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Waves of Plastic by Defaetismus
Waves of Plasticby Defaetismus
This is my entry for the writing contest by National Geographic. #PlanetOrPlastic
  • nationalgeographic
  • planetorplastic
Deadline by revaelio
Deadlineby Herondale
"Deadline" è il frutto di una riflessione su uno dei maggiori problemi che affliggono il nostro mondo oggigiorno : l'inquinamento. Ognuno di noi pone assiduam...
  • nationalgeographic
  • nature
  • planetorplastic
kingdom hearts Riku x reader by swanlover12
kingdom hearts Riku x readerby swanlover12
four friends living on a island . they look out to an endless ocean and wonder what a different worlds and adventures waits them. Riku wish to be free and have a adven...
  • xreader
  • kingdom
  • hearts
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His Alpha Her Omega (COMPLETED) by MexicanChihuahua497
His Alpha Her Omega (COMPLETED)by Broken Wolf
Darius Jackson isn't your average werewolf he is an omega. The only omega to be exact. He is the pack punching bag and is abused in many ways. His family always thought...
  • alpha
  • girlxboy
  • pain
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Angel // Sweet Pea by sgomesl
Angel // Sweet Peaby sgomesl
**On Hold as of 12/10/18** Angelina Lodge moved to Riverdale with her mother and sister to run away from their problems. The last year had been a rollercoaster, and now...
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  • sweetpeaxoc
  • serpents
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We are Animals #PlanetOrPlastic by Jojo_B
We are Animals #PlanetOrPlasticby Jojo B
I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to write this important entry for the contest held by National Geographic & Planet or Plastic. As a scientist in the m...
  • planetorplastic
School 2016-2019 by just_kihyun
School 2016-2019by just_kihyun
KDRAMA COPY!!! DO NOT ENJOY! AND NO THANKS FOR OVER 1.2K VIEWERS! :-----------------) Haley is y/n
  • monbebe
  • kihyun
  • army
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The Pod by greenwriter
The Podby Janelle Ruiz
The Pod centers around a young man's adventure in a place he never knew existed with the help of a beautiful woman who lived there. I am among the lucky ones to write an...
  • natgeo
  • saveplanetearth
  • planetorplastic
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That nerd is the Powerful Princess by dumbassLea
That nerd is the Powerful Princessby leasapinit
she's smart, rich , cold, strong yet she's a mysterious one. but...... wait..... that rich, strong and smart girl is a... Nerd???? ... she's living a very peaceful li...
  • vampire
  • highfantasy
  • king
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Janiel-Why Don't We: Not So Forbidden Love [COMPLETED] by Min_Seavey
Janiel-Why Don't We: Not So Princess Jones
Jack Avery a small, shy kid, has a crush on one of the most popular kids in the school Daniel Seavey. Everything about Daniel is so-called "perfect" But there...
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  • corbynbesson
  • janiel
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