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Rose Full of Thorns by lheybitch
Rose Full of Thornsby lheybitch
I pushed the door in front of me. It was dark and the only thing I heard was moans. " Brent babe, oh my ghad. Harder please! Ohh " this is all coming from the...
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Forbidden Love by lolisushii
Forbidden Loveby Louis Macaiah
'Would you sacrifice for love?' Catheryna would scoff to that when she was younger. 17 years has passed in her life and a man came into her love life, which turned her w...
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The Escort by Pink_eleph
The Escortby Pink_eleph
Kelly a workaholic, smart, beautiful woman hires an escort. Will she share some of her secrets ? Will she share her condition ? Will she be able to cross over her paths...
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Queen of Flowers and Shade | ✔︎ by Metanioaa
Queen of Flowers and Shade | ✔︎by ♕𝐌𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐧𝗼𝐢𝐚♕
Sighing deeply and wrinkling her forehead, she came up with an idea, "I will aid you in bringing back the mortals springtime, and when I am done, you will say nothi...
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Hello, George by huntersmithauthor
Hello, Georgeby Hunter Smith
18-year-old George is an aspiring chef with a problem: he can't taste his own cooking. *** After meeting an odd, charismatic dancer named Eliza at a Vietnamese restaura...
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BTS Oneshots!!  by alien_ma_boi1504
BTS Oneshots!! by Chimmy baby alien
Random oneshots with BTS. I usually do boy x boy but there's three with a reader. Requests are open!!!
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Put Your Head On My Shoulder  by WarmSunflower123
Put Your Head On My Shoulder by ☆☆
A bright young girl and an oddball school genius's accidental encounter brings about a sweet and playful romance. Situ Mo is a graduating student. As someone who got use...
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If I Ain't Got You by LorriMoore
If I Ain't Got Youby Lorri Moore
"So if I'd kiss you, you wouldn't run away," Alex states. "Try me," I challenge him. "Are you sure?" he asks stepping closer. "I'm tel...
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Forcible Wedlock (zarry) by Happiness_exists
Forcible Wedlock (zarry)by Luna
"Dont you dare think that I will love you, I will make sure that you are suffering for the rest of your life", zayn whispered in Harry's ear. Started:23/11/20...
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Begin Again by artb4by
Begin Againby bella
Evie didn't know what heartbreak actually was until her boyfriend of four years decided to end their relationship. She doesn't think she'll ever find someone to mend her...
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The CEO'S lover by babyminx3
The CEO'S loverby ogbuji favour ihuoma
I dunno just read
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I make friends with boys by 5645ad
I make friends with boysby 5645ad
mine name is Ariana lilly Earl,am a girl with such crazy life but what makes it crazy , its even the opposite of her life. " hey pussy" said sky snakin...
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A Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counselor by OfflineWebNovels4U
A Mistaken Marriage Match: A OfflineWebNovels4U
She is an honorably retired SWAT officer with meritorious deeds and is a dashing detective who solves cases like a god. One day, a strange golden board with eight divina...
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TRTS #1 : Heart Attack by beyondlocks
TRTS #1 : Heart Attackby Janice Martana
TRTS #1 Noah Clayton He's one of the best young cardiologist in New York. He's a genius and he handled his patience really well. Despite taking care of people's heart, h...
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As It Lingers Through Me by spundzzzi
As It Lingers Through Meby Spundzzzi
Being haunted by her own nightmare ever since she was a child, Adalia constantly looked for answers that she hoped would satisfy her questions. Who or what is the monst...
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R U M I T by putriayu12_
R U M I Tby Parkjihyoo
Park Jihyo & Jeon Jungkoon rasa lokal 🔥 Allana sangat mencintai Saga, tapi tiba-tiba Saga memutuskan hubungan mereka. Saat Allana sedang patah hati Yugyeom sahabat Alla...
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Monster (Marvel Male Reader) by IvanBullock
Monster (Marvel Male Reader)by Nerd Herd
Y/N L/N doesn't know much about his family or where he came from. All he knows is that he's lived in New York all his life, fighting and stealing to survive. One day he...
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Just You and Me in A Classroom by RayWrites666_XD
Just You and Me in A Classroomby ~*Ray*~
Jackson and his girlfriend brake up the night of the prom and he's heartbroken. Jackson just wishes he could start over everything with Olivia but he knows he can't. Whe...
Ecstasy by JasmynAmber
Ecstasyby JasmynAmber
Hi :) This is my first imagine on here. I hope you enjoy it. I don't know what the time period is going to be between chapters so please remain patient with me. I will t...
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 Forever Young in the Past. by Epiphany1224
Forever Young in the Moon
Who knew you would be in a relationship with a kpop idol. One of THE MOST FAMOUS kpop idols? Who knew you would have a brother who is ALSO a kpop idol. I mean, literally...
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