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White Tiger IS by Nata_KARU
White Tiger ISby Nata_ KARU
Y/N is best friends with Ichika Orimura since childhood. One day Y/N along with his father and mother were kidnapped by a terrorist group for six months consistent of pa...
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Male Reader by Karna-the-lancer
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Karna
I say this for every book, but I own nothing.
My Rival Is The Father Of My Child - KTH FF by SunnyAngel_0309
My Rival Is The Father Of My SunnyAngel_0309
What if a tomboy got pregnant by his rival?
Nerd&the badBoy (bakudeku smut) by Felix_writes_fanfics
Nerd&the badBoy (bakudeku smut)by Felix🧡bakudeku💚
Dis story has smut and other shit like that so if you don't •ship Bakudeku...FUCKING LEAVE •like smut •like Boy x Boy •cursing •and more LEAVE! enjoy the book!
Infinite Stratos HD (Male Reader insert)  by zer0420
Infinite Stratos HD (Male Reader LEadFARMER 420 .
Nhzual Hatake was the childhood friend of Ichika Orimura and their families were very close with one another. But one day when Nhzual along with his mother and his older...
The Price for the Crossing by gameofthronesfanfic
The Price for the Crossingby gameofthronesfanfic
Maya Frey had heard of the Young Wolf before. King Robb Stark had become quite infamous around the Twins. Only when she finds out that he's to marry a Frey does she star...
Encore -POYW -Harry Hook x reader by rose_sparrow17
Encore -POYW -Harry Hook x readerby Rose Sparrow
after reprise, harry enters your world, and he has to say, it's really interesting
ReLIFE: Team Minato - Daybreak by copyeyenin
ReLIFE: Team Minato - Daybreakby alix remn
{ first place in Naruto Wattys 2019} The prestigious team during the Third Great Ninja War led by the Fourth Hokage died at their respective times. Now, the Fourth Grea...
7 hotties all my husbands by Black_Riry
7 hotties all my husbandsby Black_Riry
My name is Tara Louis and I'm lost in a confusing and temptative love. I signed a contract who says I'm married to 7 men and they are all brothers. What.....I fall in lo...
Draco X Reader by grandmastoenails
Draco X Readerby chels
pls read I took effort in This <3 pls don't complain bout the outfits :P this is a cringe fest but its like artwork please do read it :) [y/n] = your name [l/n] = l...
I Constantly Thank God For Solangelo by gay_weefee
I Constantly Thank God For gay-weefee
COVER ART: vp-dot-png A book of Solangelo one Shots. Request and collab shots are closed There are a few spicy chapters, but nothing to descriptive. <3 --February 20...
Odd One Out (Male Reader X Infinite Stratos Harem) by war_gamer
Odd One Out (Male Reader X war_gamer
(Infinite Stratos Fanfic) (Y/N) Runner is a young skillful Mercenary who finds himself using an IS. He then get into some strange adventure as he attracts trouble and ma...
Our Happy Never After: Sean x Reader (Book II) by Aarkis
Our Happy Never After: Sean x Aarkïš
(Y/N) gets the magical rewind button to go back and fix the mistake that was made. With her now back in the groove of society with Sean and Daniel, she must learn how to...
Life is strange one shots  by lesser_ezz
Life is strange one shots by lesser_ezz
Most of these one shots probably won't make any sense but I love the game.🙂
Larry Proofs 2020 by MarianaSilva_10
Larry Proofs 2020by Mariana
Evidence proving Larry ↣ It may contain news and recent events, but also old ones if justified. I intend this "book" to give you information about what is goin...
is it love Colin: ouvre ton cœur by soumihya
is it love Colin: ouvre ton cœurby soumihya
C'est l'histoire d'une jeune fille de 24ans qui vient d'arriver à New York et qui à été embauché à Carter Corporation, elle fait vite la connaissance de Matt et Lisa, qu...
°Sex Slave For Tik Tok Boys by 1-800-vallyks-mine
°Sex Slave For Tik Tok Boysby ima bad ass bitch😒😘
Oscar Guerra dirty fanfic ;) by cocoabutterkxsses
Oscar Guerra dirty fanfic ;)by carina? idk my name
if oscar ever films a video uhhhh hi?
King of Games (Gamer Male Reader x Crossover) by Winter_Wanderer
King of Games (Gamer Male Reader Ωmega of Flavor Town
Games. A thing people use to learn more about the other person, have fun, or both. Games have the potential and versatility to be whatever you make them out to be. So th...
Is This Our Forever? by aaditeaa
Is This Our Forever?by Aditi
History is ready to repeat yet again. But should it happen. Is it something they're destined to. Stay tuned. ❤️