The Gangleader's Girl

The Gangleader's Girl

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"What happened to your eye?" He asks, I totally forgot. There's a little bruise next to my eye from when my mom got home last night.

"Oh uhh...uhhh I-I fe-fell," I stuttered, "You fell? How'd you fall?" He asks, "Well it's none your business,"  I say, he smirks. 

"Awww stutter girl can talk," He says, oh my gosh. I did talk without stuttering...that's the first. 


Thalia Williams, a ordinary senior. She is abused at home. But too young and scared to leave. At school she's sweet, caring, a nerd, and of course she's bullied. 

But when Noah Smith, a gangleader moves in the small town and goes to her school. Everything changes.

#24 In Teen Fiction November 8, 2017

  • abusing
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anothercrazyalien anothercrazyalien 3 days ago
My friend moved schools and i have a new friend but she's very sentimental and out of a sudden she doesn't feel like socialising at all so she basically just ditches me. Looking at the brighter side I made a new acquaintance today!
People know not to talk to me at school like that they gon get bat
ecs2005 ecs2005 Oct 18
if you didn’t read that in the spongebob voice we can’t be friends😂
I read that out loud in a spongebob voice and my mom is looking at me weirdly
Wataquotev Wataquotev Nov 09
No i dont talk english but i speak english. Maybe you should go to english to work on your sentances tiffany hun
Yaassss queen. My favorite songs by her are Mr. Potato Head, Mad Hatter, and Tag You're It