The Twist Of Fate by Glass_Reaper
The Twist Of Fateby Demon Lord Lavaner (Not To Be...
Cason was weak, he was always getting over-shadowed by his sibling. No one would bat an eye when he was bullied, he would always try and help as much as he could but he...
  • rpg
  • romance
  • opmc
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Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper] by SilverK004
Coming to a different world- Story...by SilverK004
The 17-year-old Toru Kakazu gets bullied every day at school. One day, a magic circle appears in his classroom, teleporting him and the rest of his class to a different...
  • romance
  • action
  • monsters
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Death God System by vabrate
Death God Systemby Kajack
In an unknown land.. far from the scrutiny of knowing eyes.. Death was rearing its head once again.. A young man on Earth had met with an untimely demise, his soul take...
  • gamelit
  • action
  • xianxia
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Pokémon Legacy (Pokémon X Male reader) by ZZZ-Awakening
Pokémon Legacy (Pokémon X Male rea...by 💤
It All starts with Pokémon Red, Blue, & Yellow. What if you were there along with Red, and Blue and Green. They grabbed all the starter Pokémon and professor Oak gives y...
  • wattys2018
  • pokemon
  • manga
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Given another chance as a Monster ( Re written ) by TwilightSilver
Given another chance as a Monster...by SilverStar ( S.S )
A 20 year old otaku neet died out of blood loss from an accident with a speeding car. At his last moment he made a wish, " I wish I can have another chance." B...
  • animal
  • game
  • fox
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Reincarnated as a Monster! by AkumaTheWriter
Reincarnated as a Monster!by Akuma
A young man named Kozu died and has been reincarnated as a Fox Monster! What will he do next or... will he even survive.
  • demonlord
  • kyuubi
  • evolution
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『Ninja Gamer』 by -uchihaa
『Ninja Gamer』by 「 A A R O N 」
So, dying sucks, but hey, I get a chance at reincarnation with a special power, and that power is 'The Gamer' so that's awesome! But... I'm being reincarnated into the w...
  • uchiha
  • fantasy
  • gamingskills
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God's an Adventurer by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurerby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
  • angels
  • dragons
  • superior
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Exterminator (Kujonin) by RolandoGullaII
Exterminator (Kujonin)by RLG611
It's a story where a man who exterminated pests continues to exterminate pests in another world. Note: - Not mine. Just for reading purposes. - Feel free to comment and...
  • beasts
  • pests
  • kujonin
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Reincarnated as a Dragon With a Game System and a Strange Cheat by Walking_Like_Rain
Reincarnated as a Dragon With a Ga...by Rain McRain Face
Finding out his girlfriend was cheating on him with his female boss, Nakamura Hiro stormed to a low-class brothel in order to take out his anger and get some petty reven...
  • appraisal
  • charm
  • magicrealm
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Gamer of the Dead by batotit
Gamer of the Deadby batotit
Zombie Apocalypse meets the Gamer. to make it a bit different, I decided to create a new kind of zombie with its own rules. hopefully, the zombie will become more danger...
  • rpg
  • games
  • vrmmo
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Riot grasper by wna_loveit
Riot grasperby Wan Nuraisyah
Agatsuma Seiji accidentally dies in his current world. Due to a certain reason, he chooses a world other than Earth as the destination for his reincarnation. Incidentall...
  • jappanesenovel
  • loveit
  • romance
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More Than An Angel Of Death (Zack x Reader) by DumbaxxLover
More Than An Angel Of Death (Zack...by ✿Jade✿
‟Everyone is in here for a reason..." You woke up in a cold, dark room after a peculiar dream... You don't know how the hell you got there... But you DO know to get...
  • games
  • foster
  • issacfoster
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Angels of Death || One-Shots (?) by briixnee
Angels of Death || One-Shots (?)by .::Ray::.
"Tits on Christ." -Zack "'Zack, you're in danger (Ray).' 'I AM the danger (Zack).'" • I might take requests :D but it has to be pg13 so I don't get...
  • zackfoster
  • angelsofdeath
  • horror
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Tales of the Pearly Kingdom (Pearly Tales Vol. 2) by NathanielWilhelm
Tales of the Pearly Kingdom (Pearl...by NathanielWilhelm
Jasper Toledo is a college student who died and was reincarnated into his favorite video game. Calloway Calphius is an elf hero turned deity after he dissappeared from t...
  • reincarnation
  • webnovel
  • fiance
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Highschool RPG [ALWAYS OPEN] by Summertimesadness_
Highschool RPG [ALWAYS OPEN]by L E N Y A
Der Titel spricht für sich.
  • highschoolrpg
  • rpg
Unexpected (Kaidou x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Unexpected (Kaidou x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
Out of nowhere, (Y/n) and Kaidou's favourite game development company comes out with a new MMORPG, making the two teens addicted immediately. After Kaidou's party gets s...
  • saikikusuo
  • shun
  • saikikusuonopsinan
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"I just wanna say...I love you" ~individual roleplay~ by _bibi-sama_
"I just wanna say...I love you" ~i...by bibiche
an individual roleplay
  • straight
  • boyxboy
  • anime
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Tales of the Pearly City (Pearly Tales Vol.1) [Completed] by NathanielWilhelm
Tales of the Pearly City (Pearly T...by NathanielWilhelm
After being reincarnated in his favorite game Jasper Toledo, otherwise known as Calloway Calphius, finds himself in the city he created 250 years after he logged out for...
  • adventure
  • guild
  • sci-fi
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Reincarnated  by shintoro
Reincarnated by shintoro
[enter generic description of a story where the main character gets reincarnated into another world] It's a pretty flat genre when a main character gets teleported or re...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • gods
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