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Baby's First Swim Lesson by JordanTheGirth
Baby's First Swim Lessonby JordanTheGirth
Mike, 16, has never taken swim lessons before. So his mom decides it's no time like the present and signs him up. But he's put into the beginner class with little babies...
Amber - Back in Diapers by beefstew588
Amber - Back in Diapersby beefstew588
A young lady called Amber goes through a challenging phase to get over her laziness.
Potty Training Problems by Benji1007
Potty Training Problemsby Benji1007
A young boy goes to stay his with his Aunt and her young family for six months, little does he know what they have in store for him when he arrives.
Medical Testing Mommy by KayQueueTee
Medical Testing Mommyby KQT
(18+, Adult content.) Two best friends and roommates undergo a dynamic change when a medical trial causes one of them to produce milk and take on a more maternal role fo...
Irl peeing stories  by pandabreadtasty
Irl peeing stories by pandabreadtasty
Stories of places i've peed in, some are requests. To request: Go to my Omorashi Pee Stories story, find the chapter titled "HEYYY" and you can tell me a place...
Restart by Scboy17
Restartby Scboy17
A young couple who had recently married decided to have their honeymoon at a new resort.... Little did they know that upon their visit... their lives would change foreve...
The Summer at Daycare by GoodBoltBoy
The Summer at Daycareby Bolt
Tom is forced to work at daycare for the summer but little does he know the journey he is about to go on.
Omorashi Pee Stories by pandabreadtasty
Omorashi Pee Storiesby pandabreadtasty
Short stories about a couple who loves pee, like me! Care to read along? ;)
Diaperhog day - The "Make Your Own Adventure" Style by DiaperedRoman
Diaperhog day - The "Make Your Own...by diapered roman
Do you want to spend a day as a little girl on her birthday, trying to avoid as many diaper changes as possible? Do you like making decision such as eating extra piece o...
Potty parodical  12d by jazlittlewolf
Potty parodical 12dby jazlittlewolf
How a kid name Jack tone ,one day, after congresses pass potty hygiene genie act, and how change everything.
Hermione's Problems by SkyeMariaDG
Hermione's Problemsby Skye Maria
Hermione Granger receives a mysterious letter inviting her to study at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry l, but how will she cope as growing up gets in the way...
story requests  by p3rvyrp
story requests by smelly little thing
requested story's about various kink and fetishes of all kinds
Potty Training Class by DiaperPup4
Potty Training Classby DiaperPup
Father takes some to Potty Training Class for boys. Son doesn't want to be potty trained, instead wants to be a baby.
Not so grown up  by idk_20001
Not so grown up by test
A 13 year old boy who is trying to be just like rest but when he thinks bedwetting is his only problem another one occurs ***fan suggested ***
Baby stone for siblings  by jazlittlewolf
Baby stone for siblings by jazlittlewolf
Two sibling, are regressed,firgue out there new life.
Confessions of a Diaper Boy by JordanTheGirth
Confessions of a Diaper Boyby JordanTheGirth
Real story's and confessions that impacted me growing up
Sniffey Goes To The Potty by TwilightArmor4622
Sniffey Goes To The Pottyby Luke Elms
Sniffey, a little girl skunk, learns to use the potty instead of her diaper, but not before many trials, errors, and terrifying moments.
Out of nightmares by 13butstilldiapered
Out of nightmaresby Jan S
Greg, a nearly 10 years old boy, have some troubles with bedwettiong. Not every night but often enough to make his alcoholic mother really mad. His older Sister, Carola...
The power of personal time by jazlittlewolf
The power of personal timeby jazlittlewolf
Some time need take break big world.
The day I put a diaper on by NoraThePull-upGirl
The day I put a diaper onby Nora Soyster
My life was normal till' I peed in the Grocery Store. I wanted to go to camp so badly but couldn't because of "Issues".