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Pheromone Recognition Disorder by LiannQ
Pheromone Recognition Disorderby LiannQ
Title: 信息素识别障碍 Author: A Lot Of Hair (头发多多) Status: Completed Synopsis: In the dark and filthy dungeon, Huo Xianfeng found a special Omega. He was gorgeous, cold, and sh...
✓After the boss wears interstellar by ruwen05026
✓After the boss wears interstellarby Jieun
Author: Calendula Category: Rebirth through time travel Lu Yuan failed to cross the tribulation, and transmigrated into a horticultural student who was discriminated aga...
Original Time:" He burst into a cannon folder 'o'" Author: Liang Bai Kaikai This book is for offline purpose only. Credit goes to the author and translator. I...
I became the strongest mecha player in general subjects by Xiaoshuo_
I became the strongest mecha 中国小说
Senior programmer Xiao Qingyun once traveled to the interstellar world where mental power can also code. Talking to the machine depends on mental power, and sending...
Battle Damaged Beauty Conquers All Stars by Jero_Heki
Battle Damaged Beauty Conquers Jero_Heki
The 20-year-old God of War Shen Yan died in the battle and heard a strange sound in a coma. 【Welcome to the world of ABO. 】 [You are a delicate omega cannon fodder, the...
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the sovereign origin system by dragon_samurai_13
the sovereign origin systemby the dragon shogun
what if something very mysterious happened after jaune saved cardin from the ursa he is gifted with a ridiculous power from the sovereign lord of gods, the almighty crea...
rebuild of evangelion: the guardian defender of the universe by dragon_samurai_01
rebuild of evangelion: the the dragon shogun
shinji ikari has been traversing through the universe, known only as the guardian azrael, now stands as the pilot of the black lion of voltron, and must fight to defend...
Darling in the Franx: Alternate Core by HectorAndrsGaytanSal
Darling in the Franx: Alternate ElderPCDovah
In a world where most of humanity is no longer what it was, how valuable are the values of the Old? Unknown to APE, a secret elite group of scientist and military broke...
I, Mecha Queen, Across the Planet by Xiaoshuo_
I, Mecha Queen, Across the Planetby 中国小说
He Lengbai came to the interstellar world and became a poor person on the poorest planet. She inherited the sky-defying full-level mecha skills, thinking that she would...
Reincarnated into Another World with Mecha by Ryuga711
Reincarnated into Another World Ryuga711
I died. The fucking truck driver ran me over. But a god saved me.... Sort of.... Gave me another chance to live in another world as a Hero. Is this an Isekai-trash trope...
The Folly of Man(Male G. Earth Faunus Reader x multiple universes) by GodzillaLegendaryRPG
The Folly of Man(Male G. Earth Godzilla's Grandfather
You were a lizard Faunus. Once. Now you are the King of the Monsters, and kill whatever harms the Earth, or anything on it, and you go to Beacon Academy to be a hunter...
Mindustrial War (RWBY x Mindustry Crossover) by Somwherian
Mindustrial War (RWBY x Somwherian
Everything changes when a shooting star lands on a planet with a broken moon Remnant has always imagined about their first encounter with the extraterrestrial, but they...
Britannia vs America(Discontinued) by Freebrams
Britannia vs America(Discontinued)by Freebrams
When a mysterious rift opens up just off the coast of Hawaii in 2042, the United States sends a reconnaissance force through to investigate. What they find is not what t...
He Who Hears Voices - 86 by GurrenLaggan80
He Who Hears Voices - 86by Gurren Laggan80
Out of every world you could be reborn into, Grey fell into the wrong one. He was born as an 86, but the worst of it was he could hear the voices. They yelled at him, to...
Ash Like Snow (Self-insert X Gundam 00) by I-Love-SABER
Ash Like Snow (Self-insert X I love ARCHER
Do you ever wonder why ice and fire are not never meant to be well lets tell story about a boy who lost his parents from a fire as snow was falling down like Ash Like Sn...
Absolute ZERO [A Darling in the FranXX Story] (DISCONTINUED) by 6_Doom_6_Marine_6
Absolute ZERO [A Darling in the Dooge121
Code: 0000 or Absolute ZERO is an Elite pararasite, having the 0000 rank he was overall the best FranXX pilot in his Squad. 0000 is even stronger and more skillfull than...
Please Fix the Story! by Avaleon
Please Fix the Story!by Screaming at an Empty Room
I don't know who I am. I don't know why I'm trapped in this never ending cycle of rebirth. All I know is that I wake up inside the worlds of unfinished stories, with a m...
[BL] Transmigrated Into the Violent Boss' Little Mermaid by Erishi_An
[BL] Transmigrated Into the Sylvie
Transmigrated Into the Violent Boss' Little Mermaid 穿成暴戾大佬的小人鱼 Author 弦三千 Status in COO 106 Chapter + 10 Extras (Complete) Description Jun Qingyu pursues a novel with a...
The Domineering Glutton Of The Future by My_Leeee
The Domineering Glutton Of The ally
#food Mo Chu was reborn. She opened her eyes to find herself in a world where a thousand years had passed. The docile animals and plants became very aggressive, and elem...
W. M. I. C. M. Y. R.  by N0CELESTlAL
W. M. I. C. M. Y. R. by n0ceIestiaI
WORSHIP ME, I CAN MAKE YOU RICH Novel Summary: On the first day of work for the little intern God of Wealth, Zhang Zhou was filled with confidence and complacency. He l...