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CANAISIS ∞ The Last Living Ship: Chronicle One by -NikaRave-
CANAISIS ∞ The Last Living Ship: C...by -NikaRave-
Can a ship, born to sail the ocean of stars to ensure Humankind's survival, save her Captain from the void within his own heart? ∞ ∞ ∞ Canaisis is the last of her kind...
Venusian Gate by lrHydrogenase
Venusian Gateby lrHydrogenase
In the 1096th year of the Holy Eastern Calendar, a collective gasp echoed among the nations surrounding the Rune Ocean as an enigmatic gateway unfurled before them. The...
Dirty Work: Volume 1 by CelestriaUniverse
Dirty Work: Volume 1by Celestria
The boss runs the strip club DIRTY WORK, and I work for the boss. When the boss doesn't want to make money just from the girls, he goes his own route. Which is where I c...
CANAISIS ∞ Chronicle Three: A Shard Of Code by -NikaRave-
CANAISIS ∞ Chronicle Three: A Shar...by -NikaRave-
∞ ∞ ∞ This is a DIRECT CONTINUATION from #Canaisis ∞ The Last Living Ship: Chronicle One ∞ A New Mission and Chronicle Two ∞ A Captain's Journey
CANAISIS ∞ Chronicle Two: A Captain's Journey by -NikaRave-
CANAISIS ∞ Chronicle Two: A Captai...by -NikaRave-
Book 2 ∞ Can a ship, born to sail the ocean of stars to ensure Humankind's survival, save her Captain from the void within his own heart? ∞ ∞ ∞ As Canaisis agrees to car...
The Journey of Atlantis- The Children of Earth by jmknoblauch
The Journey of Atlantis- The Child...by Jeff Knoblauch
Captain Levi Metcalfe must lead what is left of life on Earth after a neutron star decimated the solar system. Can he get them to a new home before their luck runs out...
THE DOOR by TonyHarmsworth
THE DOORby Tony Harmsworth
Henry Mackay and his dog regularly walk alongside an ancient convent wall. Today, as he passes the green door, he glances at its peeling paint. Moments later he stops de...
THE VISITOR by TonyHarmsworth
THE VISITORby Tony Harmsworth
Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a small, badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space-junk elimination mission. Where was it from? Who'd s...
Life On Outpost 1137 by Thefuturistrr
Life On Outpost 1137by Hey What's Happening
Short Story series! I prefer sci fi (science fiction) with a nod for hard scifi. My stories will have different tones from drama to mystery, romance, and adventure. I ho...
Distaster In november '98 by Spiders_venom
Distaster In november '98by Spiders_venom
This is a hard sci-fi alternate history set around a disaster on the ISS (international space station) where the soviot union never fell. What will happen and when is t...
Zombie Physics by FriedrichCainer
Zombie Physicsby Friedrich Cainer
Dislike supernatural explanations? Prefer Zombies that can starve to death? Does constant disregard for the first law of thermodynamics distract you from enjoying your...
Flower Ghosts -- A Flower War Story by Isilanka
Flower Ghosts -- A Flower War Storyby Isilanka
In the post-apocalyptic, post-capitalistic future, conflicts between communes are handled via Flower Wars: pretend wars where artists of combat engage in spectacular bat...
Generalis (On Hold) by JoshFrankhauser
Generalis (On Hold)by Josh Frankhausr
A story of galactic intrigue, war, and a touch of romance. There is strong language, graphic violence, and there may end up being at least one graphic sensuous scene. Th...
Encyclopedia Mechanica by MedDickAltBF138
Encyclopedia Mechanicaby MedDickAltBF138
A resource book for Scrap Metal. Notes on things like Lore, equipment breakdown, battlemech detailing, technology summaries, etc. This is meant to be paired and looked a...
Tresmir Beast by tomobag
Tresmir Beastby tomobag
The distant world of Tresmir was colonized by humans who are now rebuilding from a catastrophic war in the past and who share the world with the Adayo species. Communica...
Verge of History: Our Time in Eden by JimCarnicelli
Verge of History: Our Time in Edenby Jim Carnicelli
Renee Parrish died in 1996 but was cryopreserved. She's been revived 300 years later by an intelligent machine named Sigma and given an opportunity to help save humanity...
Space Wizards by JeffreyVonHauger
Space Wizardsby Mr. Jeffrey Von Hauger
Usually, they say not to judge a book by its cover but....
Codey & Gixin by Doomarcher
Codey & Gixinby Doom Archer
Codey and Gixin, two Urodela, a species of salamander like people, who have been separated for a while meet once again. Gixin reveals to Codey that while he was gone wor...
Technocracies And Megacorporations by Maxcraft522829
Technocracies And Megacorporationsby Maxcraft
He is a soldier, she is a hunter, he is Royalty. she is a survivor. When four unlikely comrades come to arms, only the galaxy will foresee the consequences. Join John, S...
Nightfall by DEStockli
Nightfallby Damian E. Stockli
Science Fiction. Short Story. 49 Pages. "Apocalypse" is supposed to mean revelation--a disclosure of knowledge. But when the world ended, those remaining were...