagra Price 50mg In Pakistan - 03056040640 by darazherbal11
Viagra Price 50mg In Pakistan - Daraz Herbal
Viagra Tablets in Pakistan Viagra Tablets 100mg Price in Pakistan Pfizer Viagra Tab...
Stuck With You//Hisogon// +17 by GonMorow
Stuck With You//Hisogon// +17by Gon Morow
umm I'm bad at description so yeah 😐😐😐😐😐😐🙏🙏🙏we all need a little holy water some times 😌😌😌
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Gaara X Reader Lemon by anime123333
Gaara X Reader Lemonby anime123333
This is my first lemon so plz tell me if I made and mistakes:^
Loving You ||Sodapop Curtis Love story || by XxNotYourPrincessXx
Loving You ||Sodapop Curtis Love XxNotYourPrincessXx
I thought I was never gonna fall in love thinking that he was the one. Zane left me just like that and I thought I had done something wrong. These past days been the har...
random thoughts from my head cus i got no one to tlk to by OFFICIAL_HITMAN_BANG
random thoughts from my head cus HITMAN BANG SECRET ACCOUNT
IM WARNING U DONT READ THIS LOL will prbbly have memes if i find any new ones
One unfortunate meeting by Remy_The_Artist
One unfortunate meetingby Aston the bitch B)
Based on FallenHeroX's ask the USA's Civil war fanfiction. Alfred and Charlie go to the store because they ran out of milk ( :/) but then Alfred realizes he is 20 minut...
[ OC FICTION ] Phần giới thiệu các OC by KatyMelody
[ OC FICTION ] Phần giới thiệu cá Katy Melody
Câu chuyện xoay quanh phần giới thiệu về dân oc là chính
D A D D Y- YOONMINKOOK by bangtanbasmoved2ao3
D A D D Y- YOONMINKOOKby bangtanbasmoved2ao3
- basically I had a dream that yoonminkook were all in a relationship so I decided to make a story about it - also if this story sucks ass it's because I didn't plan any...
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Breaking Point by Can_you_nawt
Breaking Pointby let's say, lana
Sad and angsty Sterek. Sorry for all the people on team Scott- I needed a villain and Jackson is gone, so Scott it is. Alison is also kindof bad, and Lydia is... Well...
He Cheated With my Bff **COMPLETE** by JKatGrier
He Cheated With my Bff **COMPLETE**by ♡
My first story sorry if it sucks its also a drama