A bad boy moving in next door? Pssh nothings suspicious about that! [Completed]

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You'd like to know By rainbowcandysprinkle Completed
Spencer Gregory is a good girl. Has nice friends, gets straight A's and all that jazz! But will the bad boy moving in change all that? So join her as a summer full of steamy late nights, heartbreaks, and hopefully a good story!! 
he was showing you how to role a dice not asking to get in his bed!!! calm yo self!!
I READ AHEAD!! I saw that you corrected it! This is the first chapter so I should've expected some development in your writing xD
It's a unisex name. There's this other book where the girls name is also Spencer but I forgot the name...
8 cups of water a day .. don't want that thirst to get out of control
I from Brazil I was adopted I love it here in California. #BRAZILIANSRULE
@Sanaa_Banana i thought i was the abnormal one alone o-o hai we have so much in common