For Your Eyes Only by kaywritesx
For Your Eyes Onlyby K.
He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him tho...
  • highschool
  • ya
  • teenfiction
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The New Boy ( BEN drowned x Geek! reader) by beepbooprawr
The New Boy ( BEN drowned x gerards lil monster
you already know what it isss.
  • geek
  • reader
  • hacker
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My Fake Boyfriend by ToTheExtreme95
My Fake Boyfriendby S. A. A
He was so close, his breath hit my lips. His eyes darted from my eyes to my lips. I stared intently, awaiting his next move. His lips fell near my ear. "Shut up and...
  • boyfriend
  • book
  • geek
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The Life We Had |BxB| by Dollygrand
The Life We Had |BxB|by Dolly Grand
It was supposed to be a simple project. The new kid ends up being partners with the most popular jock in the school for the biology project. It is not easy to be friends...
  • bxb
  • malexmale
  • project
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Alexa. (#1) by SarrahSamadoni
Alexa. (#1)by Sarrah
#908 in Teen Fiction '9/12/2016' #788 in Teen Fiction '18/1/2017' Life could be really tough. It could be sunshine-y and peachy but just like that, it turns upside down...
  • streetfighter
  • cancerlove
  • humour
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Normal is Boring(Boyxboy) by allyag99
Normal is Boring(Boyxboy)by allyag99
  • boyxboy
  • geek
  • mate
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I Watched Her Go by calinfrank
I Watched Her Goby calinfrank
This is the sequel to I Saw Him From A Far.
  • fiction
  • abusiveboyfriend
  • jealousy
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The Nerd Makeover Project by icewhole
The Nerd Makeover Projectby bee
Christina Anderson is a seventeen years old high school with an excellent IQ. She have a rich father and two loyal best friends Vanessa and Cassandra. You'd probably exp...
  • camerondallas
  • youtubers
  • madisonbeer
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Slave to the Bad Boy by pretty_young_forever
Slave to the Bad Boyby Stephanie Perez
Taylor Lockwood is your typical bad girl, with the typical leather jacket and attitude. If you looked up the definition of trouble in the dictionary you'd find a picture...
  • jock
  • badboy
  • badboynextdoor
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Saving Annalise by QueenOfTheDorks
Saving Annaliseby queen.
Annalise Fall seems to have everything - she's the smartest girl in her sixth form, has the perfect teachers, the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend. The perfect lif...
  • romance
  • innocent
  • beauty
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She's mine. by rosieSTONE
She's Rosie Fisher
When a good-girl is the only one who can control the bad-boy. WARNING: very clique.
  • protective
  • nerd
  • geek
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One More Time: A list of Band Kid Jokes and Problems by TommyHoang1999
One More Time: A list of Band Taylor Hoàng
Lists of Band Kid Jokes. (Only band members will understand) Yup, I'm a band kid and here are some jokes I have about band. Some of them are my jokes while others are wh...
  • time
  • onemoretime
  • band
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The Nerd Disguise  by SFTayyab
The Nerd Disguise by Fatima Tayyab
Sara Miller is your average nerd in high school---or so you think. She purposely dresses up as a nerd at school, but the moment she gets home, off comes of the nerdy dis...
  • bullying
  • romance
  • ambassadorspk
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Prime Time [ Janelle Monae & Miguel ] by Nutty_Mabena
Prime Time [ Janelle Monae & Unathi🦄✨✨.
  • romance
  • romantic
  • teenfiction
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Nerd |ShawnMendes by MamiCabello
Nerd |ShawnMendesby Y O O N G I
T R I G G E R W A R N I N G What will happen after one school project? Find out!
  • difference
  • magcon
  • fanfic
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Father Of My Baby by Allyp1410
Father Of My Babyby Allyp1410
All teenagers make mistakes, especially when they're drunk. Summer Blake is a shy, timid girl who likes to stick to the rules and stay out of trouble. So when her best...
  • teenlife
  • love
  • teenfiction
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When That's The Last Hope Left (BxB) by xelaneleh
When That's The Last Hope Left ( xelaneleh
Diarmid brothers' world crashes down causing their life including everything to change because of an accident. 17 years old Dan has deep (social) anxiety because of an a...
  • photography
  • jock
  • family
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Payback by _lovinmarie_
Paybackby Marie
"Sylvia truth or dare?" I feel a boost of confidence and I replie, "dare. " I smirk at her but then I immediately regret my decision. "I dare yo...
  • youngadults
  • evenpeters
  • popular
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Hacking the Sun by NineLight
Hacking the Sunby Brash Writing
[Highest Ranking #49 in Science Fiction] Jessica Leibniz tried being a normal teenager, but unlike most teenagers, she can tell time without a clock. She still we...
  • futuristic
  • sciencefiction
  • mystery
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The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) by wambuimuiruriii
The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy)by Wambui Muiruri
"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" •• Christian Ivonov, CEO of Ivonov enterprises, had always been the best at fucking things up. Whether it be...
  • boyxboy
  • officeromance
  • ceo
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