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Andrei's addiction  ni ltersbeb
Andrei's addiction ni Ms. ltersbeb
She and her husband did not see each other for 5 years. until her husband returned from New York without her knowing. until their relationship had problems and her close...
Glimpse Of Us ni star_in_my_mind
Glimpse Of Usni star_in_my_mind
Earl is successful businessman na sa kanya na ang lahat pera pag mamahal ng magulang mapag mahal na girlfriend. Halos Lahat ng hihilingin ng iba na sa kanya na. Pero pan...
VS#1: Marrying the Magnate  ni jademarinell
VS#1: Marrying the Magnate ni jm
Valderama Series #1: Marrying the Magnate Alaina Daleyza Fuentes dream to be one of those international model who are killing the runaways everytime they walk. That is h...
Meet That Girl(School Series #1) ni Mysteriouslychain
Meet That Girl(School Series #1)ni Chain
Brianna Is kind, soft hearted and a lovely girl, not until she meet him the guy who will hurt her, ever since the two of them broke up. Brianna hated James Nathan but fa...
Tale Of Signs ni Aera1485
Tale Of Signsni MISSWHO
Callista Rya Flores a girl who always ask lord for signs about her decisions or anything because she believes that Lord is always watching you and guides you about your...
MAKE ME FALLni cinnamon 🌻
Doctor Jake Coleman, the cold-hearted guy who doesn't show any emotions in anyone. He's the living ice, the people says. He doesn't care on anyone or anything. He's lik...
The Princess of the Forgotten Tale (Frozen Series 1) ni Rose-NIM
The Princess of the Forgotten kwagoo
[Book 1 of Frozen Series] [NOTE: UNDER MAJOR REVISION] "A tale of snowflake..." Celandine Snow, an ice mage, trained and vows to seek revenge for her family th...
Almost Granted ni _gorgeouslady
Almost Grantedni GL
A question that will change my life and a night that will grant my answers, but not circumstances. All Rights Reserved © 2022
When the Moonlight Kissed the Sea ni itsmerizzz
When the Moonlight Kissed the Seani itsmerizzz
After dating several women during college, Keith was sure he had found the girl he would marry. Mayumi, on the other hand, lived differently. She traded her life in the...
Ang Wakas ni aceyii
Ang Wakasni ace
A story inspired by the song "Ang Wakas" by Arthur Miguel and Trisha Macapagal. Status: On-Going
The Fragrance of Love (Love Potion Series #2) ni _DUCHESS
The Fragrance of Love (Love Keilyn
Some relationships end without a proper goodbye, and that's what happened between Daven and Ayana. Ayana Valdez is a florist who inherited her family's flower shop and a...
Patiently  ni kalamance
Patiently ni kalamance
Once upon a time, Kara Maxine Delatore a knight saved the one and only campus prince from jumping on the rooftop but earlier that day he broke her Nokia keypad phone...
MU Series: The Careless Cutie ni melainecholy
MU Series: The Careless Cutieni Melai Quilla
Ariston think that studying at Montecillo University will give him peace. Being in Gold Tier category, he supposed to have a private peace away from the others. Well, ka...
Madly ni kalamance
Madlyni kalamance
Marideth Letisia Divine Acostan tries a new life in a other country after an accident happened. Her mom enrolled her in a public University in Canada . Knowing that she...
ZOMBIE: The Dead Heart ni yourcrazyghurl
ZOMBIE: The Dead Heartni 𝑆𝑢𝑛𝑠𝑒𝑡
When zombie apocalypse come... Will you able to survive with your crush?? Date started: 07/29/22 Date posted: 08/11/22 Date ended: 00/00/00
Find Me In The Midst ni anhyeongss
Find Me In The Midstni sarrah
A story of hatred, friendship, and love. Growing up in a family of famous artists and musicians, Claude Pierre Del Vega felt the burden of carrying their family name. Ho...
It All Started When... ni daphywrites
It All Started Kirsten
She is strong. Wala siyang inuurungan. pero sa isang tao lang siya nahulog, nanghina at nagmahal. Inna. Inna was once belief of the chinese folkore. the strings that a...
AZI'S IGNITE GIRLni don't slowly drowning.
two families come from high-ranking concluded in one because of their child's.