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The Fox and The Hound (Completed) by Rei_Gio
The Fox and The Hound (Completed)by Reiline_Giovanni
Deep within the forest of Inuyasha, a fox pup was found. Her fur was as white as snow and she had red markings on her forehead that was akin to a crown. The characterist...
Something In The Air (Sesshomaru love story) by SadCupCakez
Something In The Air (Sesshomaru LollipopGirl
Nakano Yae. A kitsune, or a fox demon who just simply wanted to take a stroll through the forest. Little did she know, that the 'simple little stroll' soon turned into s...
Son Of The Fox by flame-phoenix
Son Of The Foxby Nick Gautier
What if Kurama had a son? What if that son made it his sworn duty to protect and guide Naruto on his journey? How would this impact the original storyline? What events w...
The Older Fray Sister by demon_reaper14
The Older Fray Sisterby demon_reaper14
Clary's older sister knew what she and her sister were even before she was born. She used to be from our world, a world where most of her new life is a TV show. When she...
Learning Diabolism by Lotusak_one
Learning Diabolismby Lotusák_1
Basically imagine if Wei Wuxian had two students. Who are much too like him for their own good... and have a demon friend on top of all that. I ship "zhanchengxian...
Reincarnated As a Fox With System by godadi
Reincarnated As a Fox With Systemby godadi
Reincarnated as a fox by mistake and got a system as her compensation. Let's follow Tang Li Xue on her journey, step by step to regain her human form and become a fox...
Harry Potter the Huli Jing  by nymphprince
Harry Potter the Huli Jing by nymphprince
Harry comes into a creature inheritance at the start of his nineteenth year of life. I will be trying to update this every three days (possibly with a chapter in betwee...
Wild Vixen (Kamisama Kiss Fanfic) *ON HOLD* by xXDeadlyRavenXx
Wild Vixen (Kamisama Kiss Fanfic) gαвιє
(ON HOLD) Kamisama Kiss Fanfiction/// Kurama x OC Kasumi, the little sister of the famous Tomoe. She's having the time of her life in the Underworld, having no worries t...
Echo of the Soul by peach-rose
Echo of the Soulby Milk Tea
Hikoro isn't the big sister Dororo needs or wants. Her body is possessed by a fox demon, a powerful Kitsune. Enslaved by Daigo and the fox, she has no choice but to be t...
Fighting for Love- Sesshomaru x Reader by RosesInBloom___
Fighting for Love- Sesshomaru x RosesInBloom___
You are a Fox Demon traveling with a little girl name Kimura and you both stumble upon Lord Sesshomaru's camp one day. You soon begin traveling together and it will soon...
I'll Return to You by Argus_Persa
I'll Return to Youby Argus Persa
Huangxiao is a century-old fox demon that lives by taking the souls of human beings around him, one day, he makes the mistake of wandering too close to the village. Afte...
become a demon huntress, then date a fox demon by IcyBirdPenguin
become a demon huntress, then IcyBirdPenguin
This oneshot chronicles the life of Plum Blossom Thirteen in a second person point of view. (This is part of my Fox Demon!Seven AU)
Kitsune no Daku: Daku's Origin Story by Ash54thegravekeeper
Kitsune no Daku: Daku's Origin WolfsBane54
Daku or rather Kuro is a young kitsune and unique to his kind. Born to the a Maiden and his Father; First son of Inari-sama. Kuro is nothing but odd. With his stand out...
Huli: Wayward Empress by SiNC0STaN
Huli: Wayward Empressby Scarlet Chen
What would you do, if given a second chance at love? Two hundred years after the passing of the Fox Demon Emperor, his young widow Gu Qianglin encounters Zhang Jun, a hu...
Fox Demon Usurping The Throne Daily (Complete)✔ by Arenaphrodite17
Fox Demon Usurping The Throne Kaniz Faria
The story of the emperor and the little fox. *Story not mine. For offline reading purpose only. All credit goes to the author and translator.* https://www.novelupdates.c...
when you mcfreakin' love your girlfriend by IcyBirdPenguin
when you mcfreakin' love your IcyBirdPenguin
While anxiously stressing over the perfect restaurant for a dinner date, one hopelessly determined fox demon learns an important lesson about what's really important.
My gothic literature story  by karkatkinny
My gothic literature story by Merrie
This is a place where I wanna share my story I had to write for my LA honors class. The topic was gothic literature modern or traditional. I took inspiration from Teen W...
Foxfire Reignited  by IamDunn81
Foxfire Reignited by AJ Dunn
After the murder of yet another human lover. Tomoe resigns to his former feral ways until he encounters a creature he's never seen before. A mortal woman dressed up as a...
The Little Fox Demon by Prettyunicorn_98
The Little Fox Demonby Prettyunicorn_98
Her father was a full fledged demon her mother is a halfbreed demon. Her mother betrays her husband with a handsome Fox Demon. Later chased out of her home her father pr...
The Shapeshifting Demon ( Rosario Vampire Fan Fiction ) by kanata10
The Shapeshifting Demon ( Rwby
Lazuli is a new student at Yokai Academy and she is a Rare Three star S class super monster and loves to sing . Her mother was a One star S class super monster a eleme...