“Watch TV or something." That's what the note says.
So I say to myself, fine. But I think I'll do the "or something" part.”


♤ Megan
♤ 20
♤ Dreamer of all things impossible
♤ A writer at heart
♤ Reads more than she should
♤ Addicted to coffee
♤ Writes about things she has no clue about
♤ Sings horribly off-key
♤ Has an unrealistic view on life
♤ Too optimistic for her own good
♤ Has a soft spot for puppies
♤ Spends all of her time watching tv shows
♤ And loves each of her fans with everything she has ♥

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@xxLastSummerxx my one and only love in life. Pretty much my everything ♥
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    In Florida ✈
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Kissing Prince Charming

Social data: 760K reads. 20K votes. 8.1K comments.

Description: ❝What would you do to find your Prince Charming?❞ Everyone knows your first kiss is supposed to be the most exciting thing in your life. For Grace Carter it just so happened to take place in a janitors closet with a boy she doesn't even know. Now w...

#298 in Teen Fiction

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Almost Lover

Almost Lover

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Jo Banks doesn't believe in coincidences. She also doesn't believe in fate, second chances, or that ever...



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A retelling of Beauty and the Beast ~

The Suicide Call

The Suicide Call

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When seventeen-year-old Lydia Good ends up getting drunk at a party and performs the biggest prank of he...

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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imperfectinfinity posted a message to Nickymb
'Kissing Prince Charming' is one of my FAVORITE books on Wattpad and I was super stoked when I got the notification that you updated!! I am just in love with your writing style and the whole idea of the book!!! I was just wondering if you were going to be doing more regular updates on the book?? I know you have a life and other things to do, but it would honestly make my life if it started to get updated more frequently, because I read it while I'm in the hospital and it always cheers me up. So that's all I wanted to say, I absolutely love your books and can't wait for the next update of 'Kissing Prince Charming' whenever you may get to it. Have a wonderful day!!! ❤❤❤❤
gabbyalex posted a message to Nickymb
I got a notification that you updated Prince Charming.  Did you delete it?  Just wondering.  Love your book and have been waiting for you to update.  xo