The Gangleader's Girl

The Gangleader's Girl

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"What happened to your eye?" He asks, I totally forgot. There's a little bruise next to my eye from when my mom got home last night.

"Oh uhh...uhhh I-I fe-fell," I stutter. "You fell? How'd you fall?" He asks. "Well it's none your business,"  I say, he smirks. 

"Awww stutter girl can talk," He says, oh my gosh. I did talk without stuttering...that's the first. 


Thalia Williams, a ordinary senior. She is abused at home. But too young and scared to leave. At school she's sweet, caring, a nerd, and of course she's bullied. 

But when Noah Smith, a gang leader, moves in the small town and goes to her school. Everything changes.

#3 In Teen Fiction January 5, 2018

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RKueen RKueen 4 days ago
Once a person tried sitting next to me without asking on the school bus and I straight up just pushed him off.
z_inzi z_inzi 2 days ago
I never had a friend that I could tell everything to and anything personal what’s going on in my life
stephhie001 stephhie001 Apr 14
I saw this just after finishing 13 reasons why and I’m like huh that looks a lot like Hannah Baker and I click on the comments and I was right XD
Someone: I don’t like this cover
                              Hannah: Welcome to your tape
XxSilverRain14xX XxSilverRain14xX 2 days ago
Umm honey i don't want to be near never mind touched by a walking STD
ooooooooommmmmmmmmgggggggggg, i see cole sprouse a.k.a jughead jones. i luv this book