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I have lived on the side of Loch Ness for most of my life. In 1979 I conceived the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition and it opened on 3rd May 1980. I also invented the board game, NESSIE HUNT, wrote the MACBETH EXPERIENCE audiovisual show and staged THE STORY OF SCOTLAND at Fort Augustus Abbey. I have appeared in many documentaries.

Sadly, I was cheated out of my share of the Loch Ness Exhibition, but my involvement in the subject continued until 1991 and since then I've been the main commentator on Loch Ness and wrote LOCH NESS UNDERSTOOD in 2010, easily the most comprehensive book on Loch Ness ever produced. My life in tourism also led me to write SCOTLAND'S BLOODY HISTORY which explains the history of our country chronologically, using all the very bloodiest of events.

I now write science fiction.

THE VISITOR is ready to submit to agents and publishers:
Astronaut Evelyn Slater finds a damaged, ancient, alien artefact in orbit during the first space junk elimination mission. Amidst a security clampdown, amazing discoveries are made. She battles paranoia, xenophobia and government secrecy to bring the alien's revelation to the world.

My earlier book, MINDSLIP, is also complete.
Radiation from a nearby supernova causes creatures on Earth to randomly swap minds. A brilliant astrophysicist becomes a young Japanese woman and his wife turns into an old greyhound.

GREEN DOOR is my latest SciFi novella and is now complete in second draft. It involves all sorts of different scifi aspects and basically is the story of a man walking a dog who saves humanity!!

I have just begun an interactive project called MOONSCAPE where YOU can help with the story. Check it out.

I'm looking for agents/publishers.

I love old-school science fiction of the Clarke, Heinlein, Asimov, Aldiss, Clement genres. MINDSLIP and THE VISITOR contain a lot of real science and are very descriptive stories.

My favourite film is PASSENGERS.
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23rd January 2018 That is my Loch Ness book now complete on Wattpad.I live on the side of Loch Ness and this book took about twenty years to write. It explains all of the important evidence in a cle...
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