HistoriaAwards 5 : Summer Contest (Inscriptions fermées) by -Elyosa-
HistoriaAwards 5 : Summer Contest...by -Elyosa-
Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle édition des HistoriaAwards ! Vous cherchez de l'adrénaline ? Vous êtes au bon endroit! Nous cherchons des écrivains qui osent se défier e...
  • écriture
  • fantasy
  • adolescent
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Voices  by prettiest7
Voices by EVIE❤️
Long blonde hair, Emerald green eyes, Red lips, A mysterious girl, Faith is what they call her. Her name doesn't do her justice, her name can't wipe away the memories...
  • secrets
  • friendship
  • teenlove
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Why you? by yaaayeeet
Why you?by Isha_idrees
Iris- She has it all! Popularity, looks, hot boyfriend, money, and absent parents! Every boy wants her, every girl wants be her. She is the classic ice queen! Rose- the...
  • girlxgirl
  • first
  • romance
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보름달  BTS/Taehyung/Reader FF 21+ by RayneLou
보름달 BTS/Taehyung/Reader FF 21+by Jennifer Louise
From the shadows comes a wolf, yet he's no ordinary predator. He moves to block her escape, staring with hungry eyes. The only sound in the entire house is his breathing...
  • btssuga
  • btsjimin
  • btsfanfic
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The Broken Poet by ItsMeDunDunDun
The Broken Poetby grace
The pieces put together, Created a new story. Yet, no one really wondered, What exactly happened. ••• When the school's outcast went missing a day before summer brea...
  • wattys
  • humor
  • poems
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Decrescendo by shieYaf
Decrescendoby Shin Bernardino
Minsan kailangan nating manahimik para makinig.
  • friendship
  • romance
  • reality
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forever by eliza12309
foreverby eliza12309
winter a smart,funny,beautiful, young girl meets her mate Alexander a possive,strong,hot, and is the alpha of the Blackwood pack the most strongest and feard pack of th...
  • mates
  • romance
  • alpha
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My Summer Love by Sn0wyy
My Summer Loveby Michaela
A summer with teenage lovers... What will happen when summer ends? A girl who lives in a small town called, Anne Maria, FL, and the boy who lives in Salem, Oregon, what...
  • beach
  • school
  • romance
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Our Feelings' Peak || TaeKook/VKook ||《 K.TH × J.JK 》 by hikaritsu
Our Feelings' Peak || TaeKook/VKoo...by 【hikari azayaka】
He breaks into a muffled cry. "I--what--" he hiccups. "I can't. Not after what she did. What if you're lying? What if--" I silence him by pulling him...
  • gay
  • girlfriend
  • jungkook
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Revelio by KeepCalm934
Revelioby Keep_Calm_And_Expecto_Patronum
The Yule Ball is fast approaching and all anyone can talk about is finding a date. Draco, Greg and Vince (albeit reluctantly) join the search, with surprising results.
  • complete
  • fluff
  • teenfic
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Nonexistent love with Mr.billionaire  by taimut
Nonexistent love with Mr.billionai...by taimut
"Who was he?" he asked me in a low voice I didn't know who he was talking about "Who are you talking about?"I asked him and in an instant i was pi...
  • beautiful
  • trip
  • badboy
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O destino escolheu você by BeatrizCortes2
O destino escolheu vocêby Beatriz Cortes
Gabriela é uma renomada diretora de cinema e Gustavo, um aspirante a ator e advogado. Quando Jonas, o mentor de ambos adoece, o destino trata de colocá-los frente a fren...
  • parceria
  • arte
  • romance
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Harlem Heroin | A$AP Rocky by xoticgucciflowers
Harlem Heroin | A$AP Rockyby poetic sunflower
'Rollin with some heavy hittas will get you murked out here babygirl' [Cleopatra Nū just moved to Harlem from Egypt. what happens she meets and falls for gang banger Roc...
  • asapmob
  • lisabonet
  • abeltesfeye
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She's mine by VlogSquad676
She's mineby VlogSquad676
David dobrik,Heath hussar,Zayn Hijazi,Alex ernst, Durte Dom, Scotty sire and Toddy all fall in love with davids new intern.
  • alexernst
  • cute
  • romance
Where My Heart Belongs by halasaad1991
Where My Heart Belongsby Hala Saad
Shivaay lost his childhood love when he was just of 9 yrs old and for 13 years , he is punishing life that took from him his 5 year old best friend (Surbhi) the oberoi...
  • featured
  • feelings
  • fanfiction
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Beano Shorts by xxxyValdez
Beano Shortsby Boycott D&GUnleashed
A selection of shots starring the Beano characters as teenagers (16 - 18). The Follies of Baby-Face Finlayson: 1 - Roger x OC - 9,623 words 2 - Danny x OC - 12,413...
  • beano
  • rogerthedodger
  • fanfiction
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A Living Requiem by ALittleSongBird
A Living Requiemby LittleSongBird
Prologue Everyone's life is worth the same but, our roles are not. I learned that the hard way. Family? No one comes to mind, not anymore but, that's okay. Why am I aliv...
  • horseriding
  • romance
  • vampire
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Stucky One Shots by gryffindorgurlll
Stucky One Shotsby Someone
Stucky One Shots Characters owned by Marvel Plots by me Warning: Mature Content (Not all)
  • stucky
  • love
  • romance
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her. by cubans
her.by cal
(camila/you) ➳ one shots & short stories.
  • camilacabello
  • romance
  • camila
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Silence and Bass by PizParis
Silence and Bassby FR
Collection of Prose and Poems I write. Enjoy!
  • pens
  • sadness
  • poetry
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