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Within You by eevee300
Within Youby Eevee
Y/n was just a babysitter for the Williams but is kidnapped when Sarah wishes her away along with her brother to the Goblin King. Jareth does gives Sarah the chances to...
Cruel Winter: A Labyrinth Fanfiction by AnnibelLovely
Cruel Winter: A Labyrinth Fanficti...by 🎀 annibel 🎀
Sarah believes her trials in the labyrinth were a dream, but the Goblin King knows the truth, and he has until the clock strikes thirteen to convince her to make a terri...
The Labyrinths Roamer by AngelOfDeath1920
The Labyrinths Roamerby Angel Of Death
The Underground is a place of unimaginable magic and creatures well beyond anyone's imagination. Within this magical land lies the Labyrinth, created by wild magic itsel...
Jareth x male reader by I_-need-_sleep
Jareth x male readerby May
Y/n has grown up loving to read. His all time favourite book has and always will be Labyrinth. When he finds out that the place he has been dreaming about for years and...
The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
The Goblin's Throne by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Throneby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #2 Nearly six years have passed since the goblin king and queen overthrew Queen Mab, took ownership of the Unseelie court and turned their kingdom i...
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𝙼𝚘𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚗 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 | Labyrinth by LabyrinthFan
𝙼𝚘𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚗 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 | Labyrinthby Labyrinth Fan
*Next Generation Labyrinth Romance* Nineteen years after Sarah left the labyrinth, her daughter, Athena, is kidnapped and taken into the goblin city. Jareth's m...
Into the Labyrinth - Dramione/Blinny by salty_mermaid
Into the Labyrinth - Dramione/Blin...by salty_mermaid
A crossover between the Harry Potter universe and Labyrinth Hermione and Ginny are best friends, living together as roommates. After coming to the realization that the...
Battle of the Labyrinth: The Goblin King's Queen by Wildchild04
Battle of the Labyrinth: The Gobli...by Brittany Lyn
(fanfiction based off of the movie from the 80s: Labyrinth) It has been twenty years since Jareth, the Goblin King had his heart broken by mortal Sarah. The Goblin City...
Wishful Thinking by Weezie_24
Wishful Thinkingby weezerz2490
It's the 80s, the time of myths and legends is long past. There's no way a creature from a fairy tale could be real, right? Wrong. Very wrong, as Sarah and Stephanie Wil...
The Labyrinth Sequel by Kingkai1
The Labyrinth Sequelby Kingkai1
In the sequel to the popular 1986 movie The Labyrinth (that I am trying to write to the best of my abilities) Sarah and Toby are on an adventure again when Toby is kidna...
Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth Story [COMPLETE] by SinnerOwl
Beauty and the Beast - A Labyrinth...by Sinner
This story was inspired by art made by Monarobot on Tumblr. ~~~ After Sarah had defeated Jareth, unbeknownst that she will leave him cursed, the handsome and irresistibl...
Oops! by metalmankayden
Oops!by Metalmankayden
Yeah... Don't ask My life was going off the rails on the crazy train... until I jumped onto the Gravy train. He saved me from what was surely a trip to hell. Well, that'...
Labyrinth (Jelsa Story) by KittyKat060412
Labyrinth (Jelsa Story)by Kitty Kat
Long ago in a faraway word, fairies, creatures and the worst, goblins lived. And the one who ruled them was the Goblin King, a man so handsome; it was hard not to fall i...
The Labyrinth Jareth x Reader by DJ1024
The Labyrinth Jareth x Readerby DJ1024
30 years after the events of the Labyrinth, Sarah has lived her life and decided to get rid of the book that brought to life her fantasy world. What happens when she del...
The Heart of the Labyrinth Part 1 by TheNightengale
The Heart of the Labyrinth Part 1by TheNightengale
Twenty-seven years after Sarah Williams won the Labyrinth, a new Wisher is attracted to its walls and the King who lives at its heart. After living with only goblins and...
Labyrinth- Jareth's Return by toxicbloodyrainbow18
Labyrinth- Jareth's Returnby T.B.R.
I wanted to make my own sequel to the original story to make it more satisfying. **THIS IS INCOMPLETE UNTIL OTHERWISE NOTED** Just stay posted with each new chapter. Som...
Goblin Bride ✔ by laaazybones
Goblin Bride ✔by ☠ Karla Emille ☠
where a certain Goblin King searches for his bride but is in for a pleasant surprise #teamupchallenge #rebelslackers #oneshot #1000words Prompts: 1 - Another blind date ...
Jareth x reader : Imagines <3 by LadyStardust027
Jareth x reader : Imagines <3by Cosmic dreamer
A Labyrinth fanfiction! Have you ever watched the Labyrinth and wondered how you would have reacted if you were in Sarah's position? Would you have saved your baby bro...
Excavations and Enlightenment    (A sequel to "Caveats and Cliches")  by StupidPuns
Excavations and Enlightenment (...by StupidPuns
Trouble seems to find some people, no matter how well behaved they are trying to be. But, if we know our heroes, they probably weren't being that well behaved to begin...