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Collection | Emily Prentiss by emily12o1970
Collection | Emily Prentissby ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽◯☾₊‧⁺˖⋆
A collection of one-shots and short stories, mainly staring Emily Prentiss at the BAU.
New Hope by YutosUniverse
New Hopeby YutosUniverse
Criminal Minds, Spencer Reid fanfiction After a spy gets burned she doesn't have many options left. Not being able to leave the country ever again, job options are limit...
Protecting the school's idiots by RiskyShadow
Protecting the school's idiotsby S.
~~~ "You are a monster and you will always be one. There was never a turning back for it, never. I know you're special but it's so uncommon that someone can change...
Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?(A Taylor Swift Adoption Story) by llamaswift13
Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?(A llamaswift13
Amara Patel is so not your average six year old, just like Taylor Swift is so not your average singer/songwriter. With a past that's more complex then ever, and a unique...
Spy School goes Commando by SPYGUY124
Spy School goes Commandoby JumpMan
In this story, Joshua returns to Spy School with a plan to get rid of Ben (part of Murray's Project X), but Ben escapes and joins David "Section" Mason and Mik...
KILLER QUEEN. spencer reid by punygawds
KILLER QUEEN. spencer reidby 🪩
killer queen ❝caviar and cigarettes, well versed in etiquette❞ criminal minds seasons six - eight spencer reid x original character in which a con artist on the payrol...
"I'M A TEENAGER, SO WHAT? I CAN STILL KICK YOUR ASS." when alexia ortega, a child genius hacker, goes on an adventure to find her birth father after her moth...
You Are My Sunshine. by 13-A-Lucky-Unlucky
You Are My 13-The-Lucky-Unlucky
Twenty was the best criminal mastermind there was. Nobody has ever seen his face unless he wanted them to, and nobody who hired him for work was ever disappointed. Howev...
UNKNOWN || MAFIA X READER by school2020fav
"I Don't love you, I never did" She Said yelling at him while holding a Gun in her hand which was pointed towards him. "You're Lying, My Lady" He Sai...
Old Scars, New Wounds by opheliacho
Old Scars, New Woundsby Ophelia Cho
Agent Celeste Zhou left it all behind two years ago. The Green Berets, the military life, everything. If she worked behind a desk analysing numbers for the CIA, then she...
Secrets He Now Holds ~ TW & American Assassins by NyaGordon-X
Secrets He Now Holds ~ TW & Nya
Stiles leaves after senior year going to college as an fbi but that changes when Katrina is murdered. He changed his name to Mitch Rapp and now works with the CIA. He b...
Sierra || Lloyd Hansen by glass-dahlia
Sierra || Lloyd Hansenby 𓆏
"Hey Lloyd?" "Yeah?" "I immediately don't like you." "Well, I'm glad we're on the same page." A Lloyd Hansen x gn!reader
Spy School Year 4 by Sanarahhhh
Spy School Year 4by Me✨
What will happen between Erica and Ben? Will there ever be a relationship, or was it always just a potential. Here's my take on what Ben and Erica's relationship would b...
TORN FLESH ━ MITCH RAPP ² by magaesthetic
❝ YOU'RE TOO OLD, TO BE SO SHY ❞ ( © magaesthetic ) 2020 cover by ( @euphoiraxx- ) ( part two in the new flesh series )
Compromised by RebelleFleur00
Compromisedby Rebelle Fleur
Blaire Lennon was one of the best and brightest agents in the CIA, the only problem was, she was a little trigger happy and slightly deranged. After a series of inciden...
Call of duty Black ops 6 (OC) by JameelJames4
Call of duty Black ops 6 (OC)by Actionfun23
Harry "Nomad" L/n is dead and now his sister Sandra has taken the Nomad name during the Gulf war as she, the new ghost lead, Frank woods, Troy Marshal and Russ...
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy School Story by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Ben has a problem. Something he has never told anyone for some time. And it's hurting him. If it isn't resolved soon, the consequences will be devastating. Can the rest...
Mr. And Mrs. Reid by pizzacup13
Mr. And Mrs. Reidby Shanna 😍
THIS IS A SEQUEL TO MYSTERY GIRL. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT ALREADY, GO DO THAT! In the eagerly awaited sequel to Mystery Girl, follow the journey of Spencer and Nya Reid...
Spy School - Nemesis [1] by tehImpossible
Spy School - Nemesis [1]by lobster who writes spy school
[Takes place after Spy School Revolution] AGENT: Ben Ripley MISSION: Thwart enemy agent, Murray Hills, once and for all. OBJECTIVES: 1. Prove that Erica Hale's sister...
HIATUS! Enigma | Detective Conan FF by FUJI_SEN
HIATUS! Enigma | Detective Conan FFby FUJI
She was an Enigma and she knew it. Senki had many names and titles, many talents and faults, yet she has too many enemy and too little friends that truly know her. She b...