We Don't Talk Enough by ZarryForeva14
We Don't Talk Enoughby ♡P♡
"No, you don't get to do this." He looks at him angrily. But there's also a tinge of sadness behind those green eyes, Zayn can see that. Because even after all...
  • liampayne
  • love
  • breakup
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AIA || ALL I ASK - Work II by beth91191
AIA || ALL I ASK - Work IIby Beth *chansoo*
[CHANSOO][TBC from Work I] [All Important Parts are PRIVATED] Tapi... jika malam ini adalah malam terakhir kami... Aku mau ia menyentuhku seperti ini. Menyentuhku lebih...
  • shinee
  • canon
  • yaoi
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Our Gigantic Friend by KawaiiRIREN
Our Gigantic Friendby ✿LevixEren✿
Armin and Mikasa seem to be followed by a 15 meter titan. But it's different than the other titans. For starters, it's friendly. The titan loves affection and being the...
  • mikasa
  • roguetitan
  • titanshifter
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Losing my grace (Destiel) by Morgan_Dawn
Losing my grace (Destiel)by Morgan
A drunkin' Castiel comes to Dean one night and while the two boys are alone things take a surprising turn forcing the boys to come to terms with their feels for each oth...
  • supernatural
  • castiel
  • completed
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Time and Again by FrostCount13
Time and Againby FrostCount13
Kakashi Hatake, the Rokudaime Hokage closes his eyes as his life fades.... WAIT WHAT HAPPENED!!! Then next thing Kakashi realizes is that he is alive and he's twelve yea...
  • obito
  • canon
  • minato
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Our Family - Ereri by FoxyxFemToyBonnie
Our Family - Ereriby Diamant Reine
Eren got pregnant, he was obviously afraid of what Levi might say, until, Levi's Ex Petra Ral comes, and wants Levi back, finding out about Eren, and his pregnancy she t...
  • abracadabrabitches
  • canon
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Silence and Sound by CelesteSkyeHolmes
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Celeste Skye Holmes
Anastasia on ice. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir made the world believe in love in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. But what is their off-ice relationship truly like --- do the...
  • winter
  • childhood
  • secret
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Merthur One Shots by 40Whacks
Merthur One Shotsby Rhiannon Storm
REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN Merlin and Arthur, aka one of the cutest couples ever!!! If you like what I write about them please don't be shy about voting and commenting. Thank...
  • love
  • requestsopen
  • bbc
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Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [NaruHina] by JoelleAu
Switched || Naruto [SasuSaku] [ ❀JO ❀
[1st Place in Canon Pairings of Naruto Wattys] What if Sakura wasn't born a Haruno? What if Hinata wasn't born a Hyuuga? What if it wasn't the Uchiha clan which was caug...
  • canon
  • narutoshippuden
  • uzumaki
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Canon | (Harry Styles AU) by EatReadWriteRepeat
Canon | (Harry Styles AU)by Diana
When seventeen year old Harry moves to a new town, he enters a photography contest where he gets more then just pictures and a story when he choses his complex neighbor...
  • harrystyles
  • barbarapalvin
  • onedirection
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~{Undertale Reacts to Ships}~ by AltheaMarieCatuncan
~{Undertale Reacts to Ships}~by ●°•○Althea○•°●
[COMPLETED] [HIGHEST RANKING: #315 IN RANDOM] Inspired by Punmastr_7 | Hey guys! Welcome to a book filled with- you guessed it! Cri- I meant Ships!! | Just say a ship th...
  • ships
  • fanfics
  • fanon
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DanganRonpa Headcanons by -FluffyPotato-
DanganRonpa Headcanonsby Fluffy~! ♡
I thought it was time I made one of these! I've had a bunch of these floating around in my head lately, so I figured I would write them down for you all. So sit back, re...
  • sdr2
  • dangan
  • fluffypotato
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taekook one shots by baby_kv
taekook one shotsby levi
a collection of taekook stories (13+) -mostly canon and college aus | fluff | angst | kissing | pining | friends to lovers | enemies to lovers | will update this as i g...
  • kissing
  • vkook
  • college
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A Pirate's Life For Me |POTC Fanfiction| by Glitchingflame
A Pirate's Life For Me |POTC Kulira Vantas
Living all my life in Tortuga, I never had a chance to meet my parents. A kind tavern worker took me in and has been taking care of me since the day I was abandoned. I'v...
  • caribbean
  • hectorbarbossa
  • jacksparrowsdaughter
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Naruto Opinions by Mari480
Naruto Opinionsby Sachi
OPINIONS ok? I ain't tellin' y'all to accept what I say. Just read it all before coming at me. *OBVIOUS BIAS IS OBVIOUS*
  • fandom
  • sasunarusasu
  • sasusaku
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Mud | Obikin by Alcalinaa
Mud | Obikinby Alcalina
*COMPLETED* Clone Wars: Skywalker and Kenobi are getting away from a muddy planet after a long mission. Kenobi can't wait to get back to Coruscant because his former Pad...
  • fluff
  • starwars
  • slash
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Attack on Titan~ One Shots by yooolivia
Attack on Titan~ One Shotsby yooolivia
Oh, h- hey! You're reading this? Wow, I... I didn't prepare a speech or anything... Uh... So, this is like, mini stories where you insert yourself [the reader] in the s...
  • attackontitan
  • canon
  • modernau
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The World With You by CelesteSkyeHolmes
The World With Youby Celeste Skye Holmes
Sequel to "Silence and Sound". Tessa and Scott decide to address Marina's schemes by entering The Amazing Race Canada. While they compete around the world, the...
  • explore
  • relationship
  • sequel
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Inevitability by nygmobblepotpot
Inevitabilityby Jade Valeska
In search for Martin, Oswald ends up in the Narrows, and crosses Ed's path once again....
  • gotham
  • theriddler
  • smaylor
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Marvel Roleplay ☻ by Kohaku-Reads
Marvel Roleplay ☻by ҜΩHΔҜU
Another one of those simple Marvel Roleplays, I hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions then feel free to ask me via comments or private message, I don't bite! ♛ M...
  • comic
  • marvel
  • ốc
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