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The Strongest Mob Character by Ama_kin
The Strongest Mob Characterby Amatsu sensei
Kagura,a 30 years old Japanese worker in his previous life, after die from a car accident, he was then reincarnated to a otome game world which his sister recommend, &qu...
  • cunning
  • protagonist
  • adventure
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Compass (Re:make) by Yel_lue04
Compass (Re:make)by Yel_lue04
It is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wand'ring bark You will always find you way back because your map to what...
  • mecha
  • hurt
  • codegease
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Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: Phantom Memories (Mobile Suit Mechanics) by TegaruNishida
Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: NishidaTegaru[nZk]
A collection of data of mobile suits featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: Phantom Memories Fan Fiction Story. All mobile suits are mixed with the actual data an...
  • military
  • gundam
  • mecha
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Wild Blue Yonder by JasonLuthor
Wild Blue Yonderby Jason Luthor
One boy. One convenience store. One boring town. Three friends. And a powered suit of armor that can break through the dimensions. Join Nick, Julius, and Tiffany as the...
  • teenromance
  • futuristic
  • science-fantasy
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Cyberpunk Legends by Mecha_Hero
Cyberpunk Legendsby Mecha_Hero
"Believe you can and you're halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt
  • adventure
  • mecha
  • fantasy
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Dark Horizon (Iron Blooded Orphans X Reader)  by SweetHeart2788
Dark Horizon (Iron Blooded SweetHeart2788
Would you follow your team into a dark horizon where nothing will be spared, even yourself?
  • space
  • orga
  • xreader
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Story Art by AspiringArmstrong
Story Artby Joshua Armstrong
When I'm on Deviant Art, I like to find images that needs a story. Sometimes there is a simple scene, or a look one of the models has that explodes in my head. This is a...
  • mecha
  • deviant
  • story
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Humanity vs Crotins by RyderBear3
Humanity vs Crotinsby Ryder
Yuuta Sato, is a 16 year old boy who just joined a school that teaches students how to pilot a PS (Power Suits). The schools name is Kurogi High and its main goal is to...
  • mecha
  • romance
  • aliens
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This War is Ours... by Rock_Boy_0303
This War is Bass_Boosted
'Iron Ravens!' 'Rally! Rally to the far end!' 'This war...This war is ours!' Year 2149 - System of the First - Milky Way Galaxy/The Origin Galaxy The human race is glori...
  • mech
  • mechs
  • scifi
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Phantasmagoria: The fall of man. by HopePascoe2
Phantasmagoria: The fall of Hope Pascoe
Welcome to Eden
  • magic
  • goddess
  • apocalypse
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Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: Phantom Memories (Character Files) by TegaruNishida
Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: NishidaTegaru[nZk]
A collection of data of my original characters in the Mobile Suit Gundam A.D. 2116: Phantom Memories Fan Fiction Story.
  • military
  • action
  • sci-fi
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Exligion  001 by lidmarN
Exligion 001by lidmarN
Planet Exligion was once a peace quiet planet but after a mysterious object crashed into it everything changed forever
  • survival
  • action-adventure
  • scifi
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The meta human prince by threevalues
The meta human princeby threevalues
The galaxy is threatened by a self replicating ai known as dusk which is steadily coming closer to galaxy wide domination and the enslavement of all sentient life. The o...
  • space
  • danger
  • mecha
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Academy of Witchcraft [Re:Make] by DhiyaZaychik
Academy of Witchcraft [Re:Make]by Dhiya de là vérité
Bercerita tentang seorang pemuda dari dunia manusia yang dipilih untuk menjadi penyihir oleh angeloid, dia di bawa ke dunia sihir tempat dimana petualangannya akan di m...
  • sci-fi
  • mistery
  • adventure
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Xeno by JRRC712
Xenoby JRRC712
Xeno - stranger Éros - love (sexual/romance) Umbra - shadows
  • action
  • evangelion
  • mecha
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EXO-Core by MTPerrigo
EXO-Coreby Michael Perrigo
A first person space/urban/mecha action discovery story which is entirely experimental. Just trying to get back into writing.
  • sci-fi
  • action
  • fantasy
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Destiny of Three {ON HOLD} by BlueSapphire718
Destiny of Three {ON HOLD}by Sapphire
Marine is a poor girl from the village of Malin, taking part of illegal fighting competition by disguising herself as a young boy to earn money for her sick mother. She...
  • kingdoms
  • deities
  • adventure
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