Still Waiting (Complete )✔ by 37SpreadYourwings
Still Waiting (Complete )✔by Cashew❤
[Book 2 in sandhir trilogy] Sequel of "Making her smile" Randhir was sitting in his room alone. It was their 7th wedding anniversary. Yes, they are happily ma...
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Hold Still GXReader by EternalKimFlame
Hold Still GXReaderby GalaxyChildKix
I walked along the street, everything was perfectly normal, the sun was warm, a soft breeze swept through my short (h/c) hair. Then the sound of glass shattering reached...
  • blind
  • hold
  • echotale
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Roommates |Taehyung FF 🖤| by HoeForYoongz
Roommates |Taehyung FF 🖤|by Suga._.Kookies
"Am I your girlfriend?" "Now you are. :3" "Oh-" He started to kiss you. He moved his hands down to your chest. His soft, pinkish, lips tast...
  • still
  • dirtyaf
  • woooooah
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The Girl Behind His Back (completed) by MsRealisticGirl
The Girl Behind His Back ( Rhoda Mae Francisco
ito ay kwento ng isang babaeng may malaking paghanga sa isang cold masungit na lalaki tunghayan natin ang magiging takbo ng kanilang storya
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still | taehyung ✓ by cloudyybliss
still | taehyung ✓by hesha
❝i still want you.❞ a story inspired by • the truth untold //angst © 2018, » lowercase intended » short narrations
  • kimtaehyung
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Prompt-O-Rama by rsramanujam
Prompt-O-Ramaby Ramanujam R S
Writing short stories is delightful, writing them every week is stimulating and when there is a theme/prompt to stick to, it is twice as delightful and stimulating. This...
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~Reddie~ // Summer Vacation by mouthoftrash
~Reddie~ // Summer Vacationby Brianna
Just a love story about some losers. Also I'm not good at writing so yeah
  • pennywise
  • reddie
  • stan
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BLACKWOOD by jk2903
BLACKWOODby jameela
When the school's infamous troublemaker has a rather absurd newspaper article in his pocket, it drives Tara Khan on a mission on finding out what exactly is the whole st...
  • cute
  • skin
  • teenfiction
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Shhh! Scribbler at Work by cdcraftee
Shhh! Scribbler at Workby Christine Larsen
In 2018, here's another collection of flash fiction (and non-fiction) tales written for the purpose-designed 'Weekend Writein prompts', challenging writers to produce ar...
  • missing
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  • blunt
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OneShot X by Blumoon11122223333
OneShot Xby Blumoon11122223333
A massive crossover fic containing shit from....uhh...fuck...uhh....Yandere sim, SML, Oneshot, HL2, and others. im disabling comments because im not hearin any complaini...
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My Paperplane (On-going) by Kaethy_baby
My Paperplane (On-going)by Kaeth Amores
Before she decided to go to sleep she have write to Her Paperplane. That's her Goal in life when the one that he loved left. Highest Rank #6 in Paperplane
  • oneshot
  • ôn
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Perfect Enough// Colby Brock Adoption DISCOUNTINED by donttrusttylerjoesph
Perfect Enough// Colby Brock Satan
So I know people will probably be sad this story will no longer continue but I have a different idea for this character (Alexandria) but I don't want to delete this st...
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Time with you... by Nalalisamanoban
Time with Jenchulichaeng
We both have limited time to see each other... I don't understand how fast I fall for guy who I met for only one hour for a day... We are not meant to be and that's clea...
  • time
  • pain
  • fall
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Still Six Feet Under (Ghost Yandere x Reader) by kkrosie123
Still Six Feet Under (Ghost Briar Young
This is a story I wanted to make off the songs,"Still here," and "Six Feet Under," They're so deep, and have inspired me a lot.
  • creepy
  • hehe
  • undead
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Still by Azariahian
Stillby Azariahian
"Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and enkindles the great..." - Comte de Bussy-Rabutin
  • selfless
  • romance
  • hot
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Random shit by rrreeeyyynnnooolddss
Random shitby rrreeeyyynnnooolddss
  • fightmeh
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Ai: Still Yours || Yuri!!! On Ice Fanfic || by Alexandra_Kingsleigh
Ai: Still Yours || Yuri!!! On Alexandra_Kingsleigh
THIS IS A YURI!!! ON ICE FANFICTION!!! I'm *still* bad at summaries and descriptions so this is just me pleading to you to read the fanfic because we miss them all, now...
  • nikiforov
  • katsudon
  • yurio
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Roli&Stilu How Did It Happen? by Yasmin-senpai
Roli&Stilu How Did It Happen?by Yasmin-senpai
Lucy Heartfillia and Lisanna Strauss both don't want to interfere each other with their love for Natsu, but what happens when they come to realize that it's never going...
  • stingxlucy
  • sting
  • still
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DUSK TILL DAWN  / Hannie FanFiction by cinnamonrollsz
DUSK TILL DAWN / Hannie FanFictionby cinnamonrollsz
Annie and Hayden have known each other since birth, then all of a sudden, she hadn't heard from him all summer. The first day of school comes around and she's by herself...
  • arianagrandeandjustinbieber
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Way to a Deal by CatRanSauce
Way to a Dealby CatRanSauce
Second in Happy Camper series, featuring Charlie Snide.
  • spontaneous
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