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The Comeback by daaprincess
The Comebackby ✴ s l i m ✴
*past* "Just leave Mary Grace." Teddy says to me with a blank stare, but I could see sadness built around them. "But Teddy, why-" I begin to say as a...
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A daughter of Artemis (Nico Di Angelo x reader fanfic) by loopdoop2993
A daughter of Artemis (Nico Di Ang...by loopdoop2993
Artemis wanted Prometheus to make her a child that isn't a child of some other god or goddess. She wanted a child that was like a mini version of her that is a demigod...
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Dark Light  by foreverxo02
Dark Light by foreverxo
"Seaside is very dull to me." I say looking into his green eyes. Rodrigo takes my hand and looks deeply into my eyes. "How can Seaside be dull, when you'r...
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The Opposite [BxB] ✔ by DeludedWriting
The Opposite [BxB] ✔by Σαβάνα 🌿
Eighteen year old Stormie struggles with showing his emotions. At his high school, he's always apathetic and stoic as to not draw any attention to himself. He has the ha...
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The Billionaire's Possession  by cmvillaz
The Billionaire's Possession by Christine Villarubia
Yes, Nayumi dreamt of having a wonderful life, which she can call her own. How will she manage to find the truth? How will you survive if in the first place you've lost...
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Wattpad Memes  by hridiv
Wattpad Memes by WARRIOR
Memes that you will enjoy reading if you are a true Wattpader! We may have different country, different culture, different religion, different gender but after all we ar...
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✓ Stars ❨SEAVEY , 2❩ by adorseavey
✓ Stars ❨SEAVEY , 2❩by 𝗦𝗔𝗠𝗠𝗬
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Reincarnated? So what? (Discontinued) by BeckyWithTheBedHair
Reincarnated? So what? (Discontinu...by BeckyWithTheBedHair
Tanako Allison, a world renowned genius that is known for his age and inventions, though he hates the attention and wishes to be able to sleep and laze all he wants. Wha...
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Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLETED|| by Imperfect_Queenn
Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLE...by ❣ Vαℓєитιиα ❣
| NOT YOUR AVERAGE CLICHE | - COMPLETED He was just another typical Badboy. But with a little twist.... _________ Kyle Anderson may seem like your typi...
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Tessa's little sister|| Team 10 fanfiction, Dolan twins || Instagram  by WhyDontWeFanFiction4
Tessa's little sister|| Team 10 fa...by Livyfiction
I'm Taylor Brooks 🤘🏻😝 I have 1 step sister and 2 biological sisters First born biological sister is: Vanessa Brooks (age: 20) Second born biological sister is: Tessa...
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DISORDER ll P.JM by mylastloveisbts
DISORDER ll P.JMby btsismylife
"I need you." - Park Jimin _______________________ [A Park Jimin Fan Fiction] Started : August 27, 2019 Ended : ??
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Clichés by ThisLurvelyPolkadot
Clichésby Rumaisa M.
A small book of: · Overused Dialogues, · Overused Plots, · Overused Everythings. Basically, stuff from books that I've read on Wattpad so far. (Including the lies Wattp...
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My Heart Beats for Jabez Villalobos. 💓 @jabezvill by amigas_cheetahs
My Heart Beats for Jabez Villalobo...by amigas_cheetahs
🎵 I need some real good lovin', Cause I'm troubled by the things that I see I need some real good lovin' Ain't nobody been around here lovin' on me 🎵
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Typical Blogger//Joe Sugg by YoutuberAddict123
Typical Blogger//Joe Suggby YoutuberAddict123
Olivia Bently is your typical NewYork blogger. Her anonymous Gossip Girl inspired blog Your Typical NewYork Blogger has over 3 million reads each week. Olivia decides s...
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the sound of your heart | rilaya by rilayafever
the sound of your heart | rilayaby rilayafever
Riley Matthews was the youngest piano prodigy in all of New York. All of that changed in one moment when her world was turned upside down. Maya Hart was outgoing, funny...
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Typical || PJM || Smut || @bon_appetae ✔️ by bon_appetae
Typical || PJM || Smut || @bon_app...by 😑
You're typical girl Y/N.. || Jimin said with a smirk And you're typical yourself, Park Jimin.
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The Bad Boy Next Door by vaniteux
The Bad Boy Next Doorby ♡ Vanity ♡
Dear reader, I'm Audrey,I'm your typical seventeen year old lives in a small village with my family. I was normal with my best friends. But it all change when he moves i...
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Long Ass Day by MkokoSwag
Long Ass Dayby Mkoko
Just another typical long ass day. Where Johnny and Taeyong has a bunch of kids, and I feel bad for Taeyong and his asshole.
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My Bully Lover *Completed* by SanRoman02
My Bully Lover *Completed*by Lis
-Completed- Nina is an average teenage girl, just like every other girl in school, but the only difference that stands between Nina and them is that she gets bullied by...
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Britney's Back by badboylover000
Britney's Backby Kai_Girl018
Britney Falls is a werewolf. On her birthday she goes to her highschool and finds her mate. Adrian is a complete man whore so he rejects her for the twins Allyson and Sc...
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