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Blue Archive - Story of Joshua Sensei by TRUExtremeSamX
Blue Archive - Story of Joshua TRUExtremeSamX
A man with a troubled past ends up as a teacher in Kivotos. Oh well, it's not the toughest thing he's had to do. (A retelling of the story with a different Sensei) Anyth...
Marcus Harrison's Paradise by symhere
Marcus Harrison's Paradiseby Yumna
BOOK TWO OF HARRISON SERIES. Charlotte McGill is sublimely good with children. She totally adores Kathie, Marcus Harrison's one-year-old daughter. She wants to be a full...
Billionaire love (Completed) by aamna313
Billionaire love (Completed)by
Suddenly there was a knocking on my door it looks like that they will broke the door. Maid opened the door as I was sitting in the lounge. And when I saw who it was my...
Photography Dreams | Suna x Reader by emmajanee07
Photography Dreams | Suna x Readerby Emma Jane
"Welcome to the new school year! Say cheese!" "First day of school selfie? Basic." "Please, I saw that peace sign in the background" ~ For...
Love In Arrange  by NikunjandDiksha
Love In Arrange by Diksha
Susheela cried to her mom.. "mummy, He is a non vegetarian... He also kissed me.. I can't take this anymore" Kusum made her understand. "girls should kno...
Welcome to the In-Between | BSD: Watch the Show by KNightEtDragons
Welcome to the In-Between | BSD: KNightEtDragons
The gang is stuck in the in-between a place between realities. All that's left to do is watch their stories play out. And hopeful it won't break them in half. ...
Her Psychopaths And Jealousy Mafia Husband!  [OG]  by Syatresty_
Her Psychopaths And Jealousy Syaee?
Assalammualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Thank you so much For Supported me for being An Author of " His Ratna " .. I really appreciate you services, I hop...
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1] by alexkuhar360
Rimuru in Akame Ga Kill [Book 1]by Alex
this will be a not op Rimuru story where he goes to the World of Akame Ga Kill and will be the main character. there will be Pov shifts mainly between Rimuru, Akame, and...
Shadow Monarch New Domain (M!Reader X The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime) by Drunken_Crow
Shadow Monarch New Domain (M! Unknown_Narrator
After Y/N L/N had a heavenly fight with the Dragon Monarch and winning, Y/N with the powers of the rulers, had drank from the Cup Of Reincarnation to turn back the time...
NIRNAMIKA | සිංහල | (Anonymous) by BTS_taesite_
NIRNAMIKA | සිංහල | (Anonymous)by Kim Ha Orin
~තුහින හරි පරණ තාලෙ වයිබ් එකේ මනුස්සයෙක් . ඒ නිසාමද කොහෙද ආධිල් හැම තැනදිම හැම මොහොතකදිම හැම තප්පරයකම තුහිනව හරි විශේෂ විදියට දකින්න පුරුදු වෙලා ඉදියා . "නිදන්ගත...
 Watermelons (SUNTAN) by Sp00ksinator
Watermelons (SUNTAN)by tales of broccoli
what if Sunny never had to move, never got over Mari, never told his friends the Truth, it was all the same. Every. Single. D A...
Prongslet (Completed) by fanfictionist2004
Prongslet (Completed)by SWAGATIMA
Wordcount: 37088 Pain, a word, a feeling, Harry has been familiar with since the age of 3 by the Dursleys, Now he is 5 and one fateful day Dumbledore hears of how Harry...
Blaidd x Male reader (Back in progress!) by Theweirdone1212
Blaidd x Male reader (Back in The Weird One
Realized that writing a story was fun so I'm doing it here. THIS FOLLOWS MOST OF YOUR POV UNLESS INDICATED Blaidd's age is 25 (Picture a younger version of how he norma...
Afraid {Evan Peters} by logan_logan
Afraid {Evan Peters}by Logan
Aurora is just another face in the halls. Evan is just another rebel in the blue. And when the two collide - anything could happen.
★ creator ★ connor x reader ★ by 800blahblah800
★ creator ★ connor x reader ★by • k •
★ female pronouns & third person view (may change it if people prefer first person!) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I don't know you," The android glowered back at the stranger...
A Reincarnated Slime and A Stray Dog by BlameMyGamingChair
A Reincarnated Slime and A Stray CHAIR-KUN
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit Fanfiction Parody. I do not own「Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken」and 「Bungou Stray Dogs - BEAST」 Please support the official release. Yes...
Pokémon Auro's Journey:The Beginning (Pokémon X OC/Male Reader) by PAJ465
Pokémon Auro's Journey:The Nathaniel James
There have been multiple new and promising trainers from Pallet Town. These trainers Auro, Ash, Leaf and Gary will set out to conquer the pokémon world by winning the in...
Kind Crimson Eyes  by Kats_Uragi
Kind Crimson Eyes by 🍓🤡
Shinji has been struggling lately. Things seem hopeless, but Kaworu takes care of him and makes sure he knows he doesn't need to face things alone. [Hurt/Comfort] [Fluf...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...