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Running Blind by Fave101
Running Blindby Fave101
Jack Frost ran away from Asgard 220 years ago and ended up on earth. He has been blind from birth, but never told anyone on earth that. When he walks into his brother...
(RotG) E. Aster Bunnymund x Reader - Love between last of their kind by Lucifeerus
(RotG) E. Aster Bunnymund x Lucifer
You are big fan of the Guardians, but what happens when you finally meet them? You fell in love with the Easter Bunny, but is the love between you two strong enough to h...
Imagination Is Everything by BoundInChains9793
Imagination Is Everythingby its_not.em
Alive for centuries, she's roamed the world, unknown and all alone. Hidden away in her burrow, buried underneath papers, pens and hardcovers, she does her job anonymous...
Decree |The Anak Series| [COMPLETED!] by Xx_Anaklusmos_xX
Decree |The Anak Series| [ TheGodsOfWriting
|| DISCLAIMER: Book is considered a main book in "The Anak Series" there is no order of book you must read in The Anak Series || "See you soon?" He...
Guardian of the Hunt (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Artemus_Hunter
Guardian of the Hunt (Percy Guardian of Wolves
When Perseus is betrayed by the people he love's. He doesn't know what to do anymore and goes to the gods to die. But Zeus has other plans for him. I do not own PJO no...
The Unknown by Rddudd
The Unknownby Jas jacey
Follow the lives of four young orphans who suddenly find themselves growing up under the stern discipline of not one but two handsome inexperienced guardians who are cle...
Guardian Angel // Peter Parker x Reader by procrasto-chan
Guardian Angel // Peter Parker x ᴀ ᴅɪsᴀᴘᴘᴏɪɴᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ~
"Who the hell are you guys?" "We're the fucking Guardians of the Galaxy, bitch." Y/N Quill, Peter Quill's daughter, used to be an outlaw with her f...
Kindling of Frost and Ashes (Phoenix Chronicles Book 3) by KelseyKeating2
Kindling of Frost and Ashes ( Kelsey Keating
The battle at Osha castle is won, and the Militia now holds tentative power over Braskey. Roman Treck leads under Lady Helena's counsel and Aundreya Leyera's attentive...
The Guardians and their doors.  by Irisofthewaters
The Guardians and their doors. by Irisofthewaters
Sequel to Mortals meet the god Perseus. Reunited with some, separated from others, the guardians are trapped in an alternate dimension where they must "nudge"...
Ignite (Phoenix Chronicles Book 1) by KelseyKeating2
Ignite (Phoenix Chronicles Book 1)by Kelsey Keating
Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Phoenix Knight is one of the last remaining guardians in Braskey. Born to keep peace and defend...
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》 by mintgreyashes
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《 「 Lız 」
「Sequel of Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn」 --- They were twins. Yet why was it that one was depicted as a failure while the other as a genius? People said that Sawada...
The Revelation by Rddudd
The Revelationby Jas jacey
The sequel to the Unknown. SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW THE SURPRISE ENDING OF THE UNKNOWN, WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK ( I'm not going to tell you that you have t...
Lost and Found The Lone Survivor (Seth Clearwater x Reader) by GirlWolfWarrior
Lost and Found The Lone Survivor ( GirlWolfWarrior
Paige Jones, an orphan, gets adopted by Billy Black she was the last survivor from her pack. She was the alpha's daughter but she was more human than wolf so she was con...
Various X Reader by Doctor_Who_is_awsome
Various X Readerby Kaylee Mae
Read the title.
The Angel and the Wolf (Completed) by RissaleWriter
The Angel and the Wolf (Completed)by Rissa, Rissy, Riss
As an Angel, Mira never expected to find love. All she knew was crushing on a male that had been off limits to her since day one of her being made an Angel. All she knew...
The Girl Who Held the Universe in her Hands | MARVEL [1] by scooteringdinosaur
The Girl Who Held the Universe Scootering Dinosaur
Ash had the power many only dreamed of. She could create and destroy planets with a click of her fingers. But the darkness grew within her and slowly ate away the balanc...
Beware His Frozen Heart by ReyZel616
Beware His Frozen Heartby Reyna
Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought...
Harry Potter and the very old, very kind god by Irisofthewaters
Harry Potter and the very old, Irisofthewaters
Harry never really believe in religion until he heard the story of Perseus, Annabeth, and their Guardians. So he prayed.
Hellfire (Count Olaf x reader)  by LannisterJester
Hellfire (Count Olaf x reader) by LannisterJester
"I'm sorry to inform you both but your parents have perished in a terrible fire....I have come to take you and your brother to your closest relative, Count Olaf.&qu...