BatFam One Shots//Requests Open// by Mumize
BatFam One Shots//Requests Open//by SUCCulents
So this is a Batfam x reader One Shot book! Requests are open and I'll try and update regularly! Have you ever wondered what life would be like a Jason Todd's girlfrien...
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For Your Eyes Only by kaywritesx
For Your Eyes Onlyby K.
Ranked #1 in Geek Ranked #1 in Blind He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in...
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  • youngadult
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Cap's girl~ Peter Parker x Reader by bugheadstilinski
Cap's girl~ Peter Parker x Readerby Doodle Oodle
(Y/N) Is Steve Rogers daughter. She was injected with a similar serum to her dads. She was kidnapped and frozen for almost 70 years. After begging her dad continuously...
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The Nerd And The Biker by lovely_nurse_17
The Nerd And The Bikerby Gwyndalyn
Sage Jacie Wright has always been alone. Her dad took off with her brothers when she was 11 and hasn't come back. Her mom went into a state of depresssion but turned to...
  • friends
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My Bad Boy Neighbour (COMPLETED) by XoILoveYouoX
My Bad Boy Neighbour (COMPLETED)by XoILoveYouoX
Chad has been my neighbour for as long as I can remember. We practically grew up together since our parents were the best of friends. Out side of school, he would tease...
  • goodgirl
  • cliche
  • possesive
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Geek No More (taekook) by kkkrenz
Geek No More (taekook)by Renz
Who would ever think that the once awkward geek and the most popular guy would meet again? Book 2 of the 'The Beauty and The Geek'
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  • jungkook
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Kuya, pa-BUG naman po, please? by jainerianne
Kuya, pa-BUG naman po, please?by jainerianne
DISCLAIMER: This story is not mine. All credits go to the rightful owner. I just re-post this story because it's damn worth sharing. Pinabasa lang sa akin ito ng friend...
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Always On My Brain by evyklmao1200
Always On My Brainby evyklmao1200
WARNING THIS IS ONLY MY SECOND FAN FICTION SO SORRY IF IT SUCKS Loki, is a nerd, but she's not your average nerd, you know when your a little kid and your not put int...
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lost//found - bxb - Wrencus - Highschool AU - Watch Dogs 2 by thecrazybunnyladyxox
lost//found - bxb - Wrencus - Bunny Lapin
!!New Updates When I'm Done Writing The Chapters!! (Even if you don't know what's Watch Dogs is, you should read it if u like bxb hehehhee) -A High School Alternative Un...
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FROST OVER! || Norse & Greek Mythology, Marvel Loki, Romance & Humour || ongoing by kkolmakov
FROST OVER! || Norse & Greek Katya Kolmakov
These days Aphrodite is a simple Greek mortal, whose life is built around her pottery, her four lovely children, and her adoring husband. When a tall, dark, and bloody i...
  • loki
  • mythology
  • hephaestus
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Hacking the Sun by NineLight
Hacking the Sunby Mr. Brash
Updated every Friday [Highest Ranking #49 in Science Fiction] A story about a quirky nerd and hacker who only ever gets excited when presented with challenges or talkin...
  • sciencefiction
  • wattys2018
  • scifi
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The Jock and The Nerd by amberkilgore
The Jock and The Nerdby Amber
DO NOT READ, THIS BOOK IS HORRIBLE!! Anabella Carter is a senior in high school she's 16 your probably thinking she's to young to be a senior. well she skipped a grade...
  • jock
  • highschool
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The Girl with the Blue Hair by SomewhereTaken
The Girl with the Blue Hairby Bella
Josephine Renaldo is different from the other girls, it's not just the blue hair, but the fact that she doesn't talk. From the day she was born she was mute. She goes t...
  • outcast
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{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction] by RyxxCium
{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Because I Can
Dipper Pines is the new kid at Falls High School. He, along with his sister Mabel, move to Gravity Falls due to some issues back at home. Having to abandon their old fri...
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The Geek Revolution ✓ by glockenspiels
The Geek Revolution ✓by 刘凌华
❝ it is better to be feared than loved; if you cannot be both. ❞ -Niccolo Machiavelli ______ In which Sophie Olsen gathers up a ba...
  • battle
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David Tennant Character Preferences And Oneshots by GeronimoBowtie
David Tennant Character Clara Stevens
(Completed Book) Characters include: You (the reader) Tenth doctor Campbell Bain Kevin Kilgrave Alec Hardy DI Peter Carlisle Giacomo Casanova Brendan Blo...
  • fandom
  • doctorwho
  • tardis
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Secrets Out  by Rose_In_Wonderland
Secrets Out by Rose
Bella is a demi-god. Bella didn't like Edward like he did. What happens when the Cullens find out Bella's secret? I suck at descriptions! Just read it!
  • twilight
  • bellaswan
  • gods
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Living with the bad boy by KalieHarper
Living with the bad boyby K@Łï€
Andy Cabiya is your average geek, preppy but not too preppy, smart but not too smart, she's just average. She has lived a pretty hard life. She has always had her friend...
  • jock
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Marvel Memes by WeAreFangirls99
Marvel Memesby Fangirls Rule
Highest Rank- 278 in Geek This is a book made by Lena Rider and Valarie Scott containing memes and fan art about the best Cinematic Universe. There will be some spoilers...
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  • marvel
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Outlaw For You [UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY] by Ayzxah
Outlaw For You [UPDATED EVERY Ayzxah
"I love you" he whispered. I did not reply. There was complete silence for a whole minute. He finally broke it. "You love me too. Right?" ...
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