The Makeover by itssaleena
The Makeoverby Saleena
Rosalie has been teased all her life because she wasn't pretty, and to be honest she never really cared. She went with the flow and if looking like a mess was apart of i...
  • high-school
  • celebrities
  • makeover
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Just Your Classic Shy Girl Meets Bad Boy by SunnyLeo09
Just Your Classic Shy Girl Meets Leo
Mia Holland lost her parents in car crash so she had to move with her Aunt Sophia. Mia then had to start a new school, worst fact is that the school's bad boy Sam Blake...
  • girl
  • shy
  • kiss
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Test Results  by wecanbegolden
Test Results by a l l i e
"Hey what's the answer to question 6?" "I honesty have no idea what you're talking about" {started 10/9/16} cover by me
  • dialogue
  • shortstory
  • story
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101 Texts that will have you ROFL by themissperfect
101 Texts that will have you ROFLby themissperfect
We all Text, don't we? And we all just LOVE a Great laugh! So, "101 Texts that will make you ROFL" a book, that will be filled with texting Humours, A book, I...
  • messages
  • humour
  • short
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Sal 's Art Book by -_Sal_-
Sal 's Art Bookby Sally Woods
Nổi hứng làm ra cái này =3 Mấy má vào góp ý giúp con War: kinh dị, xàm, tào lao, fail :))))
  • fail
  • tao
  • xam
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Book of Art (and Randomness!) by Willow_the_Gay
Book of Art (and Randomness!)by 🌈 gAY eVERY dAY 🌈
[CONTAINS OLD ART] [AND NEW ART] [BASICALLY BAD ART] [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK] Welcome to 70% randomness and 30% actual art! I draw traditional and I'm 100% amateur! My...
  • art
  • drawings
  • wolfdrawing
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Catching Bullets by but_im_into_you
Catching Bulletsby anndee
|| ONGOING || Highest Ranking #3 in #Fails Previously known as Not in The Cards -- The first thing I see when I step into the bar is Jackson-who'd just sucker punched th...
  • game
  • badboys
  • jerk
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Funny Autocorrects and Texts by Goddess3
Funny Autocorrects and Textsby Gena
Here are some funny autocorrects I got online. I do not own them. Hope you like it!!!
  • funny
  • autocorrect
  • fail
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Memes de la crew X_Soy_X by X_SoyAlwaysFukase_X
Memes de la crew X_Soy_Xby Fukase
YO SOY EL MEMELORD, USSER ES QUIEN NO SABE HACER NI UN MEME BIEN :,^) Bueno, en este libro pondré memes sobre cualquier cosa que vea que haya ocurrido en la crew, por lo...
  • fail
  • roleplay
  • humor
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Text Fails{Complete} by Newo10
Me: Don't ya just hate auto carrots? Friend: Auto carrots? Me: AUTO CAR ROT! Friend: What? Me: AUTO CORECT! Me: There! Finally! I hate auto corect! Friend: You spelt cor...
  • fail
  • text
  • humor
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Party Girl by LyraFaith
Party Girlby LyraFaith
"Several people had already gone home, but the party had just got good."
  • fail
  • girl
  • mandy
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💖Jokes/Memes💖 by JodieWolf101
💖Jokes/Memes💖by JodieWolf101
Basically, this is just a bunch of jokes and memes because I'm bored as hell and want something to do. They will be extremely short and I might add some funny pick up li...
  • joke
  • wattys2018
  • llama
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Daughter Of Eris (Percy Jackson AU) by DemonicAngel70
Daughter Of Eris (Percy Jackson AU)by DemonicAngel70
Sorry, very first fanfic, probably sucks. Airlia, a beautiful Greek name meaning Ethereal. Airlia, a beautiful girl. But there's a catch. She's not human. In fact, she's...
  • demigod
  • freak
  • âu
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BNHA Pickup Lines by khrnsfea
BNHA Pickup Linesby khrnsfea
Follow the pickup lines fails of bnha characters!
  • anime
  • cringe
  • katsukibakugou
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Bitten by ooxxJennaxxoo
Bittenby Jenna
DISCLAIMER : this is not a story about why don't we but some of the characters in the story may or may not be from the Band later on. Please don't get angry at me for no...
  • anxiety
  • bffs
  • fail
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Embarrassing Stories by the_oliv3
Embarrassing Storiesby pandora
DM me to add your story to the book!
  • fails
  • laugh
  • fail
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  • arting
  • hereugorose
  • yay
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My Art Book Part 2 by MariikaDaly
My Art Book Part 2by HMarche
You know the drill Art Book coming your way Watch me as I fail to draw bts and sometimes some ocs that raise my standards for the next drawing. Been drawing for like 10...
  • updates
  • animeworld
  • art
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Wattpad Fails zum Lachen, Weinen oder Schreien by Silberfuxxx
Wattpad Fails zum Lachen, Weinen Cine🌌
Es gibt auf Wattpad so einige Geschichten, bei denen man sich am liebsten aus dem Fenster stürzen, weinen und in eine Ecke setzten will. Dabei ändert sich meine sonst im...
  • grammatik
  • dummheit
  • lustig
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1004| GG x NCT AF by SofiaLTuan
1004| GG x NCT AFby Blue
  • twice
  • love
  • idols
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