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The Demon King of Time by Masamune
The Demon King of Timeby Salty
"What would you do if you were told if you're going to be a king?" "I would try to avoid it... but in the end it's all meaningless." "I will alw...
Honkai impact: Archon's journey by owenmonster18
Honkai impact: Archon's journeyby owenmonster18
(Y/n) was a geek, who liked games, Anime and manga, two games he played a lot of was Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, he excelled in both game as he plays both games, h...
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Vergil X Honkai Impact 3rd) by MunKumi
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Kumimitsu
Dante and Vergil unknowingly transported themselves into a brand new world. Learning their ways im their new lifes while also finding a way to get back to the world wher...
[ON HOLD]Honkai Impact|The Truth Beyond| by Nameless-Yn
[ON HOLD]Honkai Impact|The Truth Sup
This is a male reader story. Feel free to read it. Update 7/7/2023: How ya like my new cover? Story Description: This is a life of a young man whose true identity is unk...
The Name Captain Is Gone And Dabi Was Born! {Barely Update} by bros_fist
The Name Captain Is Gone And Daizze
(Ex-Captain Male Reader x Honkai Impact 3rd) (AU) This story won't affect the canon so all of this was a non-canon. A/N: Also, This is a Yandere Honkai Impact, so brace...
A New Character [Honkai Impact 3 X OC] by Blaze1908
A New Character [Honkai Impact 3 Blaze 19
Meet Ray, and his sister, Lei. When they were still in school, a honkai eruption suddenly happened. But, both of them didn't turn into zombies? How is that possible?
Honkai Impact 3rd:Quantum Siblings by shadowgamer254
Honkai Impact 3rd:Quantum Siblingsby Shadowgamer
the world is plagued and is being ransacked by an enemy from a different time,the Honkai,an entity,that can take the form of many things,object,diseases,mindless beasts...
A Certain Boy in a Valkyrie Academy (Honkai Impact 3 Fanfiction) by Riguill01
A Certain Boy in a Valkyrie Riguill01
[REWRITE] St. Freya Academy, a school built to help train Valkyries; girls who can wield extraordinary powers. This girls are humanity's answer to a mysterious threat ca...
Wandering God's by Gojo_19
Wandering God'sby ꜱᴇʀᴇɴɪᴛʏ
Izuku Midoriya, a cheerful, shy, happy young teenager. After witnessing so much death in the Liberation War, he takes his own path in becoming a hero as a place in a nee...
Antidote For The World by TotallyNotMiruto
Antidote For The Worldby TotallyNotMiruto
[Temporary title] Schicksal is one of the major organizations in the world of Honkai. It is filled with intelligently gifted scientists. One day, a scientist was blackma...
A Certain Boy Of A Valkyrie Academy (Honkai Impact 3 Fanfic) Volume 1 by Riguill01
A Certain Boy Of A Valkyrie Riguill01
St. Freya Academy is a school built to nurture future Valkyries, people who have the power to fight the Honkai beasts. However the power that allows people to fight them...
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love and Battles by Yuki_Slayer09
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love Yuki_Slayer
In this tense journey, Y/N speaks within his heart, "Wait for me, this time I won't fail, I promise. It seems my time in this world is up, but I will return with un...
Kaslana Oath by MythicLizard
Kaslana Oathby MythicLizard
A ripple across the Sea of Quanta. An existence like no other. How would the soul of one, that should have never come to being, change the outcome? He is Soleil Kaslan...
just your average reincarnated clone! by Notchris74
just your average reincarnated saku megami
this is an average isekai. -average guy gets reincarnated: yep -multiple wishes: yup -lots of girls: check -genderbe- wait what!? (Auther here! this is my first book in...
New life as the captain, all paths lead to chaos (Male reader x Honkai Impact) by FriendlyGamers7
New life as the captain, all Friendly Gamers
You got isekaied into Honkai as the captain... Then things happened and now you're getting another chance. See what happens~ And no. There isn't gonna be any 'secret pow...
Desire To Protect (Honkai Impact 3rd X Male Reader) by LampDoAlangina
Desire To Protect (Honkai Impact Only One
This Story is heavily Inspired by : @ReusKrispies Im Following the main story here, and maybe some flashback chapter too This is a story about a young boy who wants to p...
the Honkai gamer in remnant by DLinker2
the Honkai gamer in remnantby D. Linker
i do not own rwby and honkai impact rwby owns by rooster teeth honkai impact owns by hoyoverse or mihoyo at night, a young man just come back home from acting class, exh...
RED by Mercy198
REDby Mercy E. Kalu
Enrico Edoardo Vos, the CEO of the fast growing wine company, EDOARDO VINEYARDS, a ladies man was unfortunate to encounter the woman who broke his heart and now, he's co...
Honkai impact x Raiden Fem Reader by ShizuneMurasaki
Honkai impact x Raiden Fem Readerby Shizuo Murasaki
What if Y/n is Raiden Mei Little Sister and have the power of the Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact. Y/n is a caring little sister for Mei. But sadly they got separate...
The Rise of Inferno (Female OC X Honkai Impact 3rd) by ForteExe021
The Rise of Inferno (Female OC X Thomas S
Last time, I made my first Honkai fanfic with title name "A Hope In The Flame". The story telling about Nadia's life from year 2017-2018. Now, I make this one...