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The Merman's Slave(Completed!) by mermaidgirlg
The Merman's Slave(Completed!)by Queer King
16 year old Kena has a normal life. Like every other kid on Earth she so desperately looks forward to summer. She has a little sister, two happy parents and two supporti...
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The Vampire's Mermaid by afictionalqueen
The Vampire's Mermaidby Eila
CAN YOU STAKE MY HEART? Meet Nathaniel Kindrick - the king of vampires. His coterie, THE TWELVE was the strongest and largest in Europe. With his good look, dark charm a...
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Scales by Xxpotato_loserxX
Scalesby C. J. Paradox
[boyxboy] Athazagoraphobia: (n.) the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced Noah fits the bill pretty well. Always putting up that...
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Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchling by ManedWolf71
Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchlingby Foxfyre and Wolfseeker
Fin is a more or less normal teenage boy living in the kingdom known as Lenseia. Well, normal as in there really isn't anything special about him. He's relatively weak...
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The Secret of the Dragon Fire (COMPLETED) by AmorieQ
The Secret of the Dragon Fire ( AmorieQ
After coming home from school one afternoon, Haylee Oak discovers her dead father in her bloodied mother's arms. Her mother utters one word and with that one word she ru...
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Lost Memories by stardipped_ink
Lost Memoriesby Krista
Azuline was found sleeping on the shore of Embellian lands. She awoke weeks later, with no memory of who she was. The only hint to her past were two names she had called...
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Scales: Eric/Divergent by Elf-Ruler
Scales: Eric/Divergentby Elf-Ruler
A Candor turned Dauntless struggles to make and keep her place in Dauntless with stiff competition, while maintaining her few friendships, and trying to stay far from th...
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Betrayed Love ( NINJA X OC X SNAKES) by -Shaded-
Betrayed Love ( NINJA X OC X -Shaded-
As I fly through the jungle I hear the screams of the ninja, hurtful things. I looked down and started to fly faster until I met the ninjas newest enemy The serpentine A...
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Power of Dragons: A Feathery Start [1] by WritingByJay
Power of Dragons: A Feathery Jewel Dawn Daigle
To be written...
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Family (A Ninjago Fanfic) by Doctor_Discord
Family (A Ninjago Fanfic)by Doctor_Discord
When Lloyd is kidnapped and used as leverage by Scales and the Serpentine, Garmadon is willing to do anything to get him back. Even kill. *Warning* Does get a bit graphi...
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Queen of Embers by Chrash0314
Queen of Embersby Ashleigh Horne
Adika. She was your average girl who liked to stay tucked away, hidden, and out of the spotlight. A straight 'A' student in college, a long-time girlfriend to the perfec...
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Fly by RoxiltheDragon
Flyby Roxil
~Book One of the Changelings Trilogy~ There is something that makes me different. I didn't choose it. I was chosen. I was Changed. Out of billions of people, I was the o...
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Skin and Scales by xxMrMysterious14xx
Skin and Scalesby xxMrMysterious14xx
Aspen Matheson, a soon to be monarch of his family's dynasty, has had to pick up much at a very young age. Fourteen to be exact. And when three beings suddenly appear in...
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Dragon Shifters[On Hold]  by CookieGalaxie
Dragon Shifters[On Hold] by Sloan-Clark
Receiving your gifts is important to a dragon, some more so than others. But what happens if you don't know you are a dragon and suddenly weird things start to happen to...
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Diary from a mermaid  by mermaidlife2003
Diary from a mermaid by Reesie
The spell works and now I'm in scales every time I touch water!! What has happened to me!!
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The Legend of Voden: The Rise of the Hollow by Vodenthehollow
The Legend of Voden: The Rise of Darkbane
Voden's the worst at living as a normal dragon. He would be one if it wasn't for the Celestials' idea to gift him colorless and lackluster scales. Every dragon in Aurani...
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New Scales and Tails by MermaidStory808
New Scales and Tailsby MermaidStory808
Avery never expected to be a mermaid. Mermaids are a myth...or so she thought. After drinking her mother's project with jelly-like chemicals, whenever Avery touches wate...
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Syrena by _Maritime_
Syrenaby Maritime
Roxanne Ocean jest uczennicą Beauxbatons, w tym roku razem ze swoją szkołą pojedzie do Hogwartu, gdzie trzy szkoły zmierzą się ze sobą w turnieju trójmagicznym. Wokół sz...
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Golden Energy by mollydolly94
Golden Energyby mollydolly94
Garmadon wasn't the only threat to Ninjago. Trapped beneath the island itself lies an even bigger threat, the Overlord. Can the Ninja protect the city and bring him down...
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Getting a fake number isn't always that bad✨ (Jack D. Grazer) by _0xxxxxxxx0_
Getting a fake number isn't Cia
When a boy in a party gives you accidentaly a wrong number, but it's someone totally different. Started~ 9.23.2017 Completed~ 1.1.2018 ~Cia✨
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