Snow by krismcase
Snowby K.M. Case
☆2018 THE WATTYS LONG-LISTED☆ | A girl with a peculiar pedigree is dumped on a stranger's doorstep during the worst snowstorm the hamlet Myst has ever known. Selectively...
  • comingofage
  • fantasy
  • speculative
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The Fallow by Fairytale_Fabler
The Fallowby Alicia J. Britton
In the not-so-distant future . . . and if a cult could rule what remains of the world . . . While Portsmith is undergoing its annual Delinquency Purge, Herald and his te...
  • trump
  • speculative
  • thefallow
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ARC10 by LLMontez
ARC10by LL Montez
**Winner of the 2017 Watty Storysmith award** The President created an underground safe-haven for the survivors of the alien invasion. He built it to save them all from...
  • space
  • earth
  • science
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Desert Wake ✔ by amberkbryant
Desert Wake ✔by Amber K Bryant
***The Corner Booth Contest Runner-Up*** WARNING: contains one blue-eyed stranger, one fast-talking heroine, and a couple of scenes steamier than a mirage at noon. Throw...
  • firstperson
  • adventure
  • storms
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Crowded by stampepk
Crowdedby Phil Stamper
Having never seen a sunrise, sixteen-year-old Leo escapes the slums beneath NYC, spurring a manhunt that will end with his freedom or his death. Book one: Completed. Bo...
  • love
  • youngadult
  • nyc
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The Dicers by MIG496
The Dicersby MIG496
The Dicers are a secret society of time-traveling sleuths and adventurers, who seek ancient secrets and lost artifacts and dare do what even God wouldn't - play dice wit...
  • naming
  • adventure
  • assassin
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Sarah Benadine is Dead by thekitchensinktoo
Sarah Benadine is Deadby thekitchensinktoo
The year is 1955, and the death of beloved high school junior Sarah Benadine has left the town of Clearwater, Wisconsin reeling. It seems everyone in town has their own...
  • speculative
  • rebelwars
  • supernatural
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Short Stories by AbbyBabble
Short Storiesby Abby
What if time travel is like alcoholism? Shouldn't mermaids have blubber to stay warm in the ocean? These short stories of fantasy and science fiction explore the weird...
  • alcoholism
  • bizarre
  • fiction
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BRAINSTORM by amymhawes
When orphans vanish, Nick Sperry takes on the case. What do the missing orphans have in common? IQ's higher than Einstein's. P.I. Nick Sperry investigates the disappeara...
  • einstein
  • thriller
  • hawes
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Fiona Fiona by emsaso
Fiona Fionaby emsaso
Tormented by memories of her husband, Fiona struggles to move past the guilt she's suffered since his death. She hasn't made it easy on herself. As part of a top-secret...
  • moosejaw
  • shortstory
  • scifi
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FLASHed by PeerGlen
FLASHedby Peer Glen
Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds ... this is just a collection of my flash SciFi. Each story less than 1000 words from a range of science fiction genres
  • speculative
  • syntheticscentience
  • thefuture
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Shinto #1 by BilguunBill
Shinto #1by Билгүүн
2018.05.06 10:40 Гэмт хэргийн газарт мөрдөгч болон шинжээчид үзлэг явуулж ойролцоох айлын болон тухайн гэмт хэрэг гарсан айлын хажуугаар хэрэг болох үеэр өнгөрч байсан х...
  • action
  • speculative
  • crime
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Star Wars IX: The Fallen Knight by user36203576
Star Wars IX: The Fallen Knightby KRKrause83
A speculative interpretation of what Star Wars Episode 9 could be. Based on canon events as presented in the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Please feel free to comme...
  • myfirstfanfic
  • reyloiscanon
  • nsfw
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Unsung by LBAutry
Unsungby L.B. Autry
Unsung. A series based on the award-winning short Escaping Endlosung. It follows the young men and women known as "Creatives" who live in a tumultuous time of...
  • thriller
  • riot
  • speculative
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D'Spayr: A Knight in the Withered Land by JosephArmstead
D'Spayr: A Knight in the Withered...by Joseph Armstead
In a decayed and dying alien world that was once center of a vast planetary empire, an embittered rogue knight, soldier to the fallen empire, traverses a bizarre landsca...
  • dspayr
  • fiction
  • dark
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THE JEZEBEL by Fairytale_Fabler
THE JEZEBELby Alicia J. Britton
Scarlet was supposed to be the exception, not the rule. She had a winning voice and a guitar. And one day she would leave Redville, USA behind and start a life worth liv...
  • chaucer
  • south
  • myhandmaidstale
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Gaea by Bentu12
Gaeaby Bentu12
A short novel about interstellar colonization, the dangers of scientific discovery, and the end of the world. Image credit goes to Space Engine.
  • space
  • science
  • speculative
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Five Minute SciFi Stories by leahcanscience
Five Minute SciFi Storiesby Leah Cannon
Love to read but don't always have time to finish a long story? Here's a series of five minute Sci Fi stories to read anywhere and anytime. These are bite sized pieces...
  • scientist
  • time
  • science
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An Eclectic Writing Class - Prompt Writing by LydiaSandersBooks
An Eclectic Writing Class - Prompt...by Lydia Sanders
On my blog (www.lydiasanders.com) I have a series called "An Eclectic Writing Class" where I gather resources on productivity, writing craft, grammar, and voc...
  • spark
  • fantasy
  • prompts
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Strand: the Silver Radio by justinattaswriting
Strand: the Silver Radioby justinattaswriting
A shape against the night, in the light of a highway construction sign, is a young man in trouble. An artist in an artless place, he must fit into Strand's machine, or b...
  • dystopian
  • thriller
  • fantasy
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