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Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 Science Fiction by WillFlyForFood
Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 Scie...by J.C. Gunn
What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to...
  • ftl
  • sf
  • watchers
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THE VISITOR by TonyHarmsworth
THE VISITORby Tony Harmsworth
Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a small, badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space-junk elimination mission. Where was it from? Who'd s...
  • orbit
  • sf
  • heroine
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Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginningby Paul Vincent
*CURRENTLY BEING TAKEN DOWN - DON'T START READING* This is the latest edition, published on Wattpad in 2018. This novel was originally written in 1997. ---------- Three...
  • exploration
  • sci-fi
  • grownupreads
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sally face x reader oneshots (requests Closed) by crystallapis8
sally face x reader oneshots (requ...by crystallapis
poof! im sf trash now. welcome to my book! Requests are currently closed.
  • salxreader
  • oneshots
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FEDERATION by TonyHarmsworth
FEDERATIONby Tony Harmsworth
Federation takes close encounters to a whole new level. A galactic empire of a quarter of a million worlds stumbles across the Earth. Their philosophy on life is totally...
  • first-contact
  • aliens
  • earth
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「 sally face imagines 」 by sawyfawce
「 sally face imagines 」by sh`
as the title implies. requests are open! (cover image does not belong to me! it belongs to @mp3.annabelle at instagram!)
  • sallyface
  • ashleycampbell
  • larryjohnson
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Mélodie Marine by MarineGautierAuteur
Mélodie Marineby Marine Gautier
C'est le grand jour pour Norbert ! Le jeune mutant va quitter la cité dôme dans laquelle il survit depuis sa naissance. Destination : un poste de surveillance perdu au m...
  • flots
  • ocean
  • espoir
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Astronomicon: Behemoth by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Behemothby Paul Vincent
The crew of interstellar colonisation vessel Arcadian awake from over a decade of hibernation to discover that they are lost in darkness, their ship's propulsion system...
  • thriller
  • terror
  • aliens
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Forbidden Love [Sally Face x Travis] by 0tetris0starfish0
Forbidden Love [Sally Face x Travi...by tetris
[None of photos belong to me, unless said so! Sally Face doesn't belong to me either!] [Warning: Profanity, Homophobic slurs, Domestic abuse] Travis, the school-wide kno...
  • travisphelps
  • trasher
  • sallyfisher
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Undertale One-shots by Sabinarius
Undertale One-shotsby Sabinarius
Undertale one-shots, imagines and scenarios reader x various Requests open! I have a habit of slipping into Fem reader, but i'm happy to make a gender neutral or male re...
  • oneshots
  • polyamory
  • ús
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Lost: Somewhere in Time by WillFlyForFood
Lost: Somewhere in Timeby J.C. Gunn
On the day of James Robert Scott's 19th birthday, a man with a stainless steel briefcase cabled to his wrist waited outside his classroom door. The letter contained in t...
  • aliens
  • sf
  • sciencefiction
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Ardent (Book One) by Alva_Eriksson
Ardent (Book One)by Alva Eriksson
{Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure} Completed draft, editing in progress. It is the year 3014. The galactic inhabitants of the Milky Way know the dangers of the Reso st...
  • sciencefiction
  • fantasy
  • exploration
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Astronomicon: Icarus by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Icarusby Paul Vincent
( REVAMPED in 2016 ) In 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep space mining vessel Icarus discover a mysterious prototyp...
  • fiction
  • british
  • sciencefiction
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My Girl and I (Larry x Reader) by x_Sally_Fisher_x
My Girl and I (Larry x Reader)by 🖤Sally Fisher🖤
🖤Will Contain Swearing 🖤There will be kissing scenes and some cuddling scenes but that will honestly lead to nothing more, I'm not good with writing lemon 🖤I do not o...
  • sanitysfalls
  • larry
  • salfisher
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Utopia War by CharlesSmith9
Utopia Warby Charles Smith
Humanity emerges from the aftermath of the technological singularity having conquered scarcity, disease, poverty, aging, death, and, or so they thought, even war. With t...
  • starship
  • uplift
  • spaceopera
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Where Sanity Falls by Eviestrange123
Where Sanity Fallsby Smol_kacchan
Sal Fisher a new kid, Larry Jonhson a punk. Highschool and Bullies Apartments and Lovers Treehouse and Nightmares Will you be ready?
  • sf
  • salxlarry
  • larryjonhson
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GREEN DOOR by TonyHarmsworth
GREEN DOORby Tony Harmsworth
Henry Mackay and his dog regularly walk alongside an ancient convent wall. Today, as he passes the green door, he glances at its peeling paint. Moments later he stops de...
  • sf
  • dome
  • quantum
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War Robots by SmittyBS
War Robotsby Brennan Smith
[UNDERGOING MAJOR REWRITES] The Great Iron War has been raging for ten years. The Earth is divided. War has changed. An unstoppable Iron Empire sweeps across the globe...
  • sciencefiction
  • warfare
  • robots
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Diary of a Killer by LookAtScootalooDance
Diary of a Killerby Stephanie Kolb
Sal Fisher. The Sally Face Killer. Crazy. Insane. At least, that's what they say about him. But what if there was a different story behind it all. ➰Mixing the origina...
  • salfisher
  • lisafisher
  • portablemoose
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18:33 (Sally Face) by bluefood3
18:33 (Sally Face)by C
After finding that they are reborn, Sally, Ash, Larry and Todd aka the Ghost Nabbers are well on their way to worldwide fame through their music. From psycho fans and ri...
  • slowbuild
  • toddxneil
  • larryjohnson
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