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Reincarnated as Megaman Zero in Honkai Impact  by GuardianLugia8
Reincarnated as Megaman Zero in Ho...by GuardianLugia8
A fan of Megaman zero gets Reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact as the legendary Reploid himself. He is surprised at first but then takes his place in the world an...
Honkai Impact 3: The Captain's Story by Sfinx42
Honkai Impact 3: The Captain's Sto...by Sfinx42
I've transmigrated into the world of Honkai Impact.... as the captain?! Wait, my account also came with me?!
Honkai impact: Archon's journey by owenmonster18
Honkai impact: Archon's journeyby owenmonster18
(Y/n) was a geek, who liked games, Anime and manga, two games he played a lot of was Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, he excelled in both game as he plays both games, h...
The Day You Disappeared With The Stars (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfic) by MajinHotTuna
The Day You Disappeared With The S...by MajinHotTuna!
Your Y/N L/N, a normal guy living a normal life, a former shut-in neat, you with your younger brother live in your decent apartment living a decent life, you have a dece...
Reinclaynated As Enkidu In The World Of Honkai Impact 3rd! by UltraLily
Reinclaynated As Enkidu In The Wor...by _𝐿𝒾𝓁𝓎_
Barry and Erik were inseparable friends... Erik had a severe case of loneliness, until Barry reached out a hand to him and became the most important person in his life...
Project K-324 by V3xWolford
Project K-324by V3xWolford
So, in this story don't expect the personalities of the characters to be exactly the same, i made this story because i just wanted to and if you have any idea for the st...
Until The Very End (HI3 x OC) by UnRealT0uch
Until The Very End (HI3 x OC)by
Where an unfortunate boy gets attacked by the Honkai and is being taken care of the flamechasers...
A Cold Heart of Pure Gold by TMT52471
A Cold Heart of Pure Goldby Reimu
Betrayal, Ignorance and Neglect, that is what Izuku Midoriya has experienced for his whole life, he had been forgotten by his own mother and sister for being quirkless...
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Impact ff) by MaxLanePanda
I'd like to survive... (Honkai Imp...by Max Lane
A scientist, a fan of Honkai Impact, enters the world of this game, in the body of the first Kiana clone, but with some changes. { ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ } {I do not own Honkai...
Do Honkais and Herrscher May Cry (Son of Dante Male Reader x Honkai Impact 3rd) by Doctmar123
Do Honkais and Herrscher May Cry (...by Rider Anime Lover
After the Qilphoth Incident, the Sparda Twins knows the risks and decided go to the Demons' realms to cut off the root end the connection between the Humans and Demons...
Honkai Impact: Merc's Involvement by XxFlame_HazexX
Honkai Impact: Merc's Involvementby Alyx
Though being in the mercenary game for a short time, Alex Mustang has made a name for himself taking on numerous jobs. One day he gets a call to join a mission for St. F...
The "Valkyrie" Peerage by Agent-069
The "Valkyrie" Peerageby Agent-069
It has been several years after I was sent here, in the world of different history. Humanity has been fighting this "Honkai" since it's birth. I miss my home...
The Demon King of Time by Masamune
The Demon King of Timeby Salty
"What would you do if you were told if you're going to be a king?" "I would try to avoid it... but in the end it's all meaningless." "I will alw...
Honkai Impact 3rd - The Interference   by ShinFujuki
Honkai Impact 3rd - The Interferen...by SFH
The Honkai is an unknown force that poses a threat to all of humanity. It is a force that can wipe out the humanity at any point of time. However, not everyone knows ab...
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader) by The_Duck_Tuna_
Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai...by Durandal
"Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.
The Archon of Wayward winds [Honkai Impact Fanfic] by ThoughtfulForest
The Archon of Wayward winds [Honka...by Thoughtful Forest
The dark stigma of Schicksal's 4th noble house remains strong after 500 years. The young man from the clan hated by all just wants one thing. His classmates and the val...
Reacting:- Honkai Impact: Herrscher of the Sun by GuardianLugia8
Reacting:- Honkai Impact: Herrsche...by GuardianLugia8
The people from Honkai Impact are suddenly teleported to a theatre where they will watch their world as they follow the life of a transmigrator who has a tough life but...
Archon Reborn by RexCelestial
Archon Rebornby 岩王帝君
(Y/N) (L/N) was always the odd one out of the students attending St. Freya, ostracized and shunned due to his gender, he was never exactly welcomed or acknowledged. Howe...
I'm a Husk! in Honkai Impact! by DLinker2
I'm a Husk! in Honkai Impact!by D. Linker
Yep... The title says it all, oh and this is a y/n story so ye Might sometimes do serious scene and comedic but meh, who knows. Read it if you want to find out. Short de...
The strongest and the Weakest (Durandal x Male Reader) by NEROSAMADA
The strongest and the Weakest (Dur...by Nero
The strongest Valkyrie, Durandal, able to overcome any Erruption by herself. But even her, can be beaten by someone, and this person is Y/N, the weakest fighter of Schic...