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S.S By the_rebellionxx Completed

Damien Stryker, notorious for his cold hard personality is someone you don't want to get too close to.

Unfortunately for Serena Mclane, she doesn't have much of a choice.

Always at the mercy of her family's name and legacy, Serena has to do as her father says.

So when her father practically forces her into an arranged marriage with the one and only Damien Stryker;

The truth comes out.

Secrets are unveiled.

And who knows? 

Maybe even love starts to bloom.

  • arrangedmarriage
  • betrayal
  • billionaire
  • ceo
  • cold
  • damien
  • dark
  • drama
  • heartbreak
  • heat
  • hot
  • hurt
  • leader
  • love
  • mafia
  • mysterious
  • passion
  • possessive
  • romance
Truptiz Truptiz 4 days ago
Wtf is wrong with Wattpad. We are here to read free books cz unlike others some can't afford hard copies or pay for this bulshiz😒 nd when this beta program  is going to over? 😣
Lily064 Lily064 5 days ago
Honestly, readers are on wattpad to read free books before publishing. I do congratulate you on getting money but at this point, it is unfair to the readers. I buy books when I can, I'm on here when I can't. This program kinda kills the point of it
Guys if you look at the authors message board she said that it’ll be free in 3 months so just keep it in your library until then
baek_k baek_k Oct 30
I might as well go and buy an actual book at this point 😪
I don’t get the new programme like who’s gonna actually pay money to finish the story if it was the ad videos sure we wouldn’t mind watching but to actually have to pay :’D I really wanted to read your story never mind
blackvenus blackvenus 21 hours ago
Yes it is good to have ur pay but if this continues and we cant read with out paying . Im sure there are other app we could use. Im ok with ads but this is too much. Sorry its not ur fault but i just hate what wattpad turned into