Joseph Armstead, author of several novels and short stories, has been published in several print magazines and online journals.    He created vampire hunter Montgomery Quinn and his nemeses, the vampire families of the Moon-Chosen, and he chronicles the twisted tales of "The Infernals", demonic aliens from a dark, far away dimension.   

Joseph's most recent stories center around a world called "The Withered Land".

It is the Last Place in Creation, at the heart of an eons-old star system, under dual suns, one a red giant and the other a blue dwarf, and it is a world of Fallen Kings, nomadic mutant tribes, alien monsters and haunted dead cities, a place where Time is broken and where Science is dying!

No gravity well, imploding star, nor decaying orbital path could explain what the federation of peoples living under those dying skies called "the Long Death". The result was a colossal scar, an open hole, in the fabric of the universe, called "The Wound".

This is the place the Knight D'Spayr calls home and, in order, these are its stories...

1) D'Spayr, A Knight in the Withered Land
2) The Traveler in Red: Warlords of the Withered Land
3) The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: Hell's Avatar
4) The Withered Land: Dragons and Marauders

And coming soon:

5) The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: Abyssium
6) Nygeia, Princess of the Withered Land: Palace of A Thousand Devils
7) Mune'stahr and Pylott: The Storms of Hellmarrow, a tale of The Ventriculum

Cover art by the amazing Stefanie Saw!

Joseph currently lives in northern California and is a computer technologist.

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PART FORTY-TWO of the serialized epic adventure "The Withered Land: DRAGONS AND MARAUDERS" has now been published!   The drama and suspense ramp up, as do the violent stakes, when the story's antagon...
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D'Spayr: A Knight in the Withered Land by JosephArmstead
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The Withered Land:  Dragons and Marauders by JosephArmstead
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An excerpt from a novel-length adventure of the immortal vampire-hunter, Montgomery Quinn, in the macabre and dangerous supernatural underworld of the twin cities of fog-enshrouded Borrego Bay!! In a world wher...
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