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If G1 Autobots were in my care by FNAFToyChica
If G1 Autobots were in my careby 💛Terror Twins❤️
Okay, here's a story I just randomly came up with! So here's the description ---------------------------------------------------------- A 32 year-old girl named Katie l...
Frostwing - a TFP fanfiction (Complete) by CreatorAja
Frostwing - a TFP fanfiction ( CreatorAja
He's the First of his kind, and possibly the Last. Meet Alpha Frostwing Prime. He's a Metacon. A mechanical Ice Dragon. He's dedicated to protecting his Partners, eating...
There's a Autobot in my barn by FNAFToyChica
There's a Autobot in my barnby 💛Terror Twins❤️
Shadow is a 6 year old girl with many problems. 1. Her Dad abuses her 2. Mom died in The Chicago attack And now an Autobot?! Is Shadow's life gonna change or get even...
Raising a Sparkling Together (And Apart) by kaitlynn-bush
Raising a Sparkling Together ( sourcherry
From behind him, he heard Breakdown step closer and start the cannon on his back. Knockout pulled the object closer protectively before slowly turning to face his conjun...
The fallen, has risen by ASHERTHEWRITER2005
The fallen, has risenby Sergio Paredes
Instead of being completely annihilated by Unicron, starscream somehow was transported to an alternate universe. Unfortunately he is badly damaged, but a teenage human w...
My New Life as an Autobot ~~ Book 1 by Skittles1297
My New Life as an Autobot ~~ Book 1by Terrance Adonis Magnum
' What the hell is going on with me?!' My body felt like it was on fire and I could feel my bones splintering into hundreds of pieces. I could only scream at the top o...
Their Protector  by nottodaybetchess
Their Protector by nottodaybetchess
((TFP fanfic I've gone back into that phase)) After sleeping for millennia, a great beast that all thought went extint, arises. I dont own any of these characters but Y...
Spark (Bumblebee Love Story) by DarcyNoir
Spark (Bumblebee Love Story)by Darcy
*I do not own the Transformers Franchise! Michael Bay and Universal Studios own Transformers! I only own my OC!* "I can take care of myself, Bee!" "I ca...
Transformers Prime x Male Reader by Banepower2
Transformers Prime x Male Readerby DemonofNihilism
A Transformers Prime x Male Reader story.
TFP: Sister of a Con by SacudaRomeave
TFP: Sister of a Conby Sacuda Ro'meave
Partners. Allies. Friends. Family. Galaxy Comet, is her name. Though, she would rather be called Galix for a very special reason. Abused by her own brother for most of...
Blue Blood by _naraaa_
Blue Bloodby -Nara-
After blasting the autobot's base to ashes after Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock, their only way of ever returning home, Megatron gets some news delivered to him...
Transformers: The New Beginning (Fanfic) by BeMine_YoursTruly
Transformers: The New Beginning ( BeMine_YoursTruly
Before the discovery of Megatron by Sam Witwichy's Grandfather. The Government already had a cybertronian under their belt, or so they thought. Locking her down in stas...
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction  by tfp-fanfiction
K19 - Sideswipe fanfiction by ❤️TF bayverse💛
The young werewolf Skye serves the military after project Pegasus was set up by the government for secret missions all around the globe. A unit called K19. Skye's life...
Reborn as a Sparkling in Transformers Prime by WhiteWolfNinja
Reborn as a Sparkling in WhiteWolfNinja
Read Intro because that is basically a description there will most likely be swearing but in Cybertronian.
❤️FIXED AND BROKEN💔 by PheonixTiger
❤️FIXED AND BROKEN💔by PheonixTiger
This is a story about a young rescue bot who is struggling to do things right. Which caused his team to look down on him. Will the Decepticons help Hot Shot? Let's fi...
Protector of Dimensions by Lightningstar22
Protector of Dimensionsby lightningstar 22
Light West was a mostly normal girl, for that matter. She was an orphan, but she managed to get by just fine. She loved Transformers, like many other people her age and...
Avenger hero (ON HOLD) by Dream_on_bish
Avenger hero (ON HOLD)by DreamLight17
What if there's an Ex- Hero in a small place known as Jasper Nevada. An Ex-Hero who watches over the town. He got a lots of attention from the ladies, Even men have inte...
A man covered in blood by miraculouslover236
A man covered in bloodby Theseus
A new guy arrives unexpectedly and joins the Autobots.
Transformers Prime: Result of Impact by EmBayBlue
Transformers Prime: Result of jinkies
A Ratchet Guardian Fanfic Hope you guys enjoy it's very feelsy
Rescue Bots: The Other Sister by Emma-Rayne
Rescue Bots: The Other Sisterby Rayne
Claire Burns has been living on the mainland for almost 4 years now, after deciding to attend university away from family. While the Burns of Griffin Rock deal with the...