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Jojo Siwa x Reader by SiwaSlayer77
Jojo Siwa x Readerby SiwaSlayer77
This will be a series of Jojo x Reader stories I am writing!
Draco Malfoy x jojo siwa  by omgamazeballs229
Draco Malfoy x jojo siwa by balls
this is a story about how jojo and draco fell in love 😍
Dance Moms: HollyWoods New Star by Lunamayfield_
Dance Moms: HollyWoods New Starby bambers
Riley and Ellie Spencer and Piper Johnson were average everyday teen dancers from Nebraska. They attend 'Dance, Tap, Flip' dance studio, where they complete in their com...
Melanie Ziegler || Dance Moms by -highinfidelity
Melanie Ziegler || Dance Momsby 𝒂𝒗𝒊
Melanie Victoria Ziegler is the third and youngest daughter of Kurt Ziegler and Melissa Gisoni. She has two older sisters, Maddie and Kenzie. Mel has been dancing at the...
Never Second [Dance Moms] by Tigercubchae
Never Second [Dance Moms]by aurora.
Nini is one of Abby's most prized students. She's hardworking, determined, and she wins. What more could Abby want from a student? What happens when her and her mother w...
ALDC CUTIES(imagines, and preferences) by alondratrevi
ALDC CUTIES(imagines, and alondratrevi
Imagines and preferences of the girls from Dance Moms. Chloe Lukasiak, Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Brooke Hyland, Paige Hyland, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hiliker, and Ken...
the one | dance moms by spiderrose11
the one | dance momsby spiderrose11
paige hyland. the forgotten dancer. the cast-aside talent. the one abby lee miller will never give a chance too. but what happens when one day she does? when paige is gi...
SquirtingLemons by squirtingLemon
SquirtingLemonsby LoopyReads
This story is about a kid in high-school. He meets this girl named amber. All she wants to do is get sum freaky freaky wit Justin but Justin rlly shy and awkward so you...
The New Girl by foodddd123
The New Girlby foodddd123
Olivia Wilson is an amazing dancer who is obsessed with the show dance moms. She has always dreamed of being on the show and when she goes to an open call for Abby's stu...
Upside Down || Dance Moms by KRKRwrites
Upside Down || Dance Momsby Los
It's Season 6, Chloe Lukasiak didn't leave the ALDC and Dance Moms after Season 4. What if the season ended differently? What if Maddie was more heavily Favorited than b...
The old, preppy jojo is dead!😭 She is now in her Karmas era🖤 But not anymore! The old and new Jojo magically exist at the same time! A journey of self hatred...and lov...
Dance First (Dance Moms ALDC LA Fanfiction) by anon-sirekl20
Dance First (Dance Moms ALDC LA -,' moi ',-
Aurelia was a prodigy of many talents. After taking a break, she has now appeared back in the limelight with an invite to ALDC for the TV show Dance Moms. Aurelia, havi...
The Devil's Son by jadesleigh
The Devil's Sonby lolo
•COMPLETED• Maddie Ziegler and Kalani Hilliker have been dating for 8 months. They've been best friends for even longer. Everyone thinks that they make the perfect coupl...
Dance Moms Preferences by -T-L-C-
Dance Moms Preferencesby NerdyAmericanFemale
Preferences of the Dance Moms girls! -1k (Feb 3rd, 2023) -4k (July 5th, 2023)
the pain and the pleasure-chloe lukasiak by saralancesbae
the pain and the pleasure-chloe JJ
pleasure (noun) a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment ⇥ dance moms s1━ ?? ⇥ chloe lukasiak x fem!oc started 1/26/23
No Longer ALDC {Sequel to The Last Night} (Completed) by Katie_aw_xoxo
No Longer ALDC {Sequel to The Katie
The Junior Elite team has been kicked out of the ALDC, abandoned by Abby. So, what will they do now that Gianna adopted them and they have moved to LA?
Jojo x reader by mangoyea
Jojo x readerby 🌸 | Mango | 🌸
a horror story
ALDC Transformed 2 // Dance Moms Fanfic by Taylor_Smiles
ALDC Transformed 2 // Dance Moms Taylor Smiles
Sequel to ALDC Transformed. Where will Katie go now...? How will she continue...? People may not be as they seem. DO NOT COPY MY BOOK - COPYRIGHT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CON...
Jojo Siwa X tx2  by fatcuntyrat
Jojo Siwa X tx2 by Pops:)
"You've been a bad girl, let's do some bad things 😈😈" Credits to tx2 x jojo siwa ❤️❤️❤️/ for the idea to make this 😍😍
someday-kendall vertes by saralancesbae
someday-kendall vertesby JJ
"someday, i promise, we can be together forever." ⇥ dance moms s4━ ? ⇥ kendall vertes x fem!oc started 1/26/23