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The Curvy Bet by katara852
The Curvy Betby katara852
Olivia Johnson was a normal typical teenager, she has two best friends whom she loves, a caring family, what could be her downfall? oh yeah, she's fat. Society rules he...
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The Girl Unnoticed  by calpuccino
The Girl Unnoticed by daphne
Leighton Parker never asked to be unnoticed or never wanted to be. It's just in her nature to be the girl everyone forgets and ignores. But when the bad boy appeared ba...
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Love, Emma by LeftyMcGee
Love, Emmaby LeftyMcGee
"E-Emma? It's okay y-you know. I-I'm used to i-i-it." "You shouldn't have to be, some people disgust me, the nerve of them." "I can't blame t-t...
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INSECURE  by Yonnababy2
INSECURE by Yonnababy2
just read its bomb af
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Insecure Love. by desirediaries
Insecure desirediaries
Love story of a fat woman and a fit man. "You dont know how gorgeous you look.You will not believe me but I want to show you something."he said as he took me i...
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The Fat Luna by xo_cookie_life_xo
The Fat Lunaby H
" I will give you a second chance mate. You may choose what you will like your mate to be like or look like. " The moon goddess says. I smile. " I don't m...
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Pizza Delivery ; Daniel Seavey  by victorias_avocado
Pizza Delivery ; Daniel Seavey by victoria ✌🏻🤠✌🏻
Being in abusive friendships in grade school gives 17 year old, Kristen Johnson trust issues causing her to always hide her emotions. Meeting people that leave her becau...
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Her Peace by bjewel787740
Her Peaceby Bethany🤪🤪❤
Yazmyn Hall. A dark chocolate, thick and Beautiful girl. But VERY insecure with a traumatizing past. Trevon Smith. A thug with a tiny soft spot. Read to find out more...
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Matenapped |✓ by ranchchips
Matenapped |✓by jenna claire
Before I could blank he suddenly ran up to me at an impossible speed and grabbed me by the nape of my neck, not giving me a chance to say something or move away "Yo...
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Phat But Thick by ViaLoves
Phat But Thickby SylviaWB
17 year old Summer learns to love Tre despite her insecurities but can he love her with all the baggage she comes with?
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You are beautiful (Boyxboy) by PhoenixFirebird7
You are beautiful (Boyxboy)by PhoenixFirebird7
Cody wasn't always 'fat'. But now at 18 all he can see is the flab and the double chin. He's given up on finding the perfect man for him, as far as he's concerned no one...
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One Direction Preferences and Imagines by MissLaurenMargaret
One Direction Preferences and Lauren Margaret
One Direction Preferences and Imagines Requests currently closed Looking for a co-Writer!
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The Untitled Girl by Caterina_Efe
The Untitled Girlby Caterina Efé
Follow the story of Luciana Esther Carter who is just another girl conditioned by the "she is better than me" mentality that plagues so many young females in t...
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Badder than Bad (Plus size story) by Undiscoveredbeauty_
Badder than Bad (Plus size story)by Undiscoveredbeauty_
"One day l decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me fe...
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Doctor's Obsession by DreamRifter
Doctor's Obsessionby DreamRifter
Leah Harris wakes up in a hospital and the only comfort she finds is in her handsome physician. Over the course of her recovery, they grow close. Too close. When regula...
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Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim Love Story) ✔ by prettysmiles1999
Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim M o n a
TEXT COPYRIGHT © M. A. ™ 2016 ~~~~~ "We can never be together," Adam suddenly says. His voice is small, but it sounds like soft velvet to my ears. "We're...
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Unspoken by Wintersdancer
Unspokenby Sierra
It's my choice to become mute. The things that happened to me has me so horrified that I've decided to be a selective mute. I was taken as a child and I had to endure pa...
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Perfect || Niall Horan by SmileForNiallx
Perfect || Niall Horanby Lauren
April Matthews will do anything to be perfect. With her boyfriend constantly pointing out her flaws, it becomes her only goal to make them disappear. However, when she r...
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"You're the bastard who killed me!" (Alastor/Reader) by DeluxeYoyos
"You're the bastard who killed Deluxe Yoyos
After your mysterious murder during the Great Depression, you find yourself in hell, and suprise suprise it's really not half bad. You end up making friends with this ki...
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Just Smile (All Ships With Rye) - (Slow Updates) by littlelou4eva17
Just Smile (All Ships With Rye) lydia 🐧
'How do I like two people at the same time?' 'When did I let my walls down again? I need to get them back up'. 'Why is this happening?'. 'I don't want to get hurt...agai...
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