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AWOL by dalekchung
AWOLby dalekchung
It started with Alex Rider's disappearance. It continued when unassuming SAS soldier, Lynx, surfaced. It ended with a mission and the downfall of an espionage empire. (A...
Where the Ghosts Lie by jndixon2
Where the Ghosts Lieby Nichole
{Wattpad Featured Story} Nolan Clay was convicted of murder and dishonorably discharged from his marksman position in the Navy SEALs all in one night...for a crime he di...
Promise  by Author-ds
Promise by Writer
"I've always hated you." He seethed. "Then explain last night, you basically begged me to-" His hand wrapped around her neck quickly, her eyes widen...
The Country in Time by AnonymousAuthorNC2
The Country in Timeby AnonymousAuthorNC2
What if a genius created a time machine but instead of just traveling himself, he got a whole country with him? Find out what happens to America when they find themselv...
the Bodyguard  by HumanWikipedia16
the Bodyguard by HumanWikipedia16
A girl named Bryce Devil goes through a tough challenge as she takes on the responsibility as Eliza Kings bodyguard . . Will the ex-soldier break or will she complete th...
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy School Story by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Ben has a problem. Something he has never told anyone for some time. And it's hurting him. If it isn't resolved soon, the consequences will be devastating. Can the rest...
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Secrets He Now Holds ~ TW & American Assassins by NyaGordon-X
Secrets He Now Holds ~ TW & Nya
Stiles leaves after senior year going to college as an fbi but that changes when Katrina is murdered. He changed his name to Mitch Rapp and now works with the CIA. He b...
His old life ~Teen Wolf and American Assassin & TMR by NyaGordon-X
His old life ~Teen Wolf and Nya
What happens when Stiles has been missing for 10 years? What if during those 10 years he changed his name to Mitch Rapp and found love but only for it to be taken away f...
Mind the Gap: a Spy School Collection by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Mind the Gap: a Spy School AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Stuart Gibbs has created a universe in which he presents a hypothetical scenario in which the Central Intelligence Agency would be like if middle and high schoolers were...
Mission Impossible Preferences by SSA-SadBoi
Mission Impossible Preferencesby The Sadest Boi
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) August Walker (Henry Cavill)
Spy School - Back to Basics [2] by tehImpossible
Spy School - Back to Basics [2]by lobster who writes spy school
[Sequel to Spy School - Nemesis] AGENT: Ben Ripley MISSION: Operation M&M's: Find SKITTLE's new leader (aka Adan Alonso's girlfriend), and take SKITTLES down for good. O...
Undercover by ellabella201
Undercoverby ellabella201
Most people complain about things like moving or getting a bad grade. i used to complain about things like that, in my old life! now i have no time to complain i have mu...
Miss Watson [Detective Conan] by DawnLicht
Miss Watson [Detective Conan]by Lin
Photographer, occasionally detective, you return to Japan to join the rest of your family in Japan. Unlike them, you don't appreciate to be in the light, you prefer to a...
MERCHANT SERIES by Kausa Guinevere Otricia
"Miss kausa,some people are looking for you in the staffroom".said one of the prefects. "Thanks I will be right there,Martha take over the class for me,Jo...
HIATUS! Enigma | Detective Conan FF by FUJI_SEN
HIATUS! Enigma | Detective Conan FFby FUJI
She was an Enigma and she knew it. Senki had many names and titles, many talents and faults, yet she has too many enemy and too little friends that truly know her. She b...
Code Name ARGENT by mafleurrouge
Code Name ARGENTby Ambler
"You're a psychopath"," No I'm just creative" Sure, some would describe Natasha Argent as a psycho, psychotic, or even psychopathic, but that's not...
Airwalkers by teamkeefe2025
Airwalkersby The Bookmonster
This is the story of an Alternate very close to ours called Archon. Ariah is an average Airwalker, if a little.....different. But when humans take over the Archon and k...
Agent Tris Prior by tiff_any
Agent Tris Priorby tiff_any
They say relationships are hard in this line of work, Agent Tris finds out the hard way. She and her team Uriah, Marlene, Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Al, Lynn and Fou...
Why? Spencer. by Redrum5455
Why? Redrum5455
The team gets suspicious, after Dr. Spencer Reid keeps coming into work late, changing his look, and not going to class. JJ thinks he has a little dirty little secret...
Five-0: Part Two by poppy_rose
Five-0: Part Twoby poppy_rose
SEQUEL "Five-0" first! Begins two weeks after last book. Heather deals with the death of her mother, and Steve begins to figure out that something about Alliso...