🗑 Hey thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garbaaage🗑

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🛡Captain of Breakdown's Bodyguard Association🛡

🛡Deputy of the Ratchet Protection Police🛡

✨Mandalorian Enthusiast✨

💖Clone lover💖

❤️Comfort Characters: Ratchet, Baron Draxum, Din Djarin, Meta Knight, Crosshair, Horatio Caine, Cayde-6, Wheeljack

I don't have a train of thought. I have seven trains on four tracks that narrowly avoid each other when the paths cross and all the conductors are screaming.

AKA nonexistent update schedule. I have a shit ton of unfinished books. Don't judge me.

This is how I cope 👍

⚔️For the Republic!⚔️

⭐️Till all are one.⭐️

🔥This is the way.🔥

🌪Tornado Squad🌪

🍂Clan Mudhorn🍂



"I'm a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion."
-Din Djarin
"I may have one servo in the scrapheap, but I can still hear!"
"Freedom is your right. If you make that request, we will honor it. But before your president decides, please ask him this. What if we leave, and you're wrong?"
-Optimus Prime
"There were over a dozen extinction level events before even the dinosaurs got theirs! When the Earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it. And believe me, he's winding up."

❤️🧡💛Love Always Wins💚💙💜
🖤🤍💜Sex-repulsed Asexual💜🤍🖤

Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose.
Death is life, for one should die as they have lived.

This is the Mandalorian code.

It is the way.
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