Sansest RP by Baby-Girl2005
Sansest RPby Moku!
You have to come up with your own scenario of there isn't one on the chapter.
  • sans
  • asylum
  • üf
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UNDERTALE: Sans x Frisk One-Shots! by HoodieGirl15
UNDERTALE: Sans x Frisk One-Shots!by Tawlyn Orgo
"Platonic or romantic doesn't matter. It's still love." Hi y'all~! Since I've been writing a number of Sans x Frisk (I personally call them SF X3) one-shots on...
  • romanticlove
  • undertalesans
  • sans
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IN YOUR EYES. || POSEY by beederroyo
IN YOUR EYES. || POSEYby Goddess of Garbáge
he's famous and she's deaf.
  • busterposey
  • mlbbaseball
  • sfgiants
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Nie poddam się [K.L.S] by vKniejav
Nie poddam się [K.L.S]by vKniejav
Z czasem zaczęłam mieć wątpliwości co mnie ciągnie oraz do kogo mnie ciągnie
  • flirt
  • romans
  • fanfiction
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San Francisco // cth by BritishBums
San Francisco // cthby mia s.
the song had to be about someone. but what really happened the summer in San Francisco?
  • sf
  • cute
  • calum
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Orașul Vampirilor by MissErikaStar
Orașul Vampirilorby erika.star
E de ajuns sa ai o singura calatorie, ca sa intalnesti niste persoane mai ciudate, unul mai frumos, fermecator...cine este de fapt Edward si prietenii lui?
  • sf
  • oras
  • iubire
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MINDSLIP by TonyHarmsworth
MINDSLIPby Tony Harmsworth
MINDSLIP is the catastrophe which hits the Earth at 8.15am GMT next Wednesday morning. It began six hundred and fifty years earlier when Betelgeuse fulfilled its long-h...
  • radiation
  • supernova
  • stars
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Emerald: Dendro by jinnis
Emerald: Dendroby Jinn Tiole
The planet seems perfect for human settlement: lots of water, an earth-like atmosphere and a lush vegetation. Mil plunges into the study of the biosphere with profession...
  • grownupreads
  • adultfiction
  • lost
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Opiekun dusz / Muke by Arwen2201
Opiekun dusz / Mukeby Arwen2201
Mikajru to bóg, którego ludzie uważają za potwora i niszczyciela żyć. Jednak, kiedy Luke poznaje boga bliżej, ten okazuje się być kimś zupełnie innym.
  • hemmings
  • luke
  • mitologia
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Na Zawsze ~ Słodki Flirt Lysander by Pineapplebook
Na Zawsze ~ Słodki Flirt Lysanderby Keeeeelin
Znacie to uczucie, kiedy osoba na której najbardziej wam zależy, nagle jest na granicy, między światem żywych, a światem zmarłych? Nie? Ja też nie. Aż do teraz. Mój...
  • charlotte
  • lysander
  • kim
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Không có kiếp sau - Nguyệt Hạ Tang by Yuu_Nikiforov
Không có kiếp sau - Nguyệt Hạ Tangby Lạc Hy
Thể loại: ảo tưởng không gian, hoan hỉ oan gia, khoa học viễn tưởng, tương lai giá không, 1×1, HE. "Mọi việc xảy ra trong thế giới này đều vì con mà sinh ra" N...
  • tươnglai
  • sf
  • 1v1
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The Broken World by BanDavid
The Broken Worldby BanDavid
"Now the world is gone, I'm just one" -Metallica, 'One' In 2018 an alien species came to Earth and enslaved a large portion of Humanity, turning them against t...
  • sf
  • sci-fi
  • scifi
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The Traitor by greenbeanfandom
The Traitorby Ana
•The boy, the one from the crowd put his gun at her head. She didn't move as she felt the cold metal on her forhead. "If you shoot one more time, I'll pull the trig...
  • science
  • suffering
  • action
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Writing for TK by jinnis
Writing for TKby Jinn Tiole
My collected science fiction short stories written for Tevun Krus, Wattpad's longest running SciFi-ezine
  • wattys2017
  • sciencefiction
  • shortstory
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Lost Civilisations - A ScienceFiction Anthology by ScienceFiction
Lost Civilisations - A ScienceFict...by Science Fiction
The vast majority of us agree the Universe is 14 billion years old, give or take a few million here or there. That's time enough for stars to live long and healthy lives...
  • scifi
  • sciencefiction
  • lostcivilisation
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Envoy by estherscherpenisse
Envoyby Esther Scherpenisse
There was a war that lasted generations. Now there is peace. But the peace is fragile. Roslin has worked very hard to become one of the exchange students sent from Upper...
  • danger
  • adversary
  • futuristic
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Głębia RP by MikiCzm
Głębia RPby Miki Czm
Oto Wypalona Galaktyka - Droga Mleczna, która tysiące lat temu została spustoszona przez serię potwornych wojen Oto kosmos, w którym ludzie zamieszkują ocalałych z pożog...
  • marcinpodlewski
  • głębia
  • roleplay
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Through Time And Space by KailynKms
Through Time And Spaceby Kai
A young girl reaching womanhood is faced with both personal sexuality issues and worldly issues as she is forced into command with the passing of her father to save the...
  • girlxgirl
  • wattpride
  • space
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Ask or Dare the EVIL Sanses by Lex_FanGirl_Werewolf
Ask or Dare the EVIL Sansesby Gringey Gal 69
Characters: Dust, Killer, Horror, Error, Cross, Fell, SF (SwapFell), and Nightmare. Rules: Don't be perverted and NO SHIPS! dats it... GU READ!
  • sf
  • fell
  • blueberry
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The Brain Game by ashleywh9
The Brain Gameby ashleywh9
In the year 2031, the company Exobrain revolutionized humanity and the way we perceive and connect with reality. Known as 'Exo's', the age of 'digitally enhanced humans'...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • computers
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