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𝗘𝗠𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗟𝗗 ✶ by violentsage
【IN WICH】the seas birthed a long line of heirs, heritage that sired the sea. Her mother was a queen, her father was a lighthouse keeper, and her brother was a half-bree...
For Richer, For Poorer by imtrying2105
For Richer, For Poorerby imtrying2105
Sequel to: You Can't Kill a Pouge. Go read that book first before you start this one. The Pouges are stranded on a deserted Island; or as JJ calls it, Paradise. Logan...
Siren's Heart by The_Wildcards
Siren's Heartby The_Wildcards
*Frequent updates* {This book is complete and we will be updating it every few days.} All her life Truly Davelvon has been kept a secret from the rest of Atlantis, a nat...
Persephone Jackson and the Lost Cities (Fem! Percy Jackson x KOTLC) ON HAITUS by a_lonely_bookworm_
Persephone Jackson and the Lost Ci...by a_lonely_bookworm_
DISCONTINUED AND UP FOR ADOPTION This is a PJO x KOTLC story. Set after HOO and at the end of Exile Things finally became real as I stared at the grave, my mind and bod...
The Lost City Of Atlantis by RavleenJauhar
The Lost City Of Atlantisby Ravleen Jauhar
This book contains theories about the existence of the City of Atlantis.
Memories  by GirlOfManyWorlds12
Memories by GirlOfManyWorlds
When Cordelia is believed dead what will happen back home in the lost cities? KotLC x OC
The Mistakes-A KOTLC Fanficiton by elwin_the_halfblood
The Mistakes-A KOTLC Fanficitonby elwin_the_halfblood
When the Lost Cities discover that The Council isn't as perfect as they make it to be, five teens are put in to play. Azalea, Terik's daughter and a rebelious fighter, X...
I wrote a PvZ2 love story instead of having lunch by ZifferYT2
I wrote a PvZ2 love story instead...by PBJellyBoi
So, about a month ago, I wrote a love story featuring Gold Leaf and Thyme Warp. However, I have decided to now do a ship that, well, actually exists, that being Red Stin...
lost city by Spinthe_boo
lost cityby Spinthe_boo
(cover is temporary and title might change) this is a story about a MAGICAL city. but its really messed up. the city looked abondoned and had never shown up up on maps...
Lost City Of Sandina ♛ Book 1 by SugarZilla
Lost City Of Sandina ♛ Book 1by *Wave*
Azima, is in shock as when she was 7 years old, her city she lived in, was harshly burnt, as it took her years to get over the incident, and she is now 14. She starts ha...
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sam Drake Love Story by CRCECL
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sa...by Chloe
The Sapphire ring lays on her finger. Its purpose is unknown but it's origins are certain. It's a magical ring that according to legend, is a key to unlock a lost golden...
The Bride Of Biringan  by SELVIXXZ
The Bride Of Biringan by Selvister Calypse
A lot of people probably know about the story of the Lost City of Biringan, but not everyone knows my story. I'm the Bride of Biringan City, that was arranged to marry t...
Forgotten World by symphiel
Forgotten Worldby yvie
Class 1-A are on a school expedition to the Colombian Amazon Rainforest when a few students fall behind the rest of the group and find themselves lost. After encounterin...
The Shadow of Royalty by book_lover12321
The Shadow of Royaltyby s.o.h_23_
"I don't know if I should kiss you or stab you." - Aria Ashworth Aria was chosen. There was no denying it and certainly no escaping it. She was chosen for the...
The Forgotten City by Zuuzuii
The Forgotten Cityby Zuii
After another long, exhausting week of working day and night, all you wanted to do was to be in the comfort in your home once again, snuggling under the covers of your s...
The lost city of Delestrum by sacampbe1
The lost city of Delestrumby sacampbe1
Xander and his gang of misfits.which consists of him, his twin sister marisol , mylo and astra along with his and astra's dogs. They go on a adventure to find the lost c...
The Crossover, Elves meet Demigods by GB112233
The Crossover, Elves meet Demigodsby GB112233
This is based after the first attack in Flashback and after the whole battle thing at Fort Sumpter in The Mark of Athena I do not own characters, they belong to Rick Ri...
The Deep End by HannahPatrixia
The Deep Endby Hannah
The ocean keeps secrets - ones that will draw you in and captivate both body and mind. Humans only see a portion of what truly dwells in the sea. They say mermaids prote...
Shades of City by EmberLikesToWrite
Shades of Cityby Ember
Elise Beauregard, Tristan Parker, and Mia Starr. Join this trio of desperate adventurers and curious best friends as they embark on an exhilarating journey to discover t...
All things koltc  by iixaria0028
All things koltc by iixaria0028
I just finished reading unlocked and I am going crazy waiting for book nine. Creating this account seemed like a fun summer project. I will mainly be writing koltc headc...