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𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀  𝘼𝙏  𝙃𝘼𝙈𝙐𝙉𝘼𝙋𝙏𝙍𝘼  ➪  ʀɪᴄᴋ ᴏᴄᴏɴɴᴇʟʟ by ayatollahi
Growing up with Evie and Jonathan meant a lot of trouble, and unfortunately, it only got worse as they got older. When they accidentally discover a way to Hamunaptra, th...
Forgotten Embers by GnomeArmada
Forgotten Embersby Ryōshi
17-year-old Avera Ibori is a girl who has always longed for a life of adventure, but when her father mysteriously vanishes, she gets more of it than she can stand. Throw...
Project: Atlantis by OneChanceLance
Project: Atlantisby Cody Lance
The year is 2043 and scientists have finally discovered the remains of THE Lost City of Atlantis. However, due to an increase in dangerous sea tremors and national compl...
Persephone Jackson and the Lost Cities (Fem! Percy Jackson x KOTLC) ON HAITUS by a_lonely_bookworm_
Persephone Jackson and the Lost Ci...by a_lonely_bookworm_
ON PERMANENT HAITUS This is a PJO x KOTLC story. Set after HOO and at the end of Exile Things finally became real as I stared at the grave, my mind and body both refused...
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sam Drake Love Story by CRCECL
The Sapphire Ring - Uncharted - Sa...by Chloe
The Sapphire ring lays on her finger. Its purpose is unknown but it's origins are certain. It's a magical ring that according to legend, is a key to unlock a lost golden...
Set Your Sails...to Atlantis || Peter Pan, OUAT by lisajocosh
Set Your Sails...to Atlantis || Pe...by Lisa
With Neverland far behind them, Davina, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys set off on a new quest to find The Lost City of Atlantis. But they're not the only ones with their ey...
The Forge of Kings (A Man Made of Glass, Book 1) by Wordsmith-Rain
The Forge of Kings (A Man Made of...by Wordsmith Rain
When Finnegan's Soul was plucked from the burning wreckage of his home in 1890's England and reborn in another Realm, he expected life to not be too frightfully differen...
Together Forever (A KOTLC love story) by partyllama29
Together Forever (A KOTLC love sto...by Maddythepartyllama
A story about Sophie Foster finding true love. After the neverseen is deafeted the Black Swan go into hiding, but not before Sophie learns who her father is, a unexpecte...
Sands Of Time by hate_flake
Sands Of Timeby Mars
Ellie was someone Nathan Drake never knew- until now. So when he finds her inside of the burning chateau in France, scared out of her mind, he decides to take her in. Bu...
The Mistakes-A KOTLC Fanficiton by elwin_the_halfblood
The Mistakes-A KOTLC Fanficitonby elwin_the_halfblood
When the Lost Cities discover that The Council isn't as perfect as they make it to be, five teens are put in to play. Azalea, Terik's daughter and a rebelious fighter, X...
Mavis and Jake's Epic Adventures: The Lost City by SailorRose19
Mavis and Jake's Epic Adventures:...by Miss Rosey Rose
Preteen twins, journey into the jungles of Africa in search for an ancient lost city deep in the heart of Africa facing all kinds of danger especially with a seedy yet g...
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Looking For The Lost City Of Atlantis by WeaselbeeWeaseltoe
Looking For The Lost City Of Atlan...by Mia Weasley
The aquatic world! so unique isn't it? but what if it holds your deep secrets? Sometimes the human world isn't the only place you belong in. There could be more....to kn...
The Lost God by onboydauthoring
The Lost Godby O.N. Boyd
Malek is in big trouble. He tried to stop his sister's wedding and barely escaped the city guards. The only place he can run is into the desert chasing desperate hope th...
Siren's Heart by The_Wildcards
Siren's Heartby The_Wildcards
*Frequent updates* {This book is complete and we will be updating it every few days.} All her life Truly Davelvon has been kept a secret from the rest of Atlantis, a nat...
Forgotten by loveybug1804
Forgottenby loveybug1804
Just a short story about a woman who ends up finding a lost city and has a bit of an adventure.
in the end by PotatoQueen12321
in the endby depresso espresso
Poison is a 17 year old female. She's got bright red hair, brown eyes and pale skin. She's the daughter of Party Poison. She also hangs around with three other boys. Dea...
Sunset by _chisomxoxo
Sunsetby chisom ogbuanya
...my grandma was from Djibouti, well so she says, dad told me she was really from Mexico, but got really fazed about a fairy tale and now believes its real, I just real...
the lost ones by primrose-eaton
the lost onesby I'm a faller
two teenagers a boy who's dad left him and his mom has cancer and emily who had cancer when she was 10 and the cancer is coming baack hard
Denouement by privatethoughts23
Denouementby privatethoughts23
Denouement (n.)- The climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear. A short book of angst filled poems that try to explain what happened a...
The Hexagon Chronicles book 1 by Valkyrie2702
The Hexagon Chronicles book 1by Mohona's COSMOS wattpad
A group of six preteen girls go camping in the forest. What could possibly go wrong? Well, they get lost on the very. first. day. As they try and find their way, secrets...