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Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchling by ManedWolf71
Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchlingby Foxfyre and Wolfseeker
Fin is a more or less normal teenage boy living in the kingdom known as Lenseia. Well, normal as in there really isn't anything special about him. He's relatively weak...
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The Fox and The Wolf *A SasuNaru Story* by Katsuki_Bakugo_012
The Fox and The Wolf *A SasuNaru Tomura Shigaraki
Naruto's mother drops the little kit in the yard of a human. Sasuke's mom does the same thing to him. Naruto and Sasuke's moms both are on the run because of a hunter. ...
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Fox and The Alpha King 🖤👑👑 by NinaBalas
Fox and The Alpha King 🖤👑👑by Nina Balas
Werewolf alpha king Xavier has lost all hope in finding his mate...That is untill a little fox stumbles into his teritorry
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Fox and Wolf by AvaRockStar
Fox and Wolfby AvaRockStar
Is their love accepted or will it be denied?
Forbidden love by Sweetbabyanna2
Forbidden loveby Anna
Idk yet
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The Fox and The Wolf by blue-husk
The Fox and The Wolfby 🔅bop🔅
Senna is a young girl trying to get through college. But when she meets Sabre, Spirit, Georgia, Rocko, Phoebe, Walter, Lilah, Reanna, and Bailey (along with a few others...
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The Talking Game by ManedWolf71
The Talking Gameby Foxfyre and Wolfseeker
This is a story of epic randomness. Spawned off a game Foxfyre and Wolfseeker used to play as kids, it is the creator of many hours of amusement and even more inside jok...
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