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|COMPLETE| My Love (Decepticon scenarios)  by Mixnote
|COMPLETE| My Love (Decepticon Mixnote
|COMPLETE| Turns out, they aren't that bad. Well, at least (Y/N) hopes so. If not, perhaps she can change that. Contains Megatron; Starscream; Soundwave; Knockout; Bre...
Decepticon TIC by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
Decepticon TICby Schizo Writer
Completely AU, characters from all fandoms. *Warning* Soundwave is female in this story. **RATED T** Soundwave is captured by the Autobots, and cannot hide her secret t...
Ratchet's Daughter X Skyquake and Dreadwing by Midnight_433334
Ratchet's Daughter X Skyquake Midnight_433334
I use to be an Autobot but not anymore. Now I'm a Decepticon. I didn't have the best childhood of all. My Carrier die by an unknown disease when I was only a sparkling...
Outcast - Optimus Prime x reader by buhrow04
Outcast - Optimus Prime x readerby Katana<3
(Y/n) has many secrets, some of them she doesn't even know. Her mom died and she never met her dad. Could seeing a semi with flames change her life forever? Best ranks: ...
💜Our princess💜 Decepticons x OC story [FINISHED] by FoulsPerfectionWorld
💜Our princess💜 Decepticons x FoulsPerfectionWorld
Layla is a beautiful human girl who is in the same class as Jack, Miko and Raph. She is an asperger autism and because of that, she's quite rejected. Moreover, she doesn...
The Warlord's Sparkling  by Black_Paladin
The Warlord's Sparkling by Disaster
A transformers prime fanfic [This is a rewritten version of an old story] --- War laid waste to Cybertron, leaving nothing in its wake. The time had come for Megatron...
Soundwave's Sister by ironhide123
Soundwave's Sisterby Ironhide123
Ever imagined what it would be like if Soundy had a sister? That was his twin???
Transformers x reader (oneshots) ( TEMPORARILY ON HOLD) by RubyPasha
Transformers x reader (oneshots) ( RubyPasha
Request temporarily closed The title says it all From all kinds of Transformers from Tfa to bayverse (Some lemons but mostly fluff) Don't do character x character No...
The Autobot's Sparkling by Neonlight05
The Autobot's Sparklingby Neonlight05 & Light_ Gal8620
(I do not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company but I do own my own OCs. Again I so not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company.) W-where...
Transformers Prime x Male Reader by Banepower2
Transformers Prime x Male Readerby DemonofNihilism
A Transformers Prime x Male Reader story.
Son of Unicron by DraconicBaguette
Son of Unicronby DraconicBaguette
What if the dark energon never left Rafael's body but instead fused with his blood? When Megatron discovers this, he kidnaps Raf and plans to turn him against the Autobo...
Your Shadow (megatron x Male OC) by Katknightmare
Your Shadow (megatron x Male OC)by Clockwork Master Of Time
*Transformers Prime* Ashe is a bit of an odd ball, but that's only because he has a dark and mysterious past. He may seem like a happy go getter, but underneath is w...
Human Decepticons by NicoleC2000
Human Decepticonsby AngelBlade
What if the Autobots aren't the only ones with charges? What if the Decepticons have human companions too? Humans who have been working with them long before the introdu...
I Will Protect You || Book 1 || by TianaAndTheAutobots1
I Will Protect You || Book 1 ||by TianaAndTheAutobots1
Transformers After the war in Mission City... Ratchet was taking a drive, but then he gets into a situation. A Decepticon scum, ambushed him and thought that he killed R...
Transformers x Reader Stories by LogicIsDenied
Transformers x Reader Storiesby Buck
The first fandom that I really got sucked into. Mostly of TFP //Transformers Prime// since it was the only show, I watched as a child. In any case, I won't be afraid to...
You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) TFP by Shelby77gt
You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) Shelby
Megatron kills Dreadwing instead of Starscream. but what happens when someone finds his body. Shelby happens to find him. brings him back to her home and repairs him. sh...
The Experiment {Tranformers Various x GenderFluid Reader} by Toxic_Aicd_Little
The Experiment {Tranformers Toxic Acid Little
You are Y/n M/n Witwicky, the older Sister/Brother of Sam Witwicky. When you were born you had a problem with your vocal cords that made them hurt every time you spoke a...
they are my true family by itz_nobody2008
they are my true familyby Dolores prime
Hikari momoka who ran away from school and was stranded in a forest, till soundwave found her and brought her to the decepticons warship. She start to live with the Dec...
PrimeTale [ An UT x TFP Crossover] [ON HOLD] by Shy_Reaiane
PrimeTale [ An UT x TFP Crossover] Shy_Reaiane
"I know a shortcut!" *You ask Sans if it'll be quick* "Yeah, it will be kid." ...... *You told Sans this is NOT Grillby's* "I have eyes kid...&q...
Lost and Found (TFP) by _error_1010
Lost and Found (TFP)by Enigma Primo
The Autobots and Decepticons were fighting as usual for Energon when they plunged into a hole, falling unceremoniously into the abyss. There was one massive Energon in t...