Trapped by sodamnrad
Trappedby Shay
Harley's life has been anything but ideal. She lives on welfare, her mother is an alcoholic, her father is dead and at school she is constantly bullied. As if life could...
  • detention
  • trapped
  • teenfiction
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Kitty Snatcher [Completed] by OfficialGeeGonzalez
Kitty Snatcher [Completed]by Gee A. Gonzalez
"If you keep looking at me then..." He just smirks at me, I start smiling. Sexy time. "You finally will give me a cookie!" I cheer, finally! I'm so h...
  • highschool
  • humor
  • nerd
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Popping His Cherry by valiryn
Popping His Cherryby Valiryn Queen
⚠Warning ⚠ This is not your cliché wattpad story. Prepare for a confident curvy alpha female, An adorable geek who will make you fall in love, And lots of humour. Nigel...
  • glasses
  • femdom
  • bwwm
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For Your Eyes Only by kaywritesx
For Your Eyes Onlyby K.
He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him tho...
  • nerd
  • drama
  • newadult
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The Beauty and The Geek✔ (taekook) by kkkrenz
The Beauty and The Geek✔ (taekook)by karen💤
Who would ever think that the awkward geek and the most popular guy would be dating? Published: April 2017 Finished: September 2017
  • vkook
  • boyxboy
  • angst
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Popular Nerd by Random_Teenager
Popular Nerdby Teenage Girl
Nathan Johnson is the nerdiest guy in school- everyone knows it. But Paige Heartfield couldn't help but see something more of him. So, when she goes to his house to retu...
  • drama
  • popular
  • teenfiction
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Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED ) by Mona-Mae
Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED )by Ramona G.
[As promoted by @theduffmovie profile] Vivienne Lanter is a geek. Glasses, bad clothes and a depressing reputation all because of Matt Jacobs who did a horrible thing to...
  • love
  • hot
  • guy
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Geek No More (taekook) by kkkrenz
Geek No More (taekook)by karen💤
Who would ever think that the once awkward geek and the most popular guy would meet again? Book 2 of the 'The Beauty and The Geek' Published: October 2017 Finished: ---
  • taehyung
  • boyxboy
  • vkook
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geek(ish) by almiti
geek(ish)by v i a
Who knew what could be made out of annoying calls, anonymous texts, and a little bit of chemistry? -highest rank #8 in short story -contains some mature content ...
  • zoeydeutch
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Nalu Dragon Mating Season *Completed* by Gangster_Geek
Nalu Dragon Mating Season * Gangster_Geek
It's Natsu's Dragon Mating season *Mild Lemon*
  • wattys2018
  • anime
  • geek
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BatFam One Shots//Requests Open// by Mumize
BatFam One Shots//Requests Open//by SUCCulents
So this is a Batfam x reader One Shot book! Requests are open and I'll try and update regularly! Have you ever wondered what life would be like a Jason Todd's girlfrien...
  • robin
  • dceu
  • damianwayne
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The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: The Abnormal, The Abused, And The Accused. by CallMehKray
The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: Stevie
"So let me get this straight. You brought me here,not to beat me up or do your homework,but to be your other good girl." Gabi thought about it for a second.&qu...
  • romance
  • non-cliche
  • fanfic
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{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Dipcifica Fan Fiction] by RyxxCium
{COMPLETED}I am NOT in love [A Because I Can
Dipper Pines is the new kid at Falls High School. He, along with his sister Mabel, move to Gravity Falls due to some issues back at home. Having to abandon their old fri...
  • nerd
  • mabelpines
  • dipperpines
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Period! by aunty_feminist
Period!by Amna Riaz
"I... Am here to see you.", I told him as I placed my hands around his neck. I could feel my heart beat getting faster but I had to keep it strong if I had to...
  • love
  • geek
  • friendship
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The Mathematics of Love ✔ by LB_Jade
The Mathematics of Love ✔by L.B. Jade
Nancy Pang doesn't have a clue what love is. All she knows is that it's not going to help her win the Junior Mathematics Tournament, or get her into Harvard, or do anyth...
  • teenfiction
  • junior
  • chinese
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Vídeo Game -  Em Busca do Tesouro by Mayconsan01
Vídeo Game - Em Busca do Tesouroby Maycon Santos
Cinco estranhos e uma coisa em comum: a caça ao tesouro. Achar as pistas nesta guerra definirá o destino da humanidade. Em um futuro não muito distante, as pessoas abrir...
  • game
  • geek
  • 90s
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You Say Nerd by _----hi----_
You Say Nerdby you jerk
You see the name, Springfield School for the Gifted, and you think, 'Wow, there must be some amazing people in that school!' And you're right, there are amazing people h...
  • geek
  • cliche
  • elladawson
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The Jock and The Nerd by amberkilgore
The Jock and The Nerdby Amber
Go check out my new story the title is "Love, Mistakes, and Heartbreaks"
  • school
  • jock
  • football
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Stationary Devotion (BxB) by xelaneleh
Stationary Devotion (BxB)by xelaneleh
(part 2) sequel to When That's The Last Hope Left (BxB)
  • yaoifluff
  • boyxboy
  • geek
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Saving Annalise by QueenOfTheDorks
Saving Annaliseby queen.
Annalise Fall seems to have everything - she's the smartest girl in her sixth form, has the perfect teachers, the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend. The perfect lif...
  • drama
  • popularity
  • wattys2018
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