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Ms. Carter's Detention: Sky by marceloeguerrero
Ms. Carter's Detention: Skyby Marcelo Guerrero
A frustrated art teacher has had enough with a 14 year old skater girl's attitude in her class and comes up with a very special kind of detention for her.
Forbidden Fruit by marceloeguerrero
Forbidden Fruitby Marcelo Guerrero
Alex, lost in a maze of forbidden thoughts, finds himself ensnared by thirteen-year-old Mia's playful teasing, his best friend's sister. Her flirtatious glances and coy...
Tentacles attack on my feet. by malefeetticklee
Tentacles attack on my malefeetticklee
One summer evening, I meet a strange visitor. While he looks menacing at the beginning, we find out we both love tickling my feet!
Jack... The face in the floor by feetlover3
Jack... The face in the floorby feetlover3
A most unfortunate story of how Jack became locked in a facebox with only his face sticking up. Now he must deal with the most awful smelling feet of his new owner Britt...
Shitposts by trophysimp66
Shitpostsby trophysimp66
Sex i will shove a umbrella up your ugly pussy
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Foot Fetish Experience) by sensibleboy567
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Adrian Sandoval
Want true foot fetish stories? This is it right here. Every story shared is 100% true (Pics are usually hit or miss, some are REAL some are FAKE but still represent the...
The Foreign Exchange Student || Johnten by ErosOnIce
The Foreign Exchange Student || ErosOnIce
Johnny has the wealthy, popular, and perfect life that everyone dreams of. One day, his life is suddenly turned upside down when Ten, a foreign exchange student, comes a...
My feet's ticklish adventure by malefeetticklee
My feet's ticklish adventureby malefeetticklee
As I found myself barefoot and shirtless in a strange place, I start an adventure where everything wants to tickle my feet.
My teacher's feet by fetiche-de-pies
My teacher's feetby foot fetish
The Medieval History miss was beautiful, but sour in her way of being, but not so were her feet ...
Xander's Feet Experience (F/M)  by Randomitizer
Xander's Feet Experience (F/M) by Randomitizer
Xander's finds himself helping a student, who he thinks that she is what he thinks she is but actually isn't.
Deku x reader oneshots <3 by MA3MA3I5K1NDAC00L
Deku x reader oneshots <3by 𝐃𝐄𝐊𝐔 ⚡️
K so uhm Ik I have my Bakugo oneshots to work on but Writers block homies, writers block- 😩 I just have way more ideas to make a Deku x Reader oneshots book Dont worry...
Haili Gets Tickled by Armpittoes
Haili Gets Tickledby Armpittoes
Haili likes to wear tank tops, flip flops and short shorts to school alot. Nothing against the dress code, just normal everyday wear. Except one of her teachers has been...
Babysitting Tickle by Armpittoes
Babysitting Tickleby Armpittoes
I babysit for my neighbors two little girls and I decide to have a little fun with them....
The Rain||GenMui by Raexlyn2Mo0n
The Rain||GenMuiby Raexlyn Moon
Muichiro Tokito is the mist Hashira and the 3rd strongest demon slayer. Tokito is quite lonley and very savage, but what happens when different emotions sprout after get...
Fun With The Babysitter by GuyWhoLikes2Tickle
Fun With The Babysitterby David
A shorty story that I wrote about me having she some tickling fun with the babysitter as she is babysitting a kid
Beach Daze by tkl_my_feet
Beach Dazeby tkl_my_feet
Kelly and Morgan, two twenty-something best friends, visit a local beach for a day of sun-soaked relaxation. Unfortunately, things suddenly change when a pair of tickle...
feet pics - dreamnotfound by thiccdumpy
feet pics - dreamnotfoundby crack pot
Dream asks George for feet pics and George glady obliges.
yandere thomas the train X foot model reader NSFW by scarascumdumpster69
yandere thomas the train X foot scarascumdumpster69
thomas wants to see your lovely toes. it's all he needs. crossposted on ao3
Me and onyx have reach a new low
School of tickling by TicklePaw
School of ticklingby MocziMacza
What would you do if you were one of the students of a really unique school. Where misbehaviour is punished in a cruel but innocent way. Join us, and check if we can ti...