The Secret of the Dragon Fire (COMPLETED)

The Secret of the Dragon Fire (COMPLETED)

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After coming home from school one afternoon, Haylee Oak discovers her dead father in her bloodied mother's arms. Her mother utters one word and with that one word she runs into the woods as men start to chase her. 

The woods is a secretive place, was running into the woods the best choice?

And what happens when she is thrown into a whole new world? 

"This is my kingdom, human. I will decide who gets to know what," He growled. 

"So that is the reason, huh? It's because I'm a lowly human and you're a mighty dragon king?!" She exclaimed. 

"I never said you were a lowly human," Jayk defended.

"No, not directly. But that is what you think!" 

"I never thought that for a second!" 

"Oh really?" 

"Yes! After all a dragon without his fire is nothing more than a human!"


*Amazing cover done by @LizardQueenDean a.k.a Tessa Wepener (an amazing friend and a very talented person!)