fearing the alpha's  by themaskofdeseption
fearing the alpha's by themaskofdeseption
Boy meets boy and can't go against the grain.
  • mate
  • romance
  • bxblove
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Misfits by angel57298
Misfitsby Angel
Captured, and lost. Gone, and never could go back. This was Mia Hanu, twenty-one, innocent, but has fought every time she was challenged. Now she was vulnerable, to a gr...
  • gang
  • kidnapped
  • friendship
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Dois Destinos [Recomeço, livro 3] by JMarquesi
Dois Destinos [Recomeço, livro 3]by Ju Marquesi
Malu Ruschel decide fazer de tudo para ser a primeira mulher na diretoria da Karamanlis! Obstinada, focada, viciada em trabalho, ela não se impõe limites e isso acaba fa...
  • romance
  • saopaulo
  • peão
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Wishing for Death by CustardBun134
Wishing for Deathby Aelyah Mavys
There's always something that anchors you to life. That's what keeps you alive. That's what makes you want to live. That's what's keeping you from death. But for Amrin...
  • depressed
  • trauma
  • nonfiction
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The Dragon Riders by Trash_Queen_33
The Dragon Ridersby I AM TRASH
Every century years four guys from across the world are chosen of the ages of 16 and 20 to be dragon riders. They are chosen to rise above the darkness that will wreak h...
  • rider
  • love
  • dragons
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To all the people I loved,  by wolfkawaii666
To all the people I loved, by wolfkawaii666
A story about Lillian, a 10nth grade girl trying to survive highschool. But soon she meets someone, then someone else, then another person. How will she discover who she...
  • teenagers
  • romance
  • highschool
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To believe or Not? by JasFlower146
To believe or Not?by Jasmin Jas
Laelynn does not believe in love, especially not after her traumatic childhood. She thinks love is a waste, useless and will only burn, hurt and tear her apart if she go...
  • treachery
  • sadness
  • heartbreak
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Meant to be/ Blake Richardson  by isobelrose13
Meant to be/ Blake Richardson by Newhopeissy
He's new He's cute Your best friend disapproves of you liking him What happens next?
  • wattpad
  • vote
  • blakobel
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The Best Mistake by BlackellaCruz29
The Best Mistakeby AgustD_MinMin
Krystal Chanel Gonzales is a woman any man want to have. Almost Perfect ang buhay niya, she has a complete happy family, mayaman, maganda, religious at matalino. She's a...
  • love
  • lies
  • heart
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Shot Through The Heart: A Robin Hood Retelling by ZeroWineThirty
Shot Through The Heart: A Robin Ho...by Z.W. Taylor
Lady Matilda Fitzwalter is stuck in a kingdom on fire; her uncle King Richard is a prisoner in Austria, leaving her, his designated heir, to fend for herself against Pri...
  • historical
  • fantasyromance
  • bad
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[untitled] (Romantic Suspense, Updated Fortnightly) by EliseNoble
[untitled] (Romantic Suspense, Upd...by Elise Noble
This story doesn't have a blurb. It doesn't even have a title. But why not? Because my readers are writing it! Every two weeks, I'll add a new instalment with a decision...
  • romance
  • archaeology
  • newstart
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Chasing Nightmares: A Compilation of One-Shots by LuliWrites
Chasing Nightmares: A Compilation...by Luli Xú
This is a collection of one-shots that I've written and posted in Writers' Club Amino. These consist of challenge entries and standalone pieces. For the sections contain...
  • challenges
  • one-shots
  • zodiac
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Her Eclipse by introverttee
Her Eclipseby Estée
"You aren't an eclipse. You're a fucking shooting star." He whispers into my ear directing icy chills racing down my spinal cord. "You are far from ever b...
  • romance
  • teenagers
  • highschool
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Adam and William, complete opposites(a boyxboy) by Loveisdeadtome321
Adam and William, complete opposit...by Loveisdeadtome321
Adam and William,complete opposites.two boys with a secret that only themselves know,will the two fall for each other?
  • romance
  • highschoolishell
  • boyxboy
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Hidden Truth | Jeon Jungkook by Butterfliestudio
Hidden Truth | Jeon Jungkookby A L I C I A
"Your name is Lee Jieun?" "Ye-yes. What's wrong?" "Oh nothing. I just know someone with the same name." In which she makes the biggest mist...
  • jjk
  • pjm
  • btsfanfiction
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What Are We? (Gabentine) by clementinemarsh127
What Are We? (Gabentine)by clementinemarsh127
After unknowingly stealing gas from a group of the name, 'The New Frontier' Gabriel Garcia is split apart from his family. He was being taken to the main base of TNF, bu...
  • mariana
  • clabe
  • gabexclem
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sup bro, i'm here to kill you by scarlettfoxworth
sup bro, i'm here to kill youby
The thoughts of scarlett when getting the call for the job.
  • adult
  • scarlettfoxworth
  • awesome
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Just me ~ Poetry by mochaas
Just me ~ Poetryby • I like to write •
#1 in poetry ~ 12.12.17
  • heartbreak
  • wattpad
  • mentalhealth
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