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ROTG-Frozen Wonder by BlitzVan
ROTG-Frozen Wonderby HereticNephilim
Natalia is Jamie and Sophie's teenage sister, who still believes in the Guardians. One day she runs into Jack Frost and get's pulled into the life of a Guardian to prote...
  • reader
  • guardians
  • frost
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Being A Guardian (A Rise Of The Guardians Fanfiction) by PhebsXOXO
Being A Guardian (A Rise Of The Phoebs
Phoenyx is a Guardian along with The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Sandman and Santa Claus. Phoenyx herself is the Summer sprit and the Guardian of Creativity. When Man...
  • jackfrost
  • love
  • guardians
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Darkness's Daughter *Pitch Blacks daughter fanfic.* by gmcbug22
Darkness's Daughter *Pitch Cassandra
Cassandra Black is the cheerful, hopeful daughter of the legendary Pitch Black. She hopes to follow in her fathers footsteps and make him proud. She is skilled in her po...
  • guardians
  • cassandra
  • pitch
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Jamie Bennett by s0fis0fi
Jamie Bennettby s0fis0fi
Jamie Bennett will never forget meeting Jack Frost, and he will never stop believing. Of course, reading all types of fairytales and spending his time with fantasies, he...
  • guardians
  • bennett
  • rise
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Courage by procrastinat8r
Courageby procrastinat8r
Things were all going great, until Ashley had to go and get herself in a car crash. And then, some guy that reminded her of Slenderman comes up to her and tells her that...
  • rise
  • frost
  • original
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Saving Time by terraearthspirit
Saving Timeby terraearthspirit
Hello! I'm Terra, and I've been here since the beginning of the universe. I have no mother, and I live alone. But when Jack Frost finds me, my life is shattered into a b...
  • jennifer
  • bunny
  • guardians
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Stone of the Titans by whitewolf990
Stone of the Titansby whitewolf990
Daughter of Artemis, Farrah is a demigod who doesn't know who she is yet. An ancient stone is stolen, it keeps the Titans alive and locked in their prison. Her guardian...
  • demigod
  • zeus
  • guardians
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A New Guardian Will Rise *ON HOLD* by PineTrees-
A New Guardian Will Rise *ON HOLD*by oh wow
Haley Waters always had this connection with water ever since she was born. One day she realizes that she can control the water and meets Jack Frost. She soon finds out...
  • guardians
  • love
  • jackfrost
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Splendid Agony  by x_RebelAngel_x
Splendid Agony by x_RebelAngel_x
Based upon my Magic of the Gathering deck. Liliana, the powerful Queen of the dead, her years of service to the damned are soon coming to an end, she must find a willing...
  • guardians
  • magicofthegathering
  • queen
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The Vengeful Goddess by MariaMridite
The Vengeful Goddessby Maria Mridite
  • witchcraft
  • powers
  • gods
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W.I.T.C.H  The Beginning of Something New (On Hold) by Alicorns
W.I.T.C.H The Beginning of Juliana Jackson
It's been two years since the encounter with Lord Cedric and now the guardians are attending a big dance in celebration of their last day as seniors. There are so many e...
  • romance
  • guardians
  • funny
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high school dick by ladyrosej1234
high school dickby ladyrosej1234
Two school boys who don't understand everything they thought they did UwU
  • jock
  • deox
  • almostsmut
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Guardians of the Ordinance: Finding The Scribe by MoshiiBCr8tive
Guardians of the Ordinance: MoshiiBCr8tive
Finally getting a start on her life; twenty-four-year-old Renee Warren decides by a chance to move to the small town of Grievance Manor. Everything is going great she ha...
  • paranormal
  • femalehero
  • beginning
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Frosted Arrows (Rise of the Guardians;Jack Frost Fanfiction) by gracefulturtle
Frosted Arrows (Rise of the jessyca anne
*--DISCONTINUED--* "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." -Anonymous ~~~~~~~~~~ Audri S...
  • summers
  • audri
  • rise
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The Guardians of the Nature by UrskaGrudnik
The Guardians of the Natureby Urška Grudnik
I've been dreaming about this story for a very long time and now I want to share it with you. This story is about 5 girls who were destenied to protect the animals. At f...
  • fantazy
  • nature
  • guardians
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If Only by AurelieBonhoffen
If Onlyby That's for me to know and for...
Jack has Jamie, Bunnymund has Sophie, what about the rest of the Guardians?
  • frost
  • sandman
  • rise
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I'll Never Leave You by raventone
I'll Never Leave Youby Hostile
For a long time now two people opposite of who they are becomes best friends and will do anything for each other lets hope that there dads will not find out.
  • daughter
  • guardians
  • pitchs