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Live In Your Arms ni maxineaguas1
Live In Your Armsni Kynee
From little kids to teenagers to adults. Can you really fall in love with your childhood bestfriend? Are you going to follow your heart or are you going to waste everhth...
Wish Upon a Sunset (Gemstones Series #1) ni sanzscripts
Wish Upon a Sunset (Gemstones ♥ 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷 𝓑𝓮𝓮 ♥
(ON-GOING) STARTED: January 2, 2024 Nyx Diamond Del Fianza is a dedicated straight-A student who strictly planned her life from Kindergarten, aspiring to become a top-no...
Mister Billionaire's Secret Wife ( Dreame/Yugto APP Teaser Only) ni leexhian
Mister Billionaire's Secret Wife ( leexhian 🍒🐸
Highest Rank: #4 in Romance Category ATTENTION: The completed and new version of this story can be read on DREAME/ YUGTO APP. Username: runa lee Bella dream to become a...
Los Romanticos 2: Comet (PREVIEW ONLY) ni Mandielorian
Los Romanticos 2: Comet (PREVIEW Mandie Lee
PREVIEW ONLY Complete story on my VIP group. Message us on Facebook to join, search TheMandieLee. New edition, published under PHR
A Thousand Sparks ni janesdiari
A Thousand Sparksni janesdiari
Celestia Amelia Martez once bumped into Chase Grayson Laurent, little did they know that it was at that time, that they were finally given a chance to love again. As the...
Monstrous Killer (ON-GOING) ni Animoons
Monstrous Killer (ON-GOING)ni Animoons
I'm inlove with a criminal. This type of love isn't rational. [ Story of Claiden and Yanna ] All Rights Reserved ©2024 ***** Cover made by @Animoons DATE STARTED: Februa...
CASA VALLE #2: Caught by Daybreak ni nevertofadingstars
CASA VALLE #2: Caught by Daybreakni .
Clev Valle, an undercover agent, is tasked with finishing an operation, so he pretended to be an employee of a small company in a small town in the province to meet the...
Only Once in a Lifetime (TRF #4)  ni yanakhei
Only Once in a Lifetime (TRF #4) ni yanakhei
Aydien Danielle Rodriguez, a math wizard as they say, bubbly and a social butterfly. Halos lahat ng tao kilala niya at gusto nga siya dahil sa attitude niya eh. Pero she...
HOT MEN 1: RAZE VOLKSWAGEN [ Kiev khrushchev
Raze Volkswagen A half American and Half Filipino, a billionaire and the most famous man in the world. Talking about hotness? check. Handsome? Very Check How about abs...
The Elusive Ice Witch (Resurrection Series #4) ni peculiarlullaby
The Elusive Ice Witch ( D R E I
She's vile. She's cold. She's elusive. . . And she has a secret. . . Sinclair Emberwood, labeled as weak and lowly, was born a disgrace, the result of an affair between...
The Billionaire's Queen  ni UnknownBoyyyyyy
The Billionaire's Queen ni UnknownBoyyyyyy
When innocent and naive Lily catches the attention of the ruthless mafia billionaire, Matteo, her life is forever changed. As she is thrust into a world of luxury, dange...
Mesmerized By Her  ni darkmidnight030
Mesmerized By Her ni Itsyourgirlgay
everything about her screams perfection, aphrodite herself might feel overshadowed if they stood side by side. - Kivriel Lew Mercer G!P
Dear Zeus ni Therooftopprincess
Dear Zeusni No longer a Princess
Compilation of hate mail
The Legend of Zevphera ni Msshell
The Legend of Zevpherani Shella
About the journey of the highest-paid assassin of the 21st century who was transported to the world of an ancient book and became one of its characters.
The Art of Free Falling (Cervantes Series) ni ynativity
The Art of Free Falling ( brighter love
Paano magkaroon ng connection sa cute (kahit ninakawan ka ng sukli) na ilang beses mo nang nakakasabay sa jeep: Step 1 Nakawin (debatable) siya sa date niya sa Fair. (Na...
My Nonchalant Crush (University Series #1) ni lavender23456
My Nonchalant Crush (University Leixty
Vienna, the unlucky girl transferee meets the nonchalant guy, Zane. One of the popular and smartest guys in Fareheart University. (University Series#1) every after 1 day...
Serendipitous Harmony A UST Romance ni adriayaaan14
Serendipitous Harmony A UST Romanceni Adrian
"Chasing Dreams Together: A UST Love Tale" unfolds the serendipitous connection between Maya, a passionate architecture student with dreams as vivid as her ske...
Demirine Tatiana Lopez, a 26 year's old lady who wants a peaceful and comfortable life. Her life is almost perfect enjoying the life that she ever wanted not until her l...