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Unlived love (Harry Osborn X Reader)  by mr3lt1
Unlived love (Harry Osborn X Reade...by mr3lt1
Harry Osborn a devil, huh? Fall in love? No chance! Does he really love Y/n? Or is he just playing games? Will Y/n be able to fix him? Will she find a cure for his unkno...
Sorry Wrong Number Dude (Parksborn Wrong Number Fic) [ON HIATUS] by PeterBnotParker
Sorry Wrong Number Dude (Parksborn...by PeterBnotParker
I've seen plenty of these Spider-Man wrong number fics but never with Harry and Peter. I don't really have a specific Peter or Harry I'm basing this off of. So you can i...
Peters Secret Girlfriend (Social Media o/c x Peter Stark-Rogers) by EmsStories04
Peters Secret Girlfriend (Social M...by Em
(Rewrite of Avengers React to Peters Instagram) Peter Stark-Rogers, son of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Those kinda parents mean that he has quite the fan base. His fans...
The Web-Slinger Of Paris (Male Reader X Marinette/Ladybug) by WLiquidGaming
The Web-Slinger Of Paris (Male Rea...by WLiquid
Y/N L/N was just a normal teenager who loves science and photography. But one day, his normal life change when he was bitten by a Radioactive spider and he became the su...
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 2by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is my take on what will happen in the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man . I plan to do multiple stories of decent length to continue my plot. This stor...
Marvel's Spider-Man 3 by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 3by spidermanxblackcat
Marvel's Spider-Man 3 picks up 3 months after my Marvel's Spider-Man 2 story. It will follow Peter and Felicia as they continue to reach new heights in their relationshi...
Forever Mine  by RitaMandylor
Forever Mine by Rita Fleck
Harry Osborn, A rich scientist, and Peter Parker, A poor boy. ---> Peter and Harry are getting closer and closer. After Harry's father, Norman Osborn dies, They manag...
Kim Possible and Spider-Man: The Spectacular Sitch by amazjc96
Kim Possible and Spider-Man: The S...by amazjc96
Set 2 years after Kim and Ron's graduation, and shortly after the conclusion of Season 2 of "Spectacular Spider-Man." Kim and Ron are on their summer break fro...
spiderverse || spiderman imagines by milessmorales
spiderverse || spiderman imaginesby d r e a m e r
CHARACTERS YOU CAN REQUEST ARE : peter parker miles morales harry osborn ned leeds gwen stacy
Inevitable • Gwen/Peter by lightsaberluke
Inevitable • Gwen/Peterby saskia
A Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker Story.
The Spectacular Spider-Man: REVIVAL SERIES by TheTypingAvocado
The Spectacular Spider-Man: REVIVA...by TᕼETYᑭIᑎGᗩᐯOᑕᗩᗪO
This is the revival series for the show, The Spectacular Spider-Man, written by THETYPINGAVOCADO. I didn't make the show, or was a creator of it, but just a big supporte...
The Spectacular Spider-Man by SilencedVidar
The Spectacular Spider-Manby Silenced
Y/N Parker's parents died when he was four, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben took him in and raised him. Twelve years later Y/N goes on a school trip to Columbia University's...
(parksborn one-shot) by Sam99dash
(parksborn one-shot)by ♡Darling_Writer♡
I'll try posting daily requests are all welcome!;)
School Friends [Harry OsbornxReader] ~Book 1~ by Leviathan_Writes
School Friends [Harry OsbornxReade...by Leviathan_Writes
Strange circumstances, a bad past and a not so bright future. How did these things lead to meeting him? A common boarding school, unusual classmates and a mutual infatua...
Light in the Dark | PETER PARKER by KateAnn21
Light in the Dark | PETER PARKERby k a t i e
❝All the lights couldn't put out the dark Runnin' through my heart Lights up and they know who you are Know who you are ...
American Animals by bayports
American Animalsby 🫂
In the web that is my own / I begin again earth-65 au + itsv prequel. cover art by mags munroe. GWEN STACY / HARRY OSBORN © 𝖇𝖆𝖞𝖕𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖘
Spider-man The New Hero Of DC Universe by Cowboyvenegas213
Spider-man The New Hero Of DC Univ...by Edwin Venegas
The Event of Superior Spiderman Made the Heroes hate spiderman he lost everything his friends family and His ex-girlfriend Gwen Stacy Since he's all alone but when Mary...
Ultimate Spider-man Preferences (Discontinued) by MasterofWind101
Ultimate Spider-man Preferences (D...by Silver Spider
This is a USM x reader book that I will type. Hope you guys can enjoy it. Please don't comment anything mean because this is my first x reader book to write. It will inc...
Love and Death. by aresriot
Love and Death.by ♱
my eyes ache with the weight of unshed tears. you are my home, do you understand? © ares tasm au - nwh ...
The Cluster and the Avengers by parkpeterson07
The Cluster and the Avengersby parkpeterson
Its only been 8 months since Peter Parker started as Spiderman, one night on patrol after chasing a speeding car, his senses went off trying to warn him something. That'...